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Published: Monday, Oct. 10 2011 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

What's with the constant, one-sided attack against public education by the Deseret News? Yesterday it was promoting Fran Tarkenton's horrid WSJ opinion piece. Today, it's more of Flaherty's propaganda with a side order of Rush Limbaugh's lies. According to Limbaugh: "After [a teacher has taught] for three years, [they] get paid for the rest of [their] life no matter when [they] quit. It doesn't matter what [they] do, doesn't matter how good [they] are, doesn't matter how well [they] do the job, doesn't matter whether the students are learning anything." Wise words from a college drop-out.

What nonsense! Administration has 3 years to evaluate teachers and fire them without reason. After the 3 years, a teacher can be fired for "just cause" only. If a teacher is not performing up to standard, then fire them. It happens all the time. Poor teachers are retained because of lazy administration. Unions give teachers a voice. Collective bargaining is just that, a two-sided agreement. If you don't like what's happening in your schools, then get involved. Some would rather hide behind highly-paid talking heads, than protect our children's future.

Bountiful, Utah

This will occur in areas where public schooling is at least partially funded by real property taxes. People purchase their homes in areas that have "good" schools and feel they are paying for them. Perhaps the solution would be to shift the funding to the State level and have all public schools receive the same resources. Why should a poor child receive an inferior education anyway.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Why is this news in Utah?
We can send our children to any school we see fit.

What is the DN's objective in running this?

Salt Lake City, UT

Amazing that they would prosecute these cases and yet allow illegal aliens to send their kids to US schools. Not only that, they want to give them in state tuition for college. Talk about hypocrisy and social injustice!

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

I can understand the frustrations of these parents who cannot find a better school within their district.

I cannot even send my child to another school within the district we live in.

My child displays symptoms of a certifiable medical condition. Because the condition affects his ability to focus, the frustrated teacher decided to discipline him, a 6 year-old child, by ordering him to remain alone in a dark classroom while his classmates went to eat lunch.

I tried to enroll him in the next nearest elementary school. It also had the lowest teacher-student ratio for 1st graders in West Jordan. There was room for him. We were denied. The principal refuses to even talk to me to explain why.

When I call student services, the director is always conveniently away from her office.

I now home school my child. He is safer at home then at a school where he is left alone for 40 minutes because of the lack of patience from a tired 60 year-old 1st grade teacher.

Some people have offered to let me use their address so I could enroll my child in another school district, I would not do it.

Colorado Springs, CO

The mother of the two daughters using her father's address. I wonder what taxes he paid in that school district? Big Brother is becoming more and more in violation of the Constitution everyday. Turning parents into Felons. The far reaching affects of a Felony will reach far beyond, what the average person understands. All this over a better education for children to better equip themselves for life.
Our family move because of a very poor school system. Leaving behind a family business, which was started by my father. He ran for the local school board to improve this very poor school system.
How many poor school systems are the result of poor school boards? Which leads to hiring of poor school teachers. How long have these poor school systems been active?

Colorado Springs, CO

The Felonies these parents receive will affect the children until they leave home. A felony affects the parents credit rating. No more credit cards, poor housing in both buying and renting. Poor jobs and less advancement, if they can find a job at all.
What happens in one state affects what happens in the whole country. Felonies cross state lines. A felony for sending children to a better school would affect those parents should they move to Utah.
When state laws are made with a new penalty a felony like sending children to a better school. That felony is for the rest of the person's life.
What a fair system of laws, that brand a person a criminal the rest of their life after serving jail time and/or probation without forgiveness from the public.

Salt Lake City, Utah

You know what would be really neat. If the far right (Limbaugh and the gang) would one time talk about all the many great things that go on every day in our public schools, maybe just as a change of pace. As was pointed out in Utah that could never happen, because we have open enrollment, as do the majority of states. But after listening to Limbaugh many people are convinced this is occurring everywhere.

Peter Coyot1 if in fact what you describe happened, I would call the school district office until I received satisfaction. A traditional public school in this state cannot turn your child away for a medical condition.

