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Published: Saturday, Oct. 8 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Alexandria, VA

Looks like the Utes came ready to play. I wish my team could do that.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

I've said it for the last couple weeks - this team is STILL going to play in the Pac 12 championship!

ASU has to play Oregon, which means as long as we take care of business today we control our destiny to the Pac 12 championship game because we hold the tiebreaker over ASU. I love the fire I see so far in the guys today. Hayes is going to be better than people thought.

Oregon vs. Utah Inaugural Pac 12 chamionship game!

I'll be there. Will U?


Lifelong Ute- Playing for a PAC championship

We all thought Cougar fans were dellusional.

west jordan, ut

Not a bad half. The interceptions hurt but they are moving the ball and the defense looks good. Come on Kyle get them riled up at halftime.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lovemesome, it isn't delusional if the Utes pull this one out because the Pac South is very, very weak as is Washington State.

Sandy, UT

Just down by three after two interceptions. I like our chances. We got this! Utah 24 asu 20!

Wasatch Front, UT

Utah better beat this mediocre ASU squad.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Pac 12 champs. Enough said. Its happening.

Highland, UT

Hey Chris B, after the game you can go to Arby's and get some free turnovers:) From the looks of it, they'll be giving out free ones for weeks to come.

Layton, UT

The fumble with 4 minutes and then an interception with 2 mins. left in the third quarter is killing the Utes. They are playing very well, but still they aren't protecting the ball.

The Utes are proving yet again that a team from Utah can not beat anyone from the PAC-12 if they have four or more turnovers.

Wish you guys the best, but this game stared well, but turning out to be more disappointing than USU's loss to Auburn, or BYU's loss to your Utes. You have the best overall defense in the State, but your offense is killing them.


Lifelong Ute- Playing for a PAC championship

We all thought Cougar fans were dellusional.

Highland, UT

Another turnover. LOL!


ChrisB- enough said


Hays has 3 picks, but it should be seven. ASU's DBs have dropped at least 3 interceptions.

PAC 10.2 Doormat
Springville, UT

Well Hays had his moments but there's only so much an inexperienced jc qb can do.

Ouch, looks like it will be 0-3 and back to the all too familiar fetal position for UteNation. When was the last time the Utes started conference play 0-3?

Cheer up Utes, after wallowing in your sorrow and after a good meal you can settle back and watch the coming out party for Riley Nelson.

American Fork, UT

I'm really sorry, Utes, but I just can't stop laughing.

Pac-12 South champs? Ha!

Highland, UT

And another ASU td. LOL!

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

I thought you had to win at least 1 game to play for the Pac-12 championship

American Fork, UT

35-14. Enough said.

Springville, UT

Has the stadium emptied yet at 35-14?

I don't think the boys at ESPN 700 have the heart to mention it.

Provo, UT

Going 1-7 in conference will be acceptable as long as the Utes beat BYU, right?

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