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Published: Monday, Oct. 10 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Every time one of these dogmatic hissy fits about who's a cult and who's true breaks out I think: A: religion divides us like nothing else; B: At least some, if not all, the participants in the argument are proving themselves liars, and C: religion doesn't belong in politics.


A major issue has been dowplyed in this article: If all this pastor said was that the LDS are a cult, well that has been said for years.

What was ignored was the more egregious comment: That because the LDS are a cult--in his opinion--they then have no constitutional rights.

I would never vote for Obama, but if Perry gets the nomination, I will vote third party.


The anti-Mormons are correct in a sense. We're not part of Hellenized Christianity (what many mistakenly call "traditional Christianity" or "historical Christianity," but which is more Aristotle than Christ), nor are we part of today's pop Christianity (social club mega-churches that are the religious equivalent of infomercials).

I'm willing to tolerate believers in Hellenized and pop Christianity, though. Some of them are even decent people and good neighbors, regardless of their adherence to paganistic philosophies and pop psychology decorated with a thin Christian veneer. If they say that they are believers in Jesus Christ as the Only Begotten Son of God and the Savior of the world, I'll give them the courtesy of taking their word for it.

Layton, UT

The freedom of speech and religion are wonderful things indeed and anyone can opine and worship as they wish. However, the notion of a non evangelical president not being allowed to access the blessings of inspiration and guidance from a higher being, has got to be one of the most foolish and narrow minded opinions I have ever heard. This is just as bad as people saying that the world is flat because some convention said so, and whomever sails out too far will go straight to endless torment in the lake of fire and brimstone. I posit that God(or whichever higher being that is preferred) is no respecter of persons. We are all creations of this Being and we have the right for divine help and intervention with whatever stewardship that we are responsible for. So that aside, would it not be consistent with the many religious denominations to stop complaining and pray for our leaders? Furthermore, just because some convention decides something does not make it a fact. The only fact in this case is what opinion they choose to have.

Pleasanton, CA

this story just goes to show what a number of studies I've heard of recently show, that people who know members of the LDS Church are much more likkely to have a more positive attitude toward the Church.

layton, UT

@ Just Thinking Outloud. Start with the creeds to which the modern religions adhere. The Nicene Creed, written about 325AD, or The Athanasian Creed.

How about, a televised theological debate the Catholic Church has an official apologetics ministry(Catholic Answers). Protestants as well: Lutheran, Reformed and Presbyterian. They Biblically defend the Trinity, and the creeds.. Mormons should have the advantage they have apostles.

The Bible(Lower criticism). It is not true that we do not possess the original text of the Bible. What we do not possess are the original manuscripts. We have accurate well- preserved copies of the original text. There are some 5,700 early N.T. MS, and they contain all or nearly all of the original text . The original text can be reconstructed 99% accuracy. There is a distinction between the text and the truth of the text. While we, the have 99% of the original text, 100 % of the truth comes through.

Christians debate Muslims and secular theologians often on all the above issues. CONTEND for the Faith that God has once for all entrusted to the saints(Jude 3)

Clearfield, Utah

If it is because the LDS doctrine does not follow the traditional Christian views is the reason they do not consider us Christian then fine. All of us who are LDS know that Jesus is the Savior of all mankind, that he is the Son of God, and that we try to obey his commandments, and follow his example on how we should treat each other. Now if that is not what a Christian is then I don't understand. LDS members strive everyday to help others, serve in their church and communities, visit the sick, feed the hungry and many other things the Savior has asked ALL of us to do. So can someone tell me what is considered to be a TRADITIONAL CHRISTIAN. Because I don't get it. I thought all Christians were people who excepted Jesus as their Savior and followed him.


@Iron Rod: As of a couple months ago, we do have sort of an Anti-Defamation League of sorts although it's made by the same people as FAIR and has no affiliation with the Church. They say they are going to take an active role in contacting and correcting reporters who write biased or inaccurate stuff about us. Time will tell whether it makes a difference or not.

Salt Lake City, UT

"this story just goes to show what a number of studies I've heard of recently show, that people who know members of the LDS Church are much more likkely to have a more positive attitude toward the Church."

That seems to be true for pretty much everything, the other demographic I've seen those studies on frequently is that people who know members of the LGBT community are much more likely to have a more positive attitude towards them and more likely to support LGBT rights.

Iowa City, IA

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I may not be a christian, but I am a Follower of Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and I love Him.

Provo, UT

Grace: You couldn't be more wrong.


Spot on comment Grace, You go girl! Nice comment.

