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Published: Monday, Oct. 10 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

"Cougars likely to stick with Riley Nelson"


Ya think?

Geez Bronco.

It's like going clothes shopping with my daughter. Make a choice.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Mendenhall said. "Most likely, the starter, as long as they're playing well, they're going to play probably through the whole game."

Key phrase: as long as they're playing well. Unlike Nelson's second half against SJSU. We will need good QB play and good secondary play in order to beat OSU this Saturday.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

We're dead.

Saint George, UT

Nelson has been very lucky, how long this luck will hold out, who knows, but eventually it will it always does. Some of Riley's decisions in the 2nd half could have turned over the momentum and the score to the Spartans. Riley is to reckless, he should have been pulled from the game, to show there is accountability for such actions, even if it is only for a couple plays.

Nampa, ID

We are dead unless Alisa has another good game. He's the only bright spot on that offense. Right now Nelson and Heaps are just two different types of horrible. Doman finally seems to be making some adjustments to help his players move the ball.

Andrew J. Marksen
Deseret, UT

I will not root for BYU as long as Nelson is the QB. I am not a fan of his style of play and I do not believe that his wins against lesser teams will make the program any more attractive to real blue chip talent. Now is the time to develop Heaps when the schedule is soft. Bronco has sent a loud message to other blue chip QB prospects. I know the attitude with the Cougar faithful is we only want true BYU players playing for us because we are BYU. That is fine, but BYU is not top tier anymore and that attitude is harmful. College football has changed and BYU is being left behind. I will not keep my season tickets to see Bronco and Nelson pad their stats. I will not keep my season tickets to watch Bronco cripple the programs recruiting future because he cannot develop talent. I will not keep my season tickets to see 8 or 9 SJSU's or ISU's every season. I know BYU is different and I support that, but there has to be a balance or the future is a dead duck, or rather dead Cougar.


dustman: Wow, really? Two different types of horrible? When I watched Heaps make a throw out of bounds or over the head of a wide-open receiver I would say that he needs to give the receivers a 'chance' to catch the ball. When Nelson came in it was obvious that he was giving the receivers a chance to catch it and in most cases they did. Long throws, short ones, the ball was usually well placed. The picks were on throws down field. For whatever reason the play calling became really conservative in the 3rd qtr. (only 1 pass I believe) and it would've turned out more like the Texas game if it had not been for Alisa. Nelson provides a spark, a whatever it takes to get the 1st down and the win mentality that we didn't see with Heaps. So to say Nelson played horrible IMO is off base. Not bad for his 1st start in over a year.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Then you are not a true BYU fan. I am not pleased with the offensive performance of BYU either but I still pull for them to win and hope they get it turned around. Riley Nelson, while not a great college qb has a presence that inspires the rest of the team. He has earned the starting spot by default because of that and because Heaps has not played well enough to keep the starting spot. Even Heaps knows that. Nelson will likely struggle against OSU, TCU and even Hawaii. Heaps should be ready to go in at any time. The way Nelson plays, he could get hurt at any time. I agree that Heaps needs to get a bunch of playing time this year but in my opinion, he needed to get benched in the USU game. If he is smart, he will learn from watching Nelson for awhile.

Somewhere in, Utah

I see the fair-weather fans are out again.

Herriman, Utah

@Marksen. I understand your frustration. Frustration with BYU (right now)is in abundance, but don't you think that the team is frustrated too? The first thing we all must do is relax and be a bit more trusting and patient. "The Cougars" (as we know) are a different sort of animal and they just need time to develop. Why don't we (all) be more supporting - which might be a key to improved play.

Are there problems with the team? Of course. Will all of these problems be solved before the season is over? Of course not! But it doesn't help anything to threaten to "give up season tickets" or "not root" for the team. That type of attitude would be considered (in my opinion) to be "fair weather." And it continues to stir up anxiety within the entire organization (including players, coaches, and fans). Now, if you ultimately decide to make the choices that you have expressed, they are your right to do so. All I am saying is, that if we all "jump ship" no one will benefit from this season.

Orem, Utah

Mendenhall said, "... which then makes us more difficult to defend because he can throw it to a receiver whose route has been adjusted. It's harder to cover adjusted routes."

Why doesn't Bronco understand his own defensive thinking? That's how nobody-QBs have been eating up BYU's defense this year and looking all-world in the process. They're seldom pressured by BYU.

I bet at least 80% of the time that BYU's defense HAS put pressure on opposing QBs, it's been effective. Problem is, BYU's defense only puts pressure on them no more than 20% of the time.

Frisco, TX

Nelson is the starting QB the rest of the season, unless . . .

