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Published: Sunday, Oct. 9 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Roy, UT

Seems like Alisa and Riley do not so much play a position as they play football. Love their drive, energy, their get-it-done attitude. That said, it seemed the play calling in the third, fourth quarters was very conservative, and I don't think Riley excells there, he needs to constantly push to excell, cut back on the throttle, and he doesn't do so well.

Frisco, TX

Michael Alisa was a stud on Saturday. If he continues to play like that, our running game will move to the next level.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Cougars are making progress. By making progress each and every game by the end of the season they will be where they should have been for the Texas game and perhaps can beat UTEP again in a bowl game. Next year we can perhaps skip the August prep work and get prepared again during the season. You can see that by mid season we can snap the ball without having it fly over the QBs head. Who needs to work on those things before the season? Shame on those ticket playing fans for expecting excellence. Football is only the number 5 priority for the players and coaches.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Alisa was a nice surprise last Saturday. I'd like to see him start on Saturday. The defense continues to look pretty good, but need to bring more defensive heat on the quarterback - last Saturday the opposing QB had way too much time especially on 3rd and long.

I like the hurry up offense - need to do more of that. Doman should call more run, pass option plays around the ends.

BYU 31
Oregon State 17

Love the Game
American Fork, UT

I think the coaching staff is great. That said, they have for too long tied "loyalty" and "position mastery" to who gets to start. For several years it seems like if you are named a starter then you are always a starter. Best players should play. We need more playmakers and not every playmaker has mastered his position. When kids don't perform give the next kid a shot. I am shocked to see another running back and QB actually get a shot this year. There are talented kids on the bench, if someone isn't performing then give another kid a shot who is standing out in practice. For example, do we really not have someone better than #25 at corner? His "leadership" and "work ethic" which has been hailed in the past are not cutting it on Saturday. Let's see if we have a playmaker on the bench.

San Bernardino, CA

Riley wasn't amazing on Saturday, but he's just a better football player than Jake Heaps. He's fun to watch and it's obvious that he wants to win badly. I look forward to continue watching him.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

I see a "lapse" of discipline too often. Still way too many mental errors, turnovers, penalties and missed assignments. The second half of most games looks like the cool down period of a gym workout. I also see an overall lack of killer instinct on both sides of the field. All of this I think is accepted behavior by the players because of coaches that seem to act less than intense. Sorry to dump on staff, but a coach's personality extends to the players and right now it just seems like BYU coaches appear to tolerate mediocre performance. They are not demanding a greater degree of excellence for 60 minutes. I hope I am wrong but that's the impression I get.


I have been hoping for Alisa to get more PT since the first game, he is a stud and has the size and athleticism we need at running back. With OS beating Arizona last week, this won't be an easy game, if we don't come out with intensity and fire we'll lose. Nelson played well last week (at least in the first half), he needs to prove he can move the chains via the pass and I'll be OK with him. He doesn't have the arm to be a real good QB at this level but I love his tenacity, fire, heart and leadership, hopefully that will be enough to produce the Win. Heaps has way more potential than Nelson but until Heaps learns how to get intense, tough, and firey he'll probably remain on the bench, (unless Nelson gets hurt).


Jonathan, I absolutely agree. I feel that our defense has a lot of talent that was not being utilized during the game. Bronco would either rush three and drop everyone else on an entire drive that would result in points of would blitz on first and second either sacking the QB or hurrying him only to rush three and drop everyone else back again on third down giving up big chunks of yards. Rushing three 300+ Nose guards is not an effective pass rush, their QB had all day, when we hurried or hit him he threw interceptions and incompletion, is this really that hard to see. Also when we blitz more than one linebacker why dont we play some bump coverage or at least some tight coverage. It seemed all too easy to beat the blitz with a quick slant or a toss to the flat where the DB is standing 15 yards down field from the receiver.
Why play bend dont break D when we have playmakers?


Also it seems to me that we get out couched every single game. The first half looked good both on O and D but the Spartans make adjustments at half time and we cant do a thing. I thought Anai was let go partly because he was unable to call plays outside of his game plan and would not adjust to a defensive change up. I have seen nothing from Doman to tell me that he is any better at that.


