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Published: Monday, Oct. 10 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Seek to understand:

Your screen name is a bit ironic, considering you're not trying to understand a thing about why people play football. Instead you're using a tragic event to wage war against a sport you clearly don't understand at all. Not everyone who plays football ends up with brain injuries. Those who play other non-contact sports sometimes end up with similar injuries as football players. As far as high school activities are concerned there are more participants seriously injured while participating in cheer than any other high school activity(football does have more injuries). The bottom line is there is risk involved in just about any sport or recreational activity. It's up to individuals to access that risk and decide if the enjoyment they derive from that activity is worth the risk. I was lucky I only gave a knee to football and as I get older it bothers me a little more each year, but I wouldn't trade anything for the experiences I had while playing football with me friends and teammates.

Blanding, UT

In the July 21 issue of this paper there was an article about safe playgrounds and that psychologist are saying that they are doing more harm than good. Yes injuries are less but kids need risk to develop physically and mentally and that always trying to protect them from injury can be harmful. I feel terrible about what happened to this young man. I hope he has full recovery and will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I will however allow my kids to continue participating in sports, let them ride four wheelers and go out to "hang out" with friends and also keep them in my thoughts and prayers that they will be safe,

SB Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

RE: Seek to Understand...

You can also die walking to school or choking on your dinner or get cancer... Should we stop doing everything? I am betting for hobbies your family does a lot of arts and crafts... Football teaches a lot of things to kids. I don't have a son on any football team, but if one day my son chooses to play football you can bet I will be his biggest supporter... Tragic things happen to good people for absolutely no reason, it is called an ACCIDENT. Ever watch remember the titans??? He injured himself driving home from a rally, not on the FB field... I bet this boy even though such a terrible thing happened, he was at the highlight of his high school career when he was playing!

Good Luck Porter my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!!

Try to be understanding

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

I appreciate all those that have shown that even though football is a rough sport, we can't stop our kids from doing everything that may hurt them. I feel bad this forum has become a place for people to voice their anti-football sentiment rather than expressing support for the young man, his family, teamates, coaches, & all those affected by this tragedy.
My boys play football & though my wife wishes they didn't, she would much rather have them involved in football than wandering the streets. They also participate in 3 other sports. While the other sports have been good for them, football has been the greatest influence in teaching them life lessons they will be able to use in the future.
As I've heard their coach preach to them a number of times, "There's more to life than football. You boys will face many trials in your life. That's why I make it so hard on you. I want you to think when you are faced with a trial, I made it through Millard football, I can make it through this".

Keep fighting Porter, you made it through S. Summit football you can make it through this.

Emery football Dad
Huntington, UT

We Wish you the a fast and full recovery. God Bless you.


Good luck on your recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Gunnison, Utah

Our prayers are will your team and family. I hope this brings your team the community and his family together. keep Fighting Porter your life has only began.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a sad incident and I hope he is able to recover. I am glad the Doctors have an optimistic prognosis at this point. It is sad when these things happen to young people.

With that said, I agree with those who say we should not stop High School football. It is a big part of the life of many High Schoolers. I didn't play in High school because I was too small. But I loved going to the games and watching those who chose to play the game they loved. Accidents happen in everything. My older brother tore his ACL in his junior year, in practice a week before the first game. He is a runner and because his knee never fully healed even after surgery, so it still affects him. But he would not give up playing the years that he did for anything. I know this is not as serious as what happened to Porter, but I wonder if Porter would say the same thing.

Again, this is a really sad incident and I hope and pray Porter is able to recover fully.

Gunnison, UT

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Porter and your family during this time. Everyone is now cheering you on through out the whole state of Utah to a full recovery. Injuries are apart of all athletics, but we all hate to see injuries severe like this one. May God Bless you and your family.

draper, ut

It seems to me that some parents are looking at highschool football in a whole different way.Being a father of a pretty good football player,we have had our share of injuries and surgeries.Broken arms,broken fingers,torn miniscus etc.But as stated in earlier post,these are accidents and accidents do happen.student-athletes play the game because they love it,its more then just a game to these young men and women.As porters story tells you,this brave young man worked very hard to get where he was and never gave up on his dreams of starting as a varsity player.This just shows you the courage and work ethic he had,and all this begins at home with great parents.IMO playing footbal for this young man was something he did not need to do but wanted to do.I know as a parent although as tragic as this inccident is,with the heart that porter has if he could do it all over agin I know he would.