To continue to paint all public schools with the same brush may make some people feel good, but it does nothing to solve real problems.

Granny Weatherwax
Tooele, UT

While there is much sympathy to be had for parents who just want the best education possible for their children, what if these students were boundary-hopping (and their parents falsifying info) in order to play on a particular school's sports team? Would our opinions change?

Mesa, AZ

Peter Coyot1 If your child needs special education services--speech,language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, a learning disability class, a behavioral class etc., call the district office, not the principal. Ask to speak to someone in the special education department and share your story. There are federal guidelines that schools and school districts must follow. Good luck.

Sanpete County, UT

Pretty sure it's not "the liberals" doing this, Rush. Pretty sure it's the state's laws, the district's rules. (And isn't local control what you want...??? I get so irritated that the far-right thinks that EVERYTHING wrong that happens is always all the fault of "the liberals."

Salt Lake City, Utah

Are these the same schools who accept illegal alien children without batting an eye?

Let me see if I've got this straight. Decent parents can't put their children into better schools, but illegals can?


In my teaching experience, in Maryland's lowest performing middle school, there seemed to exist an anomaly in who had control over a child's future; many parents wanted to have control over their child's school, class-selection, etc., and I, as a teacher, had to follow a curriculum that was broken in structure, relevance, and synthesis.

The interesting piece to this is that when I went rogue and "broke the boundaries" of my curriculum, as the parents in this story did, I had huge success. 89% of my children tested advanced when I walked away from the classroom, 10% proficient.

The actual education our children receive in today's school system, especially in low-income areas, is so far removed from the organic community, teacher-student centered atmosphere, and has been plasticized into "big-box" education, that really limits what makes teachers special.

I didn't need all of the fancy resources we had (where all of the money goes), I didn't need more money (salary), I just needed to feel as if I owned my classroom, and that my children owned their future.

one old man
Ogden, UT

So Rush thinks it's liberals who are destroying public schools?

Not in Utah.

Sugar City, ID

The solution, of course, is vouchers. But,for some inexplicable reason the voters of Utah rejected that. But, if schools have to compete for the vouchers to get students, you will see performance in the schools improve. Even unionized teachers will improve under those conditions. Parents will send their children to the best school they can. One of my daughters home schools because the school just can't give her children the quality of education they can get at home--not by a long shot. Her kids are several grades above grade level. If enough parents home-schooled, perhaps the public schools would get on the ball and provide a product that the parents want their children to have. Home schooling parents should get compensation for what they do that the public schools just can't begin to do.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Sorry JSB, I think most teachers are doing all they can. Teachers need a fighting chance by having the respect of the citizenry including the legislators and smaller class sizes. IMO, we have piled on, especially in Utah, teachers long enough...

Salt Lake City, UT

It is obvious this particular Deseret News writer has a vendetta against public education!

Trenton, UT

I remember being in 2nd grade and my mother driving me to school clear across town to attend a better school. This was in 1962 and 1963...in Corpus Christi, Texas. Nothing was said...that I know of. Parents should be able to put their kids in school where they want to. Heavens knows, they pay enough taxes for that privilege.

The Utah Republican
Alpine, UT

It would have good journalism on the part of Deseret News to point out that Utah is an open enrollment state where any student can attend any district school that is below capacity.

Peter Coyotl, your story doesn't ring true. If your child was left unattended in a darkened room for 40 minutes, an administrative level complaint in the Jordan District would have resulted in some drastic action that probably would have included "retirement" for the teacher, and the principal who protected her. And because Utah has open enrollment and special services, once you fill out the appropriate forms, the school has a legal obligation to meet your request.

West Valley, UT

The simple solution... all public schools should be funded equally out of the same pot. Send all taxes for education to the state and have the money doled out equally for every child. The only way a school would get more money is by having more students enrolled.

Forget all this talk about taxing and education not getting enough funding. The government gets plenty of money from all the taxes and fees levied on citizens, they don't need more... they just need to figure out how to better spend what they get.

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