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Published: Saturday, Oct. 8 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Doesn't it kind of remind you of the question about satan? It gives
perry plausible deniability, but the damage is out there.
The EPA is shutting down power plants (28 giga whatever), prices will
skyrocket, people will die;
fast & furious is killing Americans and a couple of hundred Mexicans thanks to this admin letting guns walk across the border (2,000) with our tax money; solydra is a mess, but "not all companies will succeed" the Pres says, but it's not his money- 1/2 billion that is - no apologies, nothing;
7 billion was thrown out on Friday to other solar companies or the money would have go back to the gov!
But we are concerned about "how many angels can sit on the head of a pin".

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

From the article - Texas Gov. Rick Perry, said yesterday that Romney isn't a "genuine follower of Jesus Christ"

If one's definition of being a "genuine follower of Jesus Christ" is by spending one's time criticizing other people for their believing in Jesus Christ- then I suggest there is a serious difference in how some people are defining "genuine" and "follower". One cannot say "I follow Christ" and their actions not reflect such words, but reflect personal attacks instead.


It seems to me the LDS church and its members have far more to fear here in the US from the christian right then they ever will from the islamic religion or atheists.

oakley, idaho

To a Voice of Reason. Texas governor did not say that Romney was not a good follower of Christ. That was the minister. Go back and check and not the comma. Not that I support Perry because I dont but I had heard he actually defended Romney.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Do the leaders of the LDS church and Mormons in general still think that the new Tea Party dominated GOP is where they belong. Quit fighting the Democrats on homosexuality and imagined socialist agendas made up by the propaganda and think instead about when and where the new ultra-right wingers would intern the non-christians.

According to the leaders of the Tea Party Republicans no Mormon is fit to be president and no Mormon is protected by the first amendment.

About time the Tea Party showed their true colors.

Benton City, WA

Mr.Romney should really come to his senses and cease courting the support of people who are,for the most part,certainly not going to vote for him..And I have quite a bit of personal experience with evangelicals in which to state an informed opinion...I grew up Catholic around such spiritual zealots and quite often felt the brunt of their intolerance,bigotry,and downright hatred..Among the nicer things I was called "Timmy, are nothing but a no-good papist reprobate who,if you do not get yourself saved,are doomed to eternity with Lucifer and his demons"...Actually I cleaned it up quite a bit so it might be printed..My point is this,southerners,mostly,hate Catholics,Mormons,and Minorities and they are very resistant to change and if Mitt Romney thinks they are going to support him,when push comes to shove,he is certainly engaging in delusional behavior..I do pity him as I think it is inherently wrong to judge a person by personal religious belief..He needs to stand up to these people,shun them,or they are going to cut him off at the knees..

Tremonton, UT

Comments by many associated with the Republican party, such as those made by Fisher and Jeffress, are the sort of thing that have made so many like myself no longer want to be associated with that party any longer. I am still a strong conservative, but because of people like this I would never call myself a Republican. These people teach hatred in the name of Christ. And then they have the nerve to stand in judgement of others, such as the faith of Islam, stating that it is a religion of "war and violence and death". I would challenge Mr. Fisher to look at some of the terrible things that have been done in this world in the name of Christianity.

Bill Bennett hit the nail when he said "they must not 'give voice to bigotry,' arguing that ugly distractions like these would hurt the GOP." Thank you, Mr. Bennett, for a voice of reason on a time when there seems to be so little.


Glenn Beck at his talk to the same forum said that he held no grudge about what was said. Then he said "I am a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints and Jesus is my Savior." At the end of his talk, he
received a standing ovation. The talk was worth hearing. Thanks Glenn for not skirting the issue and declaring what you believe!

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

annewandering, thank you for the correction. I actually did know this but I copied the paragraph and simply removed everything but the quote and the wrong name by mistake. Pastor Robert Jeffress is the correct reference.

I believe Perry said something along the lines of 'It's not my place to judge others, that's for God to do'.



I actually believe that there is a great deal of the evangelical world that would embrace either LDS teachings, or at least would embrace the LDS Church as a 'Christian neighbor' (so to speak...) if they understood our position and not what others would make it out to be. If one reads the Bible, they can find it's words. If one reads a criticism of the Bible, they will find only words used against the Bible. If one truly wishes to understand the beliefs of the LDS Church, whether to inquire or to simply be informed, they would do best by learning from the Church and not those against the Church.

Question: I've never seen Islamic attacks on LDS views. Some atheists have, as I believe atheism, unlike agnosticism, is inherently 'anti-theism' and 'against others beliefs' ... but why Islam?

