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Injury to his non-throwing shoulder requires surgery

Published: Monday, Oct. 10 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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wyoming cougar
Green River, WY

Not good news for the utes who are sitting at 0-3 vs BCS teams, while BYU is 1-2 with the likelihood of going 2-2 after this weekend. Maybe whitt will want to borrow one of the 4 down south. Tough start to the pac-10.2 and this will make it even tougher to get bowl eligible.

Good luck- you're going to need it.


The UTES are now officially out for the season.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: Wyoming Cougar

Congrats on having one of the worst strength of schedules in the country. You beat a BCS team Ole Miss, which is hideous.

Congrats on beating San Jose State in Provo. SJSU wins in last 3 yrs - Southern Utah, Cal Poly, NM St and CSU.
Storm the field after beating USU?
What are you going to do if BYU beats Idaho and Idaho State?

I wouldn't count on BYU beating Oregon State, even though they are not very good.

54-10, remember?

Hopefully Jordan Wynn can get back to football next year. Has to be big blow to have to have surgery again.

Hays needs to calm down and not force things. I like his mobility, but he just needs to calm down, which will come with a few more games.

Heaps 0-4 vs Utah
Provo, UT

wyoming cougar, we are going to the armed forces bowl against conference usa. Are we entitled to talk trash?

Ogden, Utah

Not a Ute fan but I feel bad for Jordan Wynn or any college athlete for that matter who's career is upended due to injury. I know Jordan has worked extremely hard to lead the Utes this year. I hope his recovery goes well.

Good luck in the future.

Fort Worth, Texas

Best wishes to Wynn, hopefully a quick recovery.

I wasn't impressed by Hay's decision making but I was impressed with this ability to move in the pocket. Lets hope Chow helps this kid fix the mistakes and become a better QB.

Go luck kid.

Go Utes!

Fort Worth, Texas

BYU fans worried about Hays? Really? Did you see Riley Nelson throw 2 INTS and fumble against one of the best high school defenses in Northern California?

If Riley plays like that next week look for Heaps to be playing by the 2nd half.

As far as Hays he showed signs of being a good QB but made really bad decisions in his FIRST division 1 start.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

My condolences to Wynn. It must be discouraging to work so hard for something only to have it taken away. Here is wishing him all the best from a true blue Cougar.

Provo, UT

Tough break for Wynn. From a BYU fan, I hope he has a speedy recovery.

@Heaps 0-4 vs Utah
"wyoming cougar, we are going to the armed forces bowl against conference usa. Are we entitled to talk trash?"

I think the key point there is that BYU is "going to the Armed Forces Bowl." As in, the Cougs will actually go to a bowl this year...not sure we can say the same for the Utes.

So yeah, I think Wyoming Cougar's entitled to a little trash talk. It's all part of the rivalry, bro :)

Go Cougars!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

This was not the news people wanted to hear.

Why all the Cougar and Ute bashing? The amount of poor sportsmanship is so highly evident on both fan sides it is pretty disgusting. I hate it when either team loses. A Ute should cheer the Cougars and a Cougar should cheer the Utes when they are not playing one another. To do anything less shows a lack of maturity and respect. It also makes a victory over the opponent rather meaningless if that opponent plays poorly the rest of the year.

The Utes probably DO get to a bowl this year. I don't like the guy that replaces Wynn, but after Pitt and Cal, the schedule is a bit easier and the Utes will win a string of them. The Utes should muster six wins. They could get seven if the defense bands together. I figure they should win against OSU, AZ, UCLA and Washington State. I don't expect any of those to be big wins, but that isn't the point. Pull this thing together.

One more point for the "fans." Don't leave those seats empty. Fans support teams even in bad years.

Morgan, UT



And folks, that is Utah entire season in a nut shell...ouch!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Too bad for Jordan, but at least he'll still have two more years after this to play. The coaches are planning to red shirt him.

In the mean time, I think Jon Hays is a more than adequate replacement. He moved the offense well on Saturday, but along with the rest of the offense needs to work on the turnovers. Fortunately after Pitt we have the weaker part of our schedule. I'm not expecting miracles, just fewer turnovers and bad penalties.

Go Utes!!

Iowa City, IA

Tough break for the Utes. It looks like it's going to be a long season, indeed. Hopefully Hays can get things figured out and start to right the ship. Pitt offers a great opportunity to build momentum for the rest of the season.

That said, I'm surprised to see so many Ute fans discussing BYU on a Utah comment board. Those who do so appear to be quite fixated on comparing everything Utah does to BYU, which lends support to the claims that U of U fans have some kind of "little brother" syndrome. Don't prove the accusers to be right.


True Coug....BYU is playing some pathetic teams....If you weren't bowl eligible that would be pretty sad. Utes strength of schedule is 35th in the nation. Byu's is 77th. Big difference.


Wynn will never see the field again.

west jordan, ut

Too bad for Wynn. I don't think they will be able to redshirt him this year, he played in 4 games. He might lose a year of eligibility. Not sure, maybe someone knows better.

Hays looked good except for the interceptions. If he can get that under control he will be fine, and this is coming from a BYU fan. I thought he moved the ball well, he just gave the ball away too many times and Arizona State capatilized.

Look for Hays to do well at Pitt, I think Utah is better than Pitt and if he can control the field like he did on those two drives for touchdowns, Utah will be fine. Remember, one of his interceptions came at the goal line after a another great drive down the field. Good luck Utes!

South Jordan, UT

Best of luck to Jordan Wynn. I wish him a speedy recovery.

We know what it is like to be down and out. No one (BYU nor Utes) should be stomping on either one right now. Let's act grown up!

Morgan, UT


True Coug....BYU is playing some pathetic teams....If you weren't bowl eligible that would be pretty sad. Utes strength of schedule is 35th in the nation. Byu's is 77th. Big difference.

Utah's strength of schedule had nothing to do with the Utes...It was the Pac 10 which gave them the strengh of scedule (their choice of opening up was with Montana State...WOW)...it is too bad they can not play up to the schedule...strengh of schedule put aside, the Utes are done for the year...recruiting will become harder, no money yet, a D2 left-over quarterback and more turn overs down the road...the future does not look bright.

BYU's first year of Independence sceduling was hard...they pretty well took what was out there...however, looking down the road, they will be playing the top tier schools out there, across the nation...the strenght of schedule will improve, the recruiting will even be better, the young team will grow and the stable is full...

Enjoy this season Utah, it just might be your best in the next forseeable future.

Ghost Writer

At least he got to be on the big win in Provo . . . of course the BYU offense scored most of the points for him, thus allowing him to rest his shoulder; too bad it didn't help.

Houston, TX

I feel sorry for the guy.

I smell a 4 win season for the utes though.

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