Merrimack, NH


What ever Church you've joined has been changing doctrines too. Some Churches have different doctrines every congregation within the same sect. It all depends on that pasters focus. Give yourself time to study them and in time you'll find that it's simply the nature of humans to change things.

Maybe that is why Christ was born a good deal after Adam and Eve- to set things straight. Think about it, he could have died for us at the beginning of time, or the very end, but he chose a mid-point.

Historical, ancient Christianity, had plural marriage too- so what is your point? Think of Abraham and the other ancients.

Salt Lake City, UT

@big Blue

"All I can say if works prove that you walk the talk, then you can not deny that the Mormons are Christian because no one does more welfare for all of God's Children in the name of his Son than Mormons, whether those in need be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, etc; Hundreds of Millions of dollars have been spent giving help to those in need by the Mormon Church,"

60 million a year in humanitarian aid the past decade if I remember correctly. That's quite a lot. However... what is the church's income? I don't know, those numbers aren't really available, but what if it's 3 billion a year (a not unrealistic estimate)? That 60 million would then become 2%. I'm pretty sure I could find a church that donated more than 2% to charity and if not... then it's a sorry state of affairs religious giving is in.

Anchorage, AK

I'd love to see a poll (on question whether LDS are Christian or not) of Utah Evangelicals compared to a Nation wide poll to see if the UT Evangelicals know something the Nation wide don't.

I suspect if you know a LDS, your more likely to recognize them as Christian then those who don't know a LDS.

The Atheist
Provo, UT

The LDS Church website reports:

"Value of Humanitarian Assistance Since 1985: $1.3 Billions"

1.3 Billions over 26 years = 50 million per year.

With an average Church membership over those 26 years of 11 million, I believe that = $ 4.15 per member.

How charitable are the LDS? They give an average of under 5 bucks a year each to Humanitarian Assistance.

By the way, the City Creek project costs are estimated to exceed $1 Billion.

Merrimack, NH

To The Athiest: Are you kidding? Active LDS give more 10% of their income which I think is over $5. That is pretty generous on the part of the giver. Besides the Humanitarian Assistance which is documented by the Philanthropies, they have their fast offerings which does not go into that figure. Many people are fed on that assistance. In addition their buildings are fortified to sustain natural disasters. I bring that up because a relative, who never thought they'd darken the door of an LDS chapel, had to use one in Oklahoma during a tornado.

Just Thinking Outloud..
Merrimack, NH


I can understand discussions and disagreements about the legitimacy of one doctrine versus another, or which translation of the Bible is the best, or any other topic of substance. There are understandable disagreements on many theological topics in every corner of Christendom.

What I don't understand is this Non-Christian label attached to people who observe Christian practices of which The Lords Supper, baptism and evangelism are a few. Our Muslim, Atheist, and Jewish neighbors do not practice these things. I can think of several Protestant congregations that have teachings that are beyond the pale and I still call them Christians. Perhaps misguided Christians, but I'll give them that they are trying to be followers of Christ. Read up on snake handling during worship services and you'll know what I mean, it occurs in a small division of a prominent sect.

I'll stick to my original premise. They are Christians, but you don't have to agree with everything.

Since you don't walk into just any Church on a Saturday or Sunday my guess is you don't agree with most Christians on everything.

Sarah Nichole
West Jordan, UT


Nobody "booed a gay soldier." They booed the man who insulted the gay soldier and had the heckler removed from the meeting.

A little research goes a long way.

Lehi, UT

Sharonna,donn,brokenclay co. I'm not much more than a plowboy, but I think most LDS would be willing to discuss God, Trinity, etc with any open minded Christian, no matter how high. Contentious debates and fighting over Jesus, however, are now against the doctrine of Christ.

I've often extended a hand of explanation, and I've written letters to Shawn McCraney (after he challenged LDS FAIR lds founder to a fight over Jesus on his weekly anti-Mormon show), suggesting that he include a comment section on his web pages, like the DN, but I get no responses.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "original text" of the Bible. We certainly don't have all the original texts written by Apostles (btw the Senior Apostle can prophesy, thus is a Prophet also). We all know the "Bible" is a collection of writings, but not all inclusive, and we've discussed changes previously. Even Augustine admits the scriptures were changed by enemies of Christ.

Once again, the LDS Trinity, the Tri-Unity of three persons, is the NT Deity.

The Creeds (including Nicene-originally written by the Coptic Pope (non-Christians by some definitions)), often present a philosophers' God.
RE? : )

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