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Published: Sunday, Oct. 9 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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"My point is that a quality team and organization like the AFA has the decency to talk to their fans and keep things above board. What the heck can be so secret that Tom & Co. can't let us know what's going on, or at least that something is or isn't going on? We are dealing with a conference affiliation negotiation, not the fate of the free world."

BYU is run by a religious institution. Given how secretive that institution tries to be such as about temple ordinances, are you really surprised?

Judging by some of the posts I've seen here one would think we are dealing with the fate of the free world.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Trying to use the "court of public opinion" has broken many a deal on many different levels and can leave a negative taste in the mouth of many, many people. Although it can be a little aggrivating to the fans, I usually try to let things play out before I judge too harshly. In the end, you can usually understand why the cards are/were held so closely. Be patient and you are likely be pleased with the end result. In the mean time, BYU has a lot of games scheduled with some pretty good teams over the next year or two. I am looking forward to them.

San Antonio, TX

These past two weeks I have watched Riley play like a former player we had, not considered a great quarterback-he just knew how to win games,Brandon Doman. Another old familier feeling I have had, being behind but having an opptomistic feeling that we could still win the game, something that was lacking the fist few games. Jack may yet become a great quarterback, but he I think he needs to learn how to handle game pressure.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

re: Dray

Correct, the OC seemed to have lost his nerve or perhaps did not want Riley to destroy SJSU to horribly, it would have really look bad for his heaps.

Bronco is always hedging as well, with his statements like possibly the right decision when he was referring to Riley playing the entire game. This is crazy talk or simply covering up there knuckle head preseason choice.

As far as Looking for a back that can slash, cut and run over people he has those guys he just had a very slow of foot QB1 running the offense. Case in point suddenly all the backs are preforming better as well as the whole offense and defenses, hey the entire team is playing better, much better inspired football.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Alisa took the opportunity and shot out of the corral on firer. He did a tremendous job. He and Riley are stepping up, way up and the entire team is feeding off the enthusiastic energy that is spilling out all over this team.

It is a joy to watch inspired players who when given the shot at garbing the brass ring have done so, and the ripple effect is awesome.

Saint George, Utah

I recommend that all check out Riley's post game comments as any who do so will be treated to a mature perspective of one's own performance. Such a refreshing change from what we've been getting.
There is nothing any Riley doubter/hater could have observed that he didn't nail in his own critique. He is brutally honest and accurate in both negative as well as positive assessments. Regardless what anyone does in life improvement is always easier when see that improvement is needed.

Tooele, UT

I have always hated it when the cornerbacks back up 15 yards each pass play and expect to stop the opponents from getting a first down. It will NOT happen if you don't get pressure on the quarterback OR the wide receiver or preferably both. Teach a new system where the cornerback plays aggressively against the wide receiver when giving them a 10 or 15 yard cushion will not stop them from getting a reception for a first down. Knock them to the ground if you have to.

Alpine, UT

What happened to Nelson's Hair? It was the only reason I had for tuning into the remaining games on the schedule.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

My neighbor Michael Alisa is a very nice young man and it was good to see his success. Funny that as a high school player at Timpview he spent most of his time as a linebacker. He did carry a few times in most games I believe and was successful. Interesting that Quezada and JJ who are also very nice running backs tore up the California country side as high school players. I think it will be hard to leave Michael on the bench from now on.

Orem, Utah

Okay, thin-skinned coach lovers.

I'll knock off my criticisms of Bronco when opposing QBs get as much defensive love as BYU QBs do.

Bend but don't break defenses aren't used so exclusively by top college teams as is done by BYU. Those top teams routinely get into QB's faces.

I really do love Bronco and can't see anyone else doing this job right now. But, I expect more of him, just as he does of himself. I just don't think he's seeing the forrest for the trees sometimes. It's easy to do that when you're so close to something.

I've watched enough football over 40 years to get a feel for what works and what doesn't (generall speaking). So, I'll continue to espouse my opinions and criticisms.

Orem, Utah

BYU to the Big East with AFA, Boise, etc.?

That'd be WAY worse than not going to the Big12 while staying independent.

It'd just be another mid-major conference scattered all over the U.S. after the other BCS conferences get done pulling out the remaining better Big East teams during further expansion. Doubt after that it could retain AQ status.

Still, why did BYU extend its series with Boise from 4 to 12? There's got to be SOME connection with what WILL be happening.

