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Published: Sunday, Oct. 9 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

I am first to admit, that I was 100% in the camp of Jacob Heaps at the start of last year season.
It blew my mind that we gave equal time to Nelson Riley. That meant that each of the two quarterbacks only got half of the reps in all the practices, that they should have had with the starters. That meant that all the opposing teams that gave their starter QB 100% of the reps with the starters had a great advantage over us. The games that followed proved it.

When both QBs were playing, they could never get in rhythem. The receivers could not get use to the changing QB rotations and they failed miserably at attempting to catch the ball.

This year, I have changed somewhat. I have given up on the idea that we know how to coach
5 star players, be it Ben Olsen or Jacob Heaps. I can now see that under the circumstances,
Nelson Riley is the QB to finish this season.

I can not understand how we can be so stupid as to put Jacob Heaps down in every article written about the comparisons of our two QBs.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Lets keep things in perspective:
Heaps vs SEC Old Miss and wins by a point.
Heaps vs. Big 12 Texas and loses by a point.
Heaps vs. Defending C-USA Champins and wins by 7.

Cant justify the Utah game.
Cant justify the Utah St. game

Now lets look at Nelson

He did good vs a seller dweller in the WAC, a conference below the MWC. (San Jose St.)

How will Nelson look against Pac 12 1-4 vs. Oregon St. We beat Oregon St. by 20 points the las time we played them. Our series is 4 wins and 5 loses.

Vs. Idaho State bottom of the WAC Oh Hum.

How will Nelson look vs TCU?

What about New Mexico State, another celler dweller of the WAC.

What about Hawaii??? (WAC good team. Wac a conference below the MWC,

Comparing one QB vs quality teams vs another QB vs celler dwellers is not an intelligent comparison.

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