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Published: Sunday, Oct. 9 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Wasatch Front, UT

Education is the best investment you can make, if you are prudent, and avoid getting into too much debt. It is ESPECIALLY important for young women who plan to raise children. The single most important indicator of a child's future success is the education level of his/her mother. Parents, make sure that your daughters have EVERY oppotunity to get an education. They will have the single largest impact on the success and happiness of your grandchildren and descendants for generations to come.

Sugar City, ID

Expensive universities are pricing themselves our of the market. Smart schools are going more and more to technology with on-line classes. I've looked an a lot of on-line courses and they are excellent--much better than I had for my bachelor's and master's degrees at a traditional universities (pre-computers). The cost per credit hour is usually less and much of the material is on-line so there is no need for a rediculously expensive textbook. I predict that costs will go down as a blend of the traditional and on-line develops.

'da Renegade Mama

I applaud Ms. Hatfield for choosing to make a better world over making a bigger paycheck.
Shame on anyone who accuses her of having some sort of a problem because she wants to FIX a big problem rather than sit back and judge people who view "education" as little more than job training, and "life purpose" as little more than earning/collecting/hoarding/worshiping money.
Listen to yourselves ... and then consider: Why is America going down the drain? Oh, yes: Self-Righteous Conceit, the reign of the almighty dollar, the devaluation of education, and disdain for people who see a bigger picture beyond the one that consumerism, capitalism and materialism have graffiti'd all over our values.

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