Temecula, CA

Gov. Perry's silence is just fine. It clearly shows that he is a bigot if he is not willing to denounce his minister buddy who is willing to deny Mormons and other people of Religion a basic right! Gee Wiz why not stand silent on this and other matters Gov. Perry? Can't you figure out without your handlers what the right thing to do is? Sure Gov. Perry don't defend fellow Americans. But then, don't figure on getting the nomination either! You need to carry every state you can. If the Republican Party truelly has a big tent then someone's religion will not be an issue. This is great, fundamentalist Christians who support Perry and believe this minister speaks the truth are in fact similarly guilty as was President Obama of sitting in Rev. Wrights congregation and never saying anything about the vile words of hatred he spewd. Look at what we got! If you want to learn English ask a English Professor. If you want to learn Math ask a Math professor. If you want to learn about Mormonism ask a Mormon. If you want to lose the election Mr. Perry ask your minister to speak louder!

Durham, NC

It was a just a matter of time that the negativity turned to this. I don't think anyone is surprised. But you know what, if it wasn't his mormonism, it would be something else. There is always going to be a group, a certain part of the population that feels the need to judge and dislike another group based on any number of reasons. If you are the governor of New Jersey, it is weight. It could be anything. Age, race, ethnicity, religion, career, home state, school he went to..... the color of his shirt.

So I really don't worry too much about these types of things. Someone is going to dislike you. Not much you can do about it. In this case it is self righteous evangelicals.... which is fine because I don't see them as being too Christian either.

Works out well that way....

A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

A Christie Candidacy Would Cripple Romney - If Christie runs, though, it would be a calamity for Romney. While it is fashionable to paint the Republicans as a party of extremists, the truth is that the GOP is variegated. Are Mormons Christians, in your view? Should the fact that Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are Mormons influence how we think of them as candidates?.
1. Though you were reared Mormon, you have described yourself as not overly religious. I can imagine that is doubly unhelpful in winning the votes of evangelical Christians who figure so heavily in the Republican primary season: on the one hand, many of them have been taught that the Mormon church is a cult on the other, many of them are looking for a candidate they regard as godly. How do you persuade conservative evangelicals to vote for you? More question's for Romney.

2. If not religion, what do you use as your guide in deciding what is right and what is wrong?

3. Was your religion a factor in your decision to support gay marriage and civil unions?

Ivins, UT

It seems to me the LDS church and its members have far more to fear here in the US from the christian right then they ever will from the islamic religion or atheists.

Great observation Phranc. Persicuting Latter Day Saints by right wing "Christians" fulfills biblical prophecy. We who believe and serve in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints should feel complemented by their verbal persecution. They obviously think even less of non believers and our Jewish and Muslem brothers. Are we to be considered infedels too?

South Jordan, UT

I am proud of Romney for not sinking to their level. I think Romney gave a fantastic speech and I would definitely have given him a standing ovation if I had been there. Romney is our country's best chance to regain what we have lost.


@voice of reason

because so many people that visit these threads seem to unjustly fear islam and think the Islamic religion is going to take over.

Alpine, UT

Isn't it unfortunate that we need to vote for someone based on who can beat Obama instead of someone who is founded on Constitutional principles, i.e. small central government, etc. I think that the GOP has many good candidates that will help right the ship economically. But, who can win this race that will downsize big government? Are the people ready to return to self-reliance and independence, relying less on government dole?

Smithfield, UT

To suppose that Mitt Romney is something other than what he represents himself to be is nothing more than mystifying. As has been alluded to before, when anybody else does something it is all right but boy when a Mormon comes along look out. Give me a break! Religion aside,there is a standard and if one represents the standard as it ought to be, then look out you are in fact in for a good experience. And Mr. Romney does in fact represent that standard and he does it well.

Resolute Voice
Deseret, UT

There was no reason to respond. All he had to do was ignore it and move on. A response only feeds the trolls that have nothing of substance or validity to offer anyone. Politicians have large egos. Sometimes those egos get in the way. Mr. Romney needs to ignore ignorance.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Elephant" is appropriate. The donkey doesn't make an issue of such things.

Well Read

It seems to me the Republican Party is on the verge of making sure that the American Voters re-elect President Obama. There has never been either a far right or a far left candidate for president elected President. I do not believe it will happen in 2012.

If the Republican party does not quit pandering to the T Party - they will lose the election and possibly control of the house.

History has shown that the united States has always been governed either center left or center right.

The thinking American voter are getting very tired of the T Party who have brought the government to the brink of a shut down twice. Threatened once, and will probably again try to shut down the government in November when the continuing resolutions will need to be passed. If they do in will probably assure that the Republicans lose big in 2012. My opinion!

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