Lets remember who the opponent was...

Orem, Utah

It's obvious from Bronco's remarks that he didn't understand that some players are practice players while others are gamers. Maybe he's figured that out by now, perhaps with Doman's help, as I read that it was Doman's request to put Nelson in to finish the UCF game.

And, keeping Nelson in for the entire SJSU game being Doman's desire, shows that Doman DOES know what's going on, and who can run his offense effectively.

I'm sure Nelson's propensity for turnovers will lessen over time as he gets reps and game experience.

Nelson DID show he can pass well enough to run the offense effectively, so nay-sayers about his passing game should just eat crow. That long bomb for a TD showed he IS capable. Sure, not the strong arm that Jake has, but Nelson does win!

Fully expect to see Alisa more involved in the offense now. He doesn't stutter like DiLuigi. Seems Bronco has recognized Alisa's talent.

Feeling more confident about beating Oregon State now.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Why don't those of you who are not happy with the coaching, earn a coaching spot and eventually get a job at BYU. You can then become the head coach and show us how it should be done. You can recruit, deal with the honor code, deal with the missionary program, develop the players and get them to play up to their potential and show us how much better you are than Bronco. Or maybe your young enough to earn a starting position on the BYU team and show us how good you are.

Murray, UT

So now Air Force and likely Boise are headed for the Big East. They want Army and Navy, too, and may get them. What I find interesting is that the AFA AD went right to the press and announced the contact they had from the Big 12 and declared publicly that they weren't interested and why. Maybe Mr. Holmoe could show his fans(tongue in cheek) the same courtesy....

west jordan, ut

@bobco | 1:44 a.m. Oct. 10, 2011

Doesn't matter who the opponent is, they still have to play the game. All we care is that they come out and play the game that BYU is capable of playing.

TJ | 7:40 a.m. Oct. 10, 2011

I agree with you. I get tired of everyone playing arm chair coaches. If you think you can do better then go get educated and become the coach.

Herriman, Utah

The Y needs to focus on more than just the QB (and their offense). If the other team can't score, then our offense will be just fine. However, the defensive secondary is so porous that (almost) any team can throw against them. There is "minimum" (to zero) pressure put on the opposing quarterback which makes Eason even a greater liability. He plays 10 yards off the receiver and gets burnt regularly and misses tackles. Everyone in the stadium knows who the opposing team will throw against on third down. And 90% of the time they are successful, unless the receiver drops the ball or the QB makes a wild throw. My point is; year-after-year we end up with the same mediocre talent in that position. And, year-after-year the defense struggles because the rest of the team work their guts out for two downs and then give up the easy first down due to pathetic play in the secondary. On Saturday, I watched closely as Eason "dogged it" (play after play).

"No upfront pressure" plus "no contesting secondary" is a real killer. That is why we struggle to control teams, even when they aren't very good.

Allen, TX

A quick, injured beaver is dangerous when you come into its den. Don't overlook OSU, especially at Reser.

Eagle Mountain, UT

The more quality western teams that leave for the Big East, The less teams there are left for the BIG 12 to look at. I would have liked to see BYU in the BIG East. It would get them the East coast exposure they want every year. BYU will do what is best for BYU. There are a lot of moves yet to be made in the conference shake-up. Boise does not have much of a following and brings practically zero revenue to the Big East. AFA might be a little better with a bit of a national following. These are attempts to save the BIG east. BYU is asking for some concessions for broadcasting, a guarantee of the conference sticking together and no Sunday play. That turned the BIG 12 off for now. Maybe forever. It might take another year or 2 or 3 but BYU will end in a good place uneder good conditions. I would like to see how they do with independence for another year or two.

Salem, UT

For me it is simple- Do you really feel we have a chance in a close game with Heaps on the field or Riley?- exactly- go Riley- throw a few bad ones and even a fumble but at least it feels like we have a chance- that is about all this season has to offer at this point.

Murray, UT

My point is that a quality team and organization like the AFA has the decency to talk to their fans and keep things above board. What the heck can be so secret that Tom & Co. can't let us know what's going on, or at least that something is or isn't going on? We are dealing with a conference affiliation negotiation, not the fate of the free world.

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