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Title hopes gone, a return to Vegas may be reality

Published: Saturday, Oct. 8 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

Is there any way to get them into the Armed Forces bowl??? That would be a sea of mediocrity.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

This season.is reminiscent of the utes 70-99 where the season was defined by one game........byu.....bowling is not in the cards this year.......welcome to the pac10.2 basement utes......

Heber, Utah

99% of us fans knew it would not be an immediate championship season. It will take a few years, but now being in the PAC 12 (what is this Pac10.2? so lame) recruiting will improve, support will increase, and things will get better. Without stability at QB, this season will get worse. If we don't go bowling this year, so what? Things will improve, and we'll be back in a BCS bowl soon, at least sooner than the Y.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Vegas Bowl?
They are not going to qualify for any bowl who are you kidding Brad. They won't smell 500.lol

American Fork, UT

Of course Utah will make it to a bowl game. With 35 bowls to choose from, who DOESN'T make it to a bowl game these days.

70 teams will go bowling this year. 50 will not. Odds are Utah will be one of the 70.

Alpine, Ut

I would love to know what the Utah fan that shaped a U out of roses in his backyard is thinking right now... They probably wilted away with the cold just like Utahs hope of making it to the Rose Bowl. Luckily they are perennials, just keep watering and pruning them for the next 20 years, and maybe just maybe you will finally reach that Rose Bowl.

Lindon, UT

Sorry about your loss - looked good in the 3rd Q. Hope Wynn gets back soon. Good luck for the rest of the season. Also, hope you qualify for a bowl game.
A Ute alumnus and a Ute and BYU fan.

Morgan, UT


Is there any way to get them into the Armed Forces bowl??? That would be a sea of mediocrity.

Sorry, it requires a winning season (your in a position lower than mediocrity)...but Utah State will be in a bowl...does that count?

Centerville, UT


Pretty sure USU is the best team in the state. (Sorry BYU fans, that win was a fluke.)

Frisco, TX

With a conference title out of the question, what do the Utes have to play for now?

Two teams headed in different directions. What I wouldn't do to have Sept 10 and 17 back now. I know with Nelson at the helm, the Cougs would beat the Longhorns. And I know with Nelson vs Hays, the Cougs would win that match up. But I'd love to see Nelson vs Wynn in the last game of the year.

At this point, it's not looking like the Utes will be playing in Decemeber, certainly those January dreams are long gone.

I wish Wynn a speedy recovery, because I don't think U'll win many games without him. Oregon State, UCLA and Colorado are still potential wins without Wynn, but that's about it.

bountiful, ut

Pittsburg, Arizona, Oregon State, UCLA, Colorado and California, all very easily beatable for the Utes (teams they have beaten in years gone by) will provide proof that .500 is not reality for the Utes this season.... Pride got in the way....

Orem, UT

Utah - The New Mexico of the pac 12.

Sandy, UT

Looks like Larry Scott was right. He would only agree to let the Utes into the PAC 12 if they played for nothing this year believing they could win nothing. Come on Utes prove him wrong. Show him and Chris Hill they made a mistake when they agreed Utah would get 0 this years in the PAC 12 while all other PAC 12 schools get Millions. Show Chris Hill and Larry Scott they where wrong when they agreed Utah is only going to get a 50% share next year while everyone else in the conference gets a full share. What is "a Utah Man" anyway? Probably not very god at math, but come on win at least one PAC 12 game. Come on show them you are worth something.

Murray, Utah


driving the ball 98 yards with two minutes to go is not a fluke.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Utes suck... simple as that.

$20 they lose to Oregon State, Washington State, Colorado, UCLA, Arizona? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Man About Town
Syracuse, UT

I just love how all the Ute fans trumpeted how great Utah is this year, and how irrelevant BYU has become.

So why is it that your team which was "Rose-Bowl bound" only has two victories? One is over a Division I-AA school (Montana State) and the other versus a "completely irrelevant school" that was left out of the PAC 10.2 invitations last year?

(Yankees27: PAC 10.2 refers to the fact that neither of the teams that was invited to the Pacific Athletic Conference are full members for the first five years. If you don't believe it, check the revenue distribution agreement for the first five years - Utah is NOT an equal partner with any of the original ten schools. You can call it lame if you want, but those are the facts).

BYU is in fact relevant if the theme of all Ute fan posts all year long always go back to "the season will always be a success if we beat BYU. Bowl games and winning record don't matter."

If BYU is truly irrelevant, why exactly do you care so much about beating the Y? I'd like an honest answer.

Murray, UT

The last two loses bring a whole new meaning to Utah by 5. I didn't catch the whole game but from what I heard it sounds like Hays played pretty good.

Farmington, UT

Utah already won their bowl 54 - 10 this year, played on Sept 17th in Provo. They accomplished their #1 goal - beat BYU.

PAC 12 games = 3
PAC 12 wins = 0
BCS Bowl games = 2
BCS Championship Bowl game appearances = 0
National Championships = 0
Heisman Trophy winners = 0
Number of games they will win to finish this season = less than 4

The Utes didn't make it against UW either, with Winn in the game.
Poor Utes....nothing to play for now.....absolutely nothing. Those inflated ticket prices at RES must seem like such a good deal right now, too.

My long-standing prediction that it will take the Utes 3 years to accumulate 10 PAC 12 Conference wins now looks a bit optomistic.

Maybe this is just another week of "the best team didn't win today" and "Utah had a bad game but BYU is crummy." I'll bet we hear the good old 54 - 10 rally for weeks (since there's nothing else to hear). The radio announcers were praising the 79 yards rushing ASU was held to by Utah defenders, but skipped over Utah's 5 turnovers; 325 yds passing, 3 TD's, no interceptions for ASU. Great (funny) announcing! Denial, too!

Unca Bon

As a Cougar fan, I still think the Utes will get at least six wins and go bowling. Having watched their past two games, they've just been beating themselves with turnovers. Once they clean that up (and I can almost guarantee Whittingham will...), they'll start winning more games. Utah State is very much improved, but still not the best in the state. Great teams finish off their games. And I know BYU fans have felt like this season has been a failure (mostly because of our embarrassing loss to Utah), but the bottom line is we're 4-2. We lost by a point to Texas which is nothing to be ashamed of, and had our offense not have had a mental breakdown, the Utah game would have been much closer. All in all, the BYU season hasn't been an utter failure...

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