Orem, Utah

Hey, impatient "fans" who wonder why BYU doesn't make public statements like Air Force did, so that you can know what's going on, it's simple:

1. BYU's been negotiating with the Big12 behind closed doors; makes no sense to muddy up negotiations with public statements.

2. Public statements, outside of saying what Air Force did (that they're NOT going), don't make sense. Why tip your hand if you're still negotiating?

3. The mere fact that BYU's not saying anything means that NOTHING has officially been decided yet. So, the Big 12 isn't necessarily out of the picture because of the silence from BYU.

BYU might still get into the Big 12, or the Big East (yuck!), or just remain independent.

For you LDS fans that doubt the BOT's ability to make the right decision says something about your own faith in your church's leaders, right?

Idaho Falls, ID

Re: what'sinitforme

"For you LDS fans that doubt the BOT's ability to make the right decision says something about your own faith in your church's leaders, right?"

Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is exactly the type of attitude that so irritates faithful LDS members who aren't BYU fans. I resent that someone would question my faith and loyalty in the Gospel and religious leaders by my questioning of decisions regarding BYU football. It is a SPORT! It is entertainment! BYU is not the only "true" school, and no I don''t have to accept all the secular decisions made in behalf of my school or team that I support and contribute to financially to maintain my good standing in the Church.

Mapleton, UT

Heaps is taking the heat that Doman should be taking. We get thee top ranked QB in the country who does really well his freshman year and then struggles under a new and inexperienced offensive coordinator? This sounds like a coaching issue to me. Don't get me wrong, I like Riley, but Heaps is much more talented. Too bad Heaps is being blamed for Doman's mistakes.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

Glad to see guys that are practicing and playing well get some time. On the Big 12 issue, if we had or have a chance to go to the Big 12 and don't go, there will be A LOT of disappointed fans. Enough to stop buying tickets for the NMSU, SJSU and Idaho's of the world. BYU didn't even sell out Saturday's game vs. SJSU. If you keep bringing in WAC bottom feeders year in and year out, the fans are not going to be happy.

Provo, UT

A coach needs the horses to be a good coach. Those who blame Doman for Jake's lack of production and leadership need to learn a little about what it means to be a coach. Unless you believe that the offensive coordinator has been teaching Heaps to overthrow on any play designed to go more than 20 yards or to throw with no touch at all on the shorter plays, you can't blame the OC.

If you want to compare the quarterback coach for Heaps' freshman year and his sophomore year, well - surprise - it's the same guy. So how is it going to be, do you want to maintain that the QB regressed from one year to the next? This was the same coach that did OK with John Beck and Max Hall - and by your statement Heaps did really well his first year. The fact that outside of the UTEP game Heaps was really no better last year than this doesn't matter, of course.

Doman does not make the passes - or make the poor passes. The quarterback needs leadership qualities more than physical qualities, which is why Riley wins.

Nampa, ID

Alisa was the key to this win. BYU finally has a hard runner. With the horrible O-Line, BYU needs a runner that can pound away.

Nelson and Heaps are not great. Two different types of blah. The Offense was rocking it at the end of last year. The only change was Doman. I hope Nelson's body can hold up. I hope Heaps learns the new system.

Either Nelson or Heaps could have played and BYU would have won. I was surprised at the interceptions thrown by Nelson. Trying to force it. Nelson fans would say he was trying to make it happen. But if Heaps did it, it was just a poor decision from a scared QB. Funny.

Orem, Utah

@ idablu,

Read my post again. I'm referring to the church leaders' decisions, not any sports leadership at BYU, like Tom or Bronco.

So, it's NOT just football we're talking here. It's what the Church wants for its exposure, as so often stated about why BYU went independent in the first place.

Many posters have been specifically mentioning the Church leadership in their questioning.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

Since the BYU defense cant effectively put any pressure on the opposing quarterback, the key to racking up yards and points against them is to throw to any receiver defended by Eason...guaranteed completion or at least a pass interference call. Then it becomes a question of who ever scores the most points, wins. Unfortunately, the BYU offense is terrible, with or without Heaps or Nelson. Oregon State has good coaching and will exploit this weakness to no end...OSO can be a dangerous team.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

The heat Heaps is enjoying is the result of his big mouth, this is a classic blunder of over promising and under delivering.

Can't take the heat get out of the kitchen, the kitchen you created.

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