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Published: Monday, Oct. 10 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Thank you Reverend Myke Crowder and others for parting ways with Dr. Robert Jeffress when considering whether or not Mormons are Christians. Do we not remember a time, during the reformation, when Martin Luther, Calvin and other reformists were considered heretics by the "orthodox" or "traditional" church of their time? They,too, believed there were flaws in the "traditional" church and sought "reform" to come more in line with truth. They lost their lives, occupations, reputations, etc. for standing up for what they believed but they did a great service for ALL Christians today. Perhaps that will one day be said of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The only difference between what Joseph Smith did and the early "reformers" is that through him, God "restored" the fulness of his gospel, rather than trying to put "new wine into old bottles," as the Bible says, that would burst because they could not endure the "new wine."

Riverton, UT

Because politicians will be politicians no matter what religion they belong to. If Romney is supposed to be so great because he is Mormon, why does he seem to look and act like every other candidate we have ever had? The political game of getting elected has become a science, and some are able to take it beyond that to an art form. The tactics used in an election are taught and trained into the candidates so that these people are not running on what they believe in, but simply trying to look like a better option than the other guy. Polticians everywhere realize that religion is a big part of that. I wish those politicians that are LDS would hold themselves to a higher standard than that, but they play the game just as much as the next guy.

Salem, UT

I sure hope the world allows me to be Christian some day- glad they are discussing it though since as many have pointed out here it is up to them to decide- my beliefs and actions will never have anything to do with it- hopefully I can join their club someday and act just like them- one question- where were all the other candidates when the crowd was cheering for someone to die without insurance and booing a gay soldier- glad most have defended Mitt but they still have some "spalnin" to do prior to any getting my vote- I live in a better more christian country than that- I hope

Bakersfield, CA

This comment site reflects the very reasons by which those who claim non-Biblical doctrines place themselves outside of Biblical fellowship. You have that right, Joseph Smith had that right, and now let your stated beliefs define you and move on. Why any active Mormon cares about outside labels is beyond me. If you want so badly to be considered authentic Christians, then go to the first document that defined Christ's own words, and align your doctrines accordingly.
FYI: It would help if you'd stop quoting from the Book that you claim is corrupt, as your proof-text.

When I grew up LDS, we were proud to denounce any brotherhood with the false body of so-called true Christians. We quoted Joseph Smith; we didn't sleep through seminary, so we knew exactly how to respond to those 'hateful, anti-Mormons'. We especially reacted to The Godmakers. We disliked the born-agains most, and there was no love lost in our confrontations.

Not until a Baptist friend pointed out her observations of my hypocrisy did I inderstand her reasons for excluding our denomination in their camp:

We knocked on their doors claiming they weren't the "true believers". Mormons still do.

Bakersfield, CA

If you really want to understand the exact nature of the 'cult' flap, walk into any Christian bookstore's Apologetics section, or do research online. When you read the Biblical definition, you will understand. Just giving your impression of a cult, based on some wierd Manson-like movie won't educate you.

I confronted "The Godmakers" book head on to refute its claims for a friend who refused to attend Sacrament Meeting with us, because we "ascribed to cultic theology and unbiblical gods". We gave him a Book of Mormon and Widstoe's "A Work and a Wonder". We agreed to settle our misunderstandings atleast. I refused to attend a showing of the movie, but took the book to check out Decker's so-called documentation. I referenced every one, ready to trash it, and kept a journal of each chapter. This friend was my husband's best friend and we desperately wanted him to at least visit church and read our best defense.
My husband left the church, my bishop advised I divorce a man who "could not take me to the Celestial Kingdom", and I gladly did.

I finished my research: all accurate. Mormonism is plural wives, gods and changing doctrines. Unbiblical.

Big Blue
Payson, UT

As long as you imply "Historical Christemdom" then you are right, Mormons do not meet that description. But that is the whole thesis of their being; That Historical Christemdom fell away through the Great Apostasy, and that a new Christemdon based on that ancient organization was required to re-establish the ancient church. That is why Mormons consider themselves a new wing of Christianity, not an extension of the "historical" version. All I can say if works prove that you walk the talk, then you can not deny that the Mormons are Christian because no one does more welfare for all of God's Children in the name of his Son than Mormons, whether those in need be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, etc; Hundreds of Millions of dollars have been spent giving help to those in need by the Mormon Church, not just talking about it! The proof is in the pudding.

Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

Let me understand the bottom line here, 'cuz there's way too much whining from the church that told the world in 1830 that every existing denomination on the planet were not the true Christians.

Joseph didn't use the dreaded "c" word that Jeffress used. He used the other one- "corrupt", to disavow any other denomination's priesthood, scripture or ordinance validity. Is that accurate according to all I've read on mormon.org, the title page of the Book of Mormon, my multiple missionary lessons, my entire LDS family, my conversations with the bishop and stake president up the street, et al?

Why do you now want to be considered part of what you still claim is Chrisianity gone awry? No one said you are not charitable, loving, awesome people. They're just agreeing with you that you have your own prophets, scriptures, priesthood and doctrines, which don't correspond to the Bible, which your own founder rewrote! That is the classic theological definition of a cult. In my dictionary alone, all Christians fulfill 6 of Webster's 10 definitions; LDS fill 9 of them. Who cares?