Porter you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
may our Heavenly father bless you to a speedy recovery.

West Valley, UT

Life and health are such fragile things. One wrong move can ruin it all. Do what you love, speak your mind and be with people you care about. Live each day with no regrets, for it may be your last.


By the way I have seen a lot in this life, I am OLD. Accidents happen and Miracles happen everyday!
We pray that this young man recovers fully.
The greatest experiences in life come after the hardest times in our lives. This young man will be stronger, his family will grow closer, and they will know who their friends are. They will know that we all care. No one makes it through this life without some struggles, and there are those who have greater struggles then others.

price, utah

My Grandson, Dominic Rondinelli was the punter on the play where Porter got injured,Certainly our prayers and thoughts are with your family and your speedy recovery.My wife has been in contact with the hospital, trying to get a time where we can come and see Porter during his recovery.I have Coached this game for alot of years and really love it, it is during these times when a young kid gets injured on a freak play, that it really makes us realize how fragile we are.
Get well soon.

Sincerely, The Rondinelli Family

Salt Lake, Utah

We're all pulling for you Porter and praying for you and your family. Keep your chin up and believe.

lehi, ut

JSB: I feel like I have a perspective a bit different than many others so I think I can put my two cents in regarding your post. My brother like all of us wrestled in High School, during which he messed up his knee. 3 surgeries and 4 months of bed rest he was finally able to go back to school. Up until his death (obviously not related to playing sports) he suffered knee problems. Do you think he would have changed a thing? Not a one. The things he/I learned in wrestling changed our lives and helped us overcome our hard times.

Is there risk in high school sports? Definitely. Are the life lessons you learn worth that risk? At least for me I would have to respond with an astounding yes!

cat fan
Oakley, UT

This story was not meant to bring out the negative in football but to let a community know about a tragic accident that occured to a very strong young man! Accidents happen everyday and no one can do anything to stop them! I would say to those who can't show their support to not say anything at all! The family needs all the prayers and strength they can get! Not all the negativity! Thoughts and prayers are with you always Hancock family!!!

Chandler, AZ

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your good family at this time. My son recently suffered a spinal cord injury while at school in Utah so I may know a bit of what your family is experiencing. I think there are many different areas to find hope and strength at this time but may I offer just one.

There is a great talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks entitled "Miracles" that is in the June 2001 Ensign, you can also find it on the lds.org web site. I don't know if you are LDS or not, but it doesn't matter as I know God loves all of His children and is ready and willing to bless them. Please know that He is a God of miracles and is the same yesterday, today, and forever and that the miracles that we read about in the Bible can and do happen in our day as well.

May the Lord bless you and your family. We are praying for you.

Harwich, MA

JSB - May students wouldn't go to school if it were not for the athletic departments. Shall we cut out the FFA just in case a lamb might bump someone down and get hurt? Life is all about overcoming challenge, not avoiding it.

Orem, UT

Seeking to understand,

I highly doubt that you are seeking to understand anything. I would prefer my son playing football rather than the alternative which is causing major issues in cities like West Valley and Rose Park. Many many young men have used football as a means to get away from gangs and other alternatives. Some have been able to get scholarships to an education that they would never have had if it weren't for football. I don't know about you but everything our kids do in life can cause an injury much more severe than football can. Skating, rollerblading, surfing, biking, camping, swimming, driving. So you suggestion would lead me to believe that these activities should be banned to right? 1.5 million kids play football, .0017 percent of them are seriously injured, that means that you have a better chance of getting into an accident or get eaten by a bear then you would getting seriously injured playing football.

thoughts and prayers go out to young Porter and his family. May the god lord help you walk again. God bless

SJH Bronco Fan
Springville, Utah

Our thoughts and prayers are with Porter, his family and the entire town of Kamas. Having grown up in Blanding I understand how this affects small communities. Porter seems to be a strong, driven individual and these qualities will serve him well in his challenge ahead. I am very hopeful Porter will have a full recovery.

As far as JSB and Seeking to Understand...UNBELIEVABLE that you would choose this forum to post your negative rants! There is so much more I'd like to say to you but it's not worth my time.

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