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Published: Monday, Oct. 10 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Lake Havasu City, AZ

Read the history of this great country. In the 1800's who were the people that were killiing many of the members of the LDS Church in Missouri, who were the men that murdered the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum, although they were locked up in Jail.Who were the people that burned a Sacred Buildings owned by the LDS Church, who were the people that forced the members of the church to flee Ohio, then Illinois to walk across this continent. I suggest that people start reading their history. And who were the men that left their families on the plains to make the longest military march in History to protect this great country? Do those belonging to other churchs that call LDS a cult, do they know what a Cult is? grandmagreat

Pullman, WA

The most interesting thing to me about this is the notion that people feel they need to elect someone to office who espouses their faith. I think that is as wrong for Mormons as it is for Southern Baptists. Any political leader should be the best person for the job period, not the best person for the job who attends our church. And that is how the LDS Church looks at it. Vote for the one who will be the best to move our great country forward, be he Catholic, Baptist, Muslum, Mormon, or atheist, as long as he will help enact laws that do not infringe upon our foundational freedoms. The beauty of this country is you can worship God as you see fit without fearing retribution.

If the person you believe to be best suited to lead our country happens to also embrace your faith, that is fine and dandy. But please, do not make his religion be your criteria.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think the response from other Republican candidates is actually more interesting. For instance, Michelle Bachmann called for tolerance (of Mormons). Essentially, she said that Republicans should tolerate Mormons because even though their religion is so distasteful, their politics are similar enough that we don't want to lose them, yet we do not want to offend the Southern Baptists and others who are more intolerant than I am. Other Republican candidates have basically said that they accept the claims by Mormons that they are Christians, "if they say so", while basically winking at the intolerant wing of their party.

I will admit I am not a Mormon. I am not a Republican. But I have actually voted for Mormon Republicans before- and, living in Utah, it is often a choice between a Democratic Mormon and a Republican Mormon. I look at the politics and pragmatic reality when I vote. But many Republicans outside of Utah are intolerant of anyone who does not meet their definition of "Christian" (I.e. Evangelical). I cannot understand why there is such a lack of criticism of these attitudes by Utah Republicans, Jon Huntsman being the exception.

Salt Lake City, UT

Iron Rod,

Maybe you are looking for something a bit stronger.

They are called Danites.

I'm not sure if they are still around though...?

terra nova
Park City, UT

In 1631, Roger Williams, a separatist, came to Boston. He was forced to flee several years later because his strange religious views were not well received. In 1635 he founded Rhode Island colony. He was a champion of religious liberty, separation of church and state and democratic government. In 1638 he founded the first Baptist Church in America.

Good Brother Williams must be rolling in his grave when he hears the intolerant, small-souled opinions blabbed by believing Baptists in 2011 about members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How far they have come from their roots.

May we be forgiving, kind and learn from their foolish behavior.

Plano, TX

The reason this is being focused on is because Rick Perry is associated with Jeffress. Like it or not, he CHOSE Jeffress. Now he is trying to distance himself since it backfired. Perry knew what he was getting--the First Baptist Church of Dallas has been spewing anti-Mormon lies for decades. I've lived in the Dallas area all my life (except for my BYU years). You should have seen the shenanigans they pulled when the temple was being built. It was organized and hateful. This little stunt was no accidental stumble on Perry's part. He is revealing himself---take note.

Phoenix, AZ

The comments made is just enough for me not to vote for Perry. We are ready have a crazy man in there...I for one do not want another one...

Kearns, UT

Good for Rev. Crowder whom I would consider to be a real Christian. What do you expect from Rev. Jeffress who most likely passes out copies of 'THe Godmakers' at political rallys.

Bountiful, Utah

The LDS gospel is very much Christ centered. Whether or not some of the members are true Christians is a question to be considered .. but that topic could be discussed about members in any religion. Take a look at some of posts on controversial topics on the boards and ask yourself .. was that member's post Christlike?

