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Published: Monday, Oct. 10 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, US-UT

@ Seek to understand
Your thought process is irrational. These kids have a MUCH bigger chance of dying in a car accident then they do on a football field. They have a MUCH bigger chance getting seriously injured in a car accident then on a football field.

(Springville had one of their players killed last year in a car accident)

Are we also suppose to put a end to our children driving? You could argue that it is more reckless to allow our children to get into metal boxes and go driving off at 30+ miles a hour then it is to let them play football. My point is that we simply can not cut out everything in our children's lives that might put them at risk. While I am sure sometimes we wish we could just lock our kids up to make sure they never get hurt it is completely irrational. We take risks in life. It is called living. These boys do what they love and sometimes they get hurt. Every single one of them KNOWS THE RISK. Lets also not forget most of them are not "children" anymore either. Many are legal adults, or close enough.

highland, utah

i'm a die hard park city fan taylor and ur family ni a
m so praying for you

highland, utah

stay strong

redmond, UT

We should outlaw tripping on sidewalks.

Small Town Utah
Rural, UT

My son was a successful football player his freshman-junior years, but after having had three concussions, he chose not to play this, his senior year. There were also other factors involved but concussions and another injury were the key factors. The pressure for him to play was great but he made the best choice for his short and long term health. He has been looked down on by some of the coaching staff and others because he "let the team down." Some of these "adults" won't speak to him nor acknowlege him and have called him names. He also excells in other sports and could possibly get a scholarship in one of them. Therefore, he is selfish for not playing football and for not "laying it on the line for his team."
Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery to this young man.

South Jordan, UT

Sorry to hear the bad news. Let the community know how they can help. I'm sure they will. We never understand God's plan but he obviously has another reason for allowing this accident to occur.


@seek to understand

There's risk in everything. If your philosophy is to completely eliminate everything in your life that has the potential for injury or harm - then lock your kids in your house. Don't let them drive in cars to school, don't let them associate with other kids or any other everyday activity.

So sad to hear about Porter, hope he has a full recovery.


There are so many kids that are hurt. We should not let them ride bikes, look at how many kids are killed on bikes. Tens of thousands of kids are killed in cars every year. Never let them go to the doctor or hospital, over forty thousand children die every year from medical mistakes. There are a million ways to get hurt and killed everyday in any activity. I know of a girl who was injured very badly in band. She fell down the stairs at a high school the band was visiting. I also know of a young lady who died during a chior practice from a brain hemorage. I know of a young lady who was killed at a dance competition by running out into the parking lot. I know a young man that got in a fight over a debate competition, and had to have his face reconstructed. Lets end all these activities, someone might get hurt! If you don't want YOUR kid to ever be hurt, just don't have kids. Toddlers walk into tables.



I think you're missing a crucial benefit of playing sports .... it builds character! I can't tell you the discipline, work-ethic, drive, perseverance, and a host of other character traits I took from it. Applied in education and the work force ... they're doing very well for me.

Another great trait (although not all athletes have it) - Sportsmanship and humbleness! Love those two and the latter is sadly missing in today's Touchdown Dance games.

Nampa, ID

Sad. Hope he makes a good recovery.

Spanish Fork, UT

I wish this Young Man all the best, may miracles never cease in his case is my prayer. May Heavenly Father bless you and support your family.

As a football official I see many tackles, from the description by Coach Parker, this was routine, though none are ever really routine. On any given play a young man or young lady(yes young lady, seen several of them on the FB field) can have tragedy happen to them. That is why I shake my head when MANY Little League coaches, even after they have been told, you can take a Victory Formation or Take a knee, and they still choose to run some dive into the line, off-tackle play, or pass play in order to further prove they are the better team. I SHAKE MY HEAD and you parents should approach that coach after to "GET A CLUE".

Yes Football can and in many cases does build character, far to often it shows that someone is a character.

Once again I and my wife wish this young man and his family all the best, and the SSHS community too.

terra nova
Park City, UT

The people of Kamas are some of the finest around. I hope they let the rest of us know when they plan to fast for this young man. I cannot imagine that they will not do this. When the time comes, let's unite with them in faith and prayer for this young man. Please let us know about any fast so we can join in calling on the Lord for miracles. Meanwhile our prayers are with you.

Monroe, UT

My thoughts and prayers go out to this young man, his family, his friends and his teammates. As a parent of athletes, I have witnessed many injuries, some of them involving my own children, and I can tell you that the things that happen to them, good and bad, help to shape them into the individuals they become. Most athletes play the sports they play because they love it; some of them even live for it. Why do parents let them play? Because athletics can teach them so many things about life! They learn lessons they can use throughout the rest of their lives, such as: motivation, setting goals, the payoff of working hard, responsibility, dependability, dealing with disappointment, humility, caring for others, putting the good of the team first, (later applying to their family), getting along with others, compassion, etc... I would never deny them the opportunity to learn these things or to experience the bad along with the good. As a community, remember to put your arms around the players who were playing with him and against him. They are surely hurting also. I am certain this kid is a fighter, and I'll be cheering him on!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I hope, wish and pray the very best for this young man and his family.

I'm sure glad SSOLDMAN doesn't know me or my kids though. That could be bad luck.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Porter, you never stop believin'. Spinal cord injuries are all different. Because of your age, you have a better prognosis than most. I'm willing to bet a strong kid like you COULD BE WALKING in a couple years.

We're all cheering for you. Let us know the good news when it happens!

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

At times like these there are no rivals, only brothers.

Beaver, Utah

all you people saying that its the parents fault for letting their kids play sports need to grow up. do you really think that is what this family needs right now? everything we do in life is a risk. it was an accident, accidents happen.

porter and his family have the prayers from the boys down in beaver. hope you make a full recovery and best of luck to you, your family, and your team this year.


Why in the world do the public schools sponsor inter school sports--especially the rough ones where kids get injured for life?

I ask the same question. This incident is not the worst that has happened this year, 2011, regarding inter school sports. Young men have actually collapsed and died during practicing in some schools back east. We put too much emphasis on contact sports. The Parent's are as much to blame as the institutions because we want our son's to get hugh pro sports contracts. Or, to get a handsome scholarship to some college.

Some schools are proposing cutting library expenses, while increasing the budget for contact sports. JSB is right, we should put more emphasis and money into activities that will have long term, positive and uplifting effects on our children than those activities that could, potentially, injure them for life.

Our prayers go out to the Hancock family.

Salt Lake City, UT

Having spent five years doing surveillance on spinal cord and traumatic head injuries I can tell you that football just isn't worth the risk. The human body is not designed for this kind of punishment. Did any of you note that Jim McMahon and others are suing the NFL for negligence? Jim says he often goes someplace then can't remember why. Dump football at all levels.

Sugar City, ID

The research shows that of the different extracurricular activities, participation in high school athletics give the least bang for the buck than the other extracurricular activities. At a time when there arent a lot of bucks in our public schools, lets put the bucks where they can do the most good. At risk kids can debate, can be in plays, can participate in clubs, can sing in the chorus, etc. And it will do them a lot of good and more kids can be involved. Of course, there is risk in everything (even driving to school), but should the schools be sponsoring sports that unnecessarily place these young men at serious risk of permanent physical or mental damage? Especially when the benefits, if any, are so marginal? My grandson runs cross country and spends a lot of extra hours in training. Hes also an A student taking several AP classes. Because of the demands on his time in X-Country, he must compromise in his studies. Is this a good idea? The coach thinks so. But then, winning is everything,

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