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Turnovers still a struggle for Cougars

Published: Sunday, Oct. 9 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chubbuck, Idaho

BYU and Utah could take a few lessons from Boise State University and send their coaches up to Boise so they can learn how to run a non-predictable offense and get the most out of their talent. Especially the Cougs!

Resolute Voice
Deseret, UT

@ chubbuckidahocougfan

Yeah and they can lower their academic standards, and be involved in an NCAA investigation on top of that. BSU cannot hold a candle to the athletic or academic achievements that Utah and BYU both claim. BSU's national ranking as a university (545, Forbes) is lower than both BYU (136, Forbes) and Utahs (158, Forbes) combined. There is nothing that BSU can "teach" BYU or Utah. The very thought is hysterical. There is more to a university than football. Comprehensive sports programs that include basketball, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, and track & field. There are also comprehensive academic programs like medicine, engineering, accounting, business, and physics. There is nothing that BSU has outside of football, and that is marginal at best when you look at the last 50 years (compared to BYU or Utah) too bad BSU fans always seem to forget that.

Iowa City, IA

Who's in the mood for cupcakes?

Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone know why Daniel Sorenson is not playing tonight?

Seattle, WA

Nelson got a haircut, pretty disappointed. But he is playing with the same swagger.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Can anyone tell me how come I should be excited for Riley tonight?I could beat SanJose St. Should have let Heaps get his confidence back. Good call bronco!

Lehi, UT

@MIP - You mean like the one Arizona State just ate?

Centerville, UT

@Resolute Voice

Congratulations! You get the overreaction award for the evening. chubbuckidahocougfan was CLEARLY referring to the sports aspect of the article...which was the WHOLE article.

The fact is that BYU's offense stinks and they could learn how to play football from Boise State. There is nothing 'marginal' about Boise State football. Nobody cares what happened in 1984 anymore. BYU football has gotten stale and predictable.

Salem, UT

Clearly Nelson is not as poised a passer as Heaps- he insists on throwing a ball short, out or long that someone can catch but Heaps puts it on a rope and it looks so nice even if no one can catch it- clearly Heaps is the superior passer

Springville, UT


Yes, BYU needs them for the next couple of years. If better games had been available you know the Cougars would have played them. But on such short notice BYU is grateful to these teams, in return they get good ESPN exposure, an opportunity to play a bigger named opponent and a few bucks in exchange.

Kind of like what the Utes are getting to do in the Pac this year and years to come... an opportunity to play bigger teams, some better exposure, probably lose most of their games and get a little pocket change for the inconvenience.

Saint George, Utah

Go ahead and not be excited. Your loss. Nelson is still doing things with his feet that Heaps may NEVER be able to do. Oh, and his passes are pretty inaccurate too...not.
Why don't you just sit back, enjoy the rest of this season and next with Riley, chime in something useful during bball season and we will all be better off for it.

Clearfield, UT


What kind of cupcakes?

Washington and Arizona State just called. They are in the mood for cupcakes.

Also SW Baptist, San Diego and Seattle U are cupcakes. You can always have some of those.

Saint George, Utah

Oops! Looks like you spoke a little soon. Ya, his delivery isn't as pretty but the longer balls have been right on the money.
What's wrong with you people who just can't bring yourselves to enjoy a good thing? Are you related to Heaps?

Tooele, UT

Hey, where are all the BYU haters with their predictions for the game today? I thought for sure someone would post a score like:

BYU 10

Come on BYU haters, let's hear it.

Springville, UT

ClarkHippo... that was funny

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Because Riley excites those around him. Jake's leadership this year has been the equivalent of a "prevent defense." "Guy's this is one of the most talented offenses in BYU history. We have no question marks at any position. We can make history. Several of us will play in the NFL. Let's not make a mistake and mess up that opportunity." Riley comes in with an urgency a "live in the moment" attitude. It is a "we need to make a play right now on this play attitude". And because he is not playing for the future, he is willing to take the hit himself. I rewatched the Utah State game. In the first quarter Heaps had a drive that concluded with a field goal after (I believe) 8 plays in the red zone. That isn't play calling. At some point the guy has to step up and win.

The criticisms regarding Nelson's passing are unwarranted. He threw beautiful passes all night. Nelson is going to make mistakes. He is going to fumble the ball. And he is going to get hurt. What he won't do is consistently overthrow receivers out of fear of throwing an interception.

Virginia Beach, Va

Nelson looks good so far. Funny how good Dorman looks with a QB who can play.

Average, SE

ClarkHippo - they are too upset after two Ute games where the Utes looked like the Cougars against Utah. Don't worry, they'll be back.

After a tough opening stretch for the season it's nice for BYU to have a soft opponent to play.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ runnerguy50 | 10:01 p.m. Oct. 8, 2011
Virginia Beach, Va

Come on now, be fair to Jake. You are comparing Jake playing against the Texas, Utah and Mississippi defenses to the motley crew that Riley is facing tonight?

Pleasant Grove, UT

"Nelson is still doing things with his feet that Heaps may NEVER be able to do. Oh, and his passes are pretty inaccurate too...not"

Your right great call... 2 ints and a fumble my bad..oh wait and thats against a great D in San Jose State..good news we still are in the 3rd qt.lol

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