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

I have witnessed very loud and very chaotic Evangelical prayer meetings that ended up with a room full of people lying on the floor, convulsing, with saliva falling from their lips while speaking jibberish, claiming to be possessed by the spirit and "speaking in tongues".

I felt very uncomfortable and believed that they were certainly possessed. Despite all that I saw and heard, I never believed for a moment that these Evangelicals were not children of God and true believers in Jesus Christ. Notwithstanding theological differences, I hope that all people of all religious persuasions will look beyond those differences and just try to befriend and serve as the Master would have us do.

None of us that are trying to stay close to the Savior will be lost or damned, regardless of church affiliation if we just serve each other. After all, is it better to right or to be helpful?

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The only thing in this world right now that prevents religions from all out battle, is the American government. And as the religions have become stronger, and our government headed for failure, the war is starting to heat up.

Rexburg, ID

The Dallas pastor's comments are outrageous, unkind, uncharitable, offensive, harmful, inflammatory, ill-timed, ignorant, and just plain untrue.


When I think of a cult I think of charismatic leaders that use there power to take advantage of followers such as through sexual acts, labor, or monetary donations. I think of secret circles of chanting devotees. I think of tight knit groups that separate themselves from the world, that dislike anybody that leaves the group. I think of people that are encouraged to all dress and groom the same. People that will do anything their leaders tell them. etc.

I don't know what the technical definition of a cult is, but things like this are what make me think a group is a cult.

Salt Lake City, UT

A cult is defined as an organization that is based on a personality. Would that make Christianity a cult since it is based on the person of Jesus? Alternatively it is a religion that is not accepted by the majority of a particular population. Does that make Christianity a cult in Indonesia or Afghanistan? Labeling anything as a cult is the dyslexics way of saying I don't like an organization and I'm going to insult it.

Elmo, UT

The evangelical argument is that LDS people believe that 1. the LDS idea of Jesus being the son of god and not the embodiment of god and the holy spirit is heretical. and 2. The LDS to believe that they may become like god, to elevate humanity to god like status is heretical.

As a member of the LDS faith all I can say is those are true statements. 1. Jesus Christ is my savior and the only begotten son of god. He atoned for the sins of all humanity and mine personally. 2. God is our Father in Heaven and the father of our spirits. I know of no father that wouldn't want their children to have all that they have.

Allen, TX

"Huntsman, interviewed on CNN on Monday, described Jeffress as a "moron."

Not Presidential, John, but I like it!

Salt Lake City, UT

"I was a former Methodist and converted to the Church when I was 19 years old."

Same with me, I remember my methodist pastor noting that being LDS is definitely Christian and that being LDS wouldn't hinder ones chances of getting into heaven relative to other denominations.

@Iron Rod
"People say things about Mormons that they would never say about blacks, hispanics, Cathoics or Jews,"

Oh people they definitely say things about Catholics (try The Bible facebook page) and there are plenty of people who think blacks are poor because they're lazy and hispanics are all illegal immigrants and drug dealers.

@David King
Usually I want to tell Ron Paul fans to grow up but in this instance you are right. The lack of coverage about the actual winner of this summit is disappointing. Maybe if Romney got out of the single digits we'd be able to read about it.

Brigham City, UT

The Bible tells us how to behave; the Book of Mormon shows how to have our heart changed. There is only one enemy: the devil---------other churches are not the enemy. Fortunately the Book of Mormon warns us more about the devil than the Bible does.

Salt Lake City, UT

Bottom line, I think Mormons are Christian.

However, people fail to see the double standard that Mormons, stopped calling THEMSELVES, part of the Christian-and-seperate very much FAITH (i.e. Christianity)...

years ago.

i.e. do you call Mormons 'christians'...?

Or, Mormons?

Murray, UT


Pastor Crowder is a very good man, but he has done his share of anti-LDS sermons, tapes, etc. I know this because I have copies of them. Evangelicals, etc. can consider Mormons good people but still have no doubt that Mormons are condemned to hell for eternity, period. This is a divide they cannot bridge due to the theological differences that neither side is going to give up on.

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