. . . he gets hurt
. . . lets turnovers impact the production of the offense
. . . can't get anything going against a fast Oregon State defense
. . . forgets to cut his hair

For those who don't like his style of play, you probably didn't like Steve Young or Brandon Doman as QBs either. No, he's not half the QB of Steve Young (yet), but his style is very similar.

This Saturday will tell us more about Nelson than the rally against USU (which included a few lucky breaks), or the production against a weak SJSU defense.

A win against Oregon State and he will be the starter for the next 19 games.

Orem, Utah

I'm really hoping Alisa gets a lot of playing time and that BYU's front line can make enough holes for the running game to be effective. Not sure whether Oregon State has much of a run defense. If they do, we might have a problem.

Nelson's turnovers should be fewer this coming game. If not, Lark before Heaps?

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Although I ‎was surprised that Riley got the nod against San Jose State, because of the part of the schedule the Cougs are going into, he CLEARY energizes the ‎offense and stadium like no one else can. He spearheaded the USU win and was solid ‎‎(not great, but solid) in the San Jose State win. Of course he'll start against 'dem Beavers. ‎If he doesn't, the team gets back to the infamous "QB shuffle" which rarely if ever works ‎out-- it certainly didn't last season. I feel sorry for Heaps. But, Riley clearly has ‎the "It" factor and the team rallies around him. And for those naysayers who say he ‎doesn't have a throwing arm, his TD to Jacobson was 50 yards in flight-- ‎clearly a thing of beauty. In reality, when does a QB need to throw further than that? He obviously has enough arm for the job. But, ‎my counsel to Riley is, "Stay healthy, my friend. Stay healthy!" Go, Cougs!‎

Ogden, UT

Scrambling quarterbacks are not what the pros look for, but who wants the NFL to extend its tentacles deeper any into college football?

College teams are (in my opinion) 100 times more exciting to watch with their motivated-to-win, true athletes than the over-paid, egocentric, prima donnas of the NFL.

The last quarterback in the NFL that was as exciting to watch, as the ever-decreasing scrambling quarterbacks that still exist in college, was Fran Tarkenton.

More power to Riley; as long as he continues to start, he will have by himself increased significantly the "exposure" BYU was looking for with its going independent this year.

Logan, UT

All you BYU fans trash talking Nelson need to keep in mind the following:

Nelson: 2-0
Heaps: 2-3

Yes, I know you've only played 6 games, but Nelson (unfortunately for my Aggies) won the Utah State game for you while Heaps had it lost, so I'm counting it as a win for Nelson and a loss for Heaps. Who knows, if USU had prepped for Nelson maybe they would have won anyway, but for whatever reason they didn't, so the W goes to Nelson. As much as I hate the traitor, he's a good QB and will win games as long as your coaches give him an offensive scheme that will utilize his talents.

On an unrelated note, do any of you BYU fans actually like Bronco Mendenhall? I mean, can the guy sound any more non-committal, inept, and weak? Whether the Y is winning or losing, Mendenhall has got to be in the conversation for the Most Annoying and/or Frustrating Coach in College Football award.

Orem, UT

Marksen. I'm sure everyone is going to be devastated by your lack of support. I'm sticking with them even if Cosmo's at quarterback. I'm just glad to have someone other than the Utes to root for.

Saint George, Utah

Hey AJM, see ya! Don't let the door hit you in the rear end on the way out of the stadium.

Ogden, UT

@ Aggie238 | 9:50 a.m. Oct. 11, 2011

In Spanish there's a saying that is apropos here, I think. It says "About taste there is nothing written."

It's kind of like our English saying: "To each his own."

Personally, I very much like Bronco's way of speaking. He doesn't make outlandish get-in-your-face comments like Urban did.

He's rather like Gary Anderson, in my opinion, who has been the best thing that could have happened to the Aggies.

And, by the way, with Gary, Kyle and Bronco, the schools on the Wasatch Front have three excellent coaches; a great improvement over what USU used to have (I can't ever remember his name anymore), Meyer, and Crowton.

Not only are they great coaches, they truly know how to relate effectively to college football players.

More power to all three!


@ Marksen: The message being sent to other blue-chip athletes thinking about coming to BYU is that their star count doesn't guarantee playing time. They are also being told that they will be in the mix with everyone else at their position to prove that they are the best, and if they perform better than their competition they will get a chance to show it on the field. Which, IMO, is the right message to send to the recruits. I don't think recruits should be promised anything or expect any more than anyone else on the team. Put in the effort, perform, and you will be rewarded with playing time. Heaps will be ok and get plenty of PT if he can learn from this. I had a high school teammate that walked on to the BYU football team several years ago. He wasn't promised anything but he worked his tail off, impressed the coaches, got PT, showed what he could do on the field. Did great, kept playing, got a scholarship, went to the NFL, etc. etc.etc. His name is Chad Lewis! May the most deserving player play!

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