Please, some one, expain your own self-proclaimed designation and separation.

West Valley, UT

I do so love how religion teaches people to judge one another.


Aren't we supposed to love one another?


[quote] "I personally consider Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) to be Christians." Seventy-five percent of the pastors surveyed said they disagree with that statement. [unquote]

Wow! So 25% actually agreed? I'd say that's progress!

Are we Christian? Of course we are. Are we "mainstream" Chirtians? No. We took the Nicene Creed and tossed it out the window. We are NOT mainstream, and are proud of it.

Eagle Mountain, UT

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love, one to another."

These words taught by the one True Christian define to me a Christian, whether he profess a belief in Christ, Buddah, Allah or himself. I would much rather have the title "disciple" than "christian"

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Looks like someone is using the same play from the "Mike Huckabee for President" handbook.

Like a wild animal eating it's own young,
it only goes to show how intolerent the GOP has really become.

Like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.
Why - oh - why do Utah Republican Mormons yearn and long to part of these sorts of vile people?

The Atheist
Provo, UT


"These words taught by the one True Christian define to me a Christian, whether he profess a belief in Christ, Buddah, Allah or himself. I would much rather have the title 'disciple' than 'christian'"

So as an atheist, if I "love one another", the you consider me to be a Christian?

I find that presumptuous and offensive.

Why can't I just be considered a loving atheist?

Gray, TN

It's funny... I am a member of the LDS Church and I consider Catholics, Protestants (incl Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, etc.) and yes, even evangelicals to be Christians - followers of Christ. Why can't they see mormons likewise?
Contention is a tool of the adversary - it's amazing how divided Christians are when discussing theology and "whose most righteous". Sounds like everyone has their own Rameumptom to speak from...

Sandy, UT

It's a sad day when the very rights that were fought to be preserved are now used to prejudice against an American wanting a better country, and therefor choosing to exercise his American right by running for the office of President.

Ogden, UT

Maybe the LDS Church should stop sucking up to the Evangelicals. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. They may well be way, way worse than us Liberals that you fight against.

Anchorage, AK

From a poster at Amazon dot com who hits it on the head....
The problem is that when someone says, "Mormons aren't Christian" there's a huge gasp from the listener. The listener doesn't hear that the LDS church is doctrinally different. The listener hears that the LDS people don't believe in Christ. That is inaccurate. Ask any LDS person if they believe in Christ and they will say, "Yes". Why don't people just start calling the LDS church non-orthodox Christians (or Restorationist Christians as found on religioustolerance dot org)? Throw it in our face that we don't believe as you do, but accept the fact that we do believe in Christ.

I call myself a Christian. The LDS church says it's Christian. You can think whatever you want.

LDS are NOT Creedal Christians, But we ARE Christian, in that we believe Christ, we follow Christ. We teach Christ, We breath and pray Christ.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I am a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus. Jesus Gonzales, the guy that came in and painted my living room.

It all comes down to how you define Jesus. Are you following Jesus as he is described in the B of M or are you following Jesus as he described himself in the Bible? Have no doubt, the two are very different. ( John 1:1 & John 8:56-58)

if a group of people have a belief system and label themselves with a title and THEN another group comes along with a different belief system and calls themselves with the SAME title....of course the first group is going to say, "You don't belong to our belief system, so please don't label yourselves with our title."

Bountiful, UT

Any religion who interperts the Bible as ...

God is all powerful

God is all loving

God will throw you into eternal torment forever and ever, if you are a Hindu, a Jew or some other religion and don't accept Jesus.

Has no business pointing fingers at others.

They make God out to be worse than Hitler or Osama Bin Ladin.

Midway, UT

By Paster Jeffress' definition the following religions are also cults:

Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. It's one thing to say you don't regard members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as "Christian"; but it's quite another to put them in the same camp with Jim Jones Kool-Aid drinkers.

I think the media is giving undue voice to a pretty marginal figure, but it's interesting to see how many other "mainstream" Christians aren't willing to take a stand on his inflammatory comments. Lots of lukewarm responses out there. We all know what Christ thought of lukewarm...

layton, UT

@grandmagreat, who were the men that murdered the Prophet Joseph Smith?

A newspaper article in the spring of 1844. A very strong and bitter feeling was aroused against Joseph, among many of his brethren [ ,probably Mormons in the Masonic lodge] in and around NauvooJoseph had recently presented the revelation of Celestial Marriage to the high council for approval, and certain members were bitterly opposed to itFrancis Higbe a justice of the peace, sat a table in one end of the room and administered the oath to each individual separately, in the following manner, The candidate would step forward to the table; take up a Bible.. Raise his right handYou solemnly swear ,before God and all holy angels, and these your brethren by whom you are surrounded, that you will give your life, your liberty, your influence, your all, for the destruction of Joseph Smith and his party! The person being sworn in say, I do. About 200 hundred persons [took] the oath. (Millennial Star, Vol.46 pp 497,499,501,502 and 519). JS was married to 10 of their wives, which probably did not help matters.

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