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Published: Saturday, Oct. 8 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Various sources tell us that this "religious discourse" is just getting started.
It is supposed to get very nasty, ugly, and cause a great deal of strife for many.
You think the DN writes too much about Romney now........Just wait.

Kirk R Graves
West Jordan, UT

The stupidest part about the "not a Christian" retoric, is that it won't even help Perry. Those that don't like Romney because of his religion aren't going to vote for him anyway. Those that don't care will just get turned off by such comments. I happen to believe that evangelicals are smarter and better than that. When it comes down to Romney vs Obama, religion is not going to matter to any but the most vitriolic.
In the meantime, Perry might attract more of the South in the primaries due to these comment, but it won't be enough to make up for those he loses that are disgusted by it.

Portage, MI

It's a shame Romney didn't take the opportunity to affirm the centrality of Jesus Christ to his personal and institutional worship. True, he wanted to address the economy, etc., but the point was raised yesterday and many across the country were waiting to hear his response. He could have addressed it simply--stood for truth and righteousness--and moved on. I don't care for Romney, but I would have liked him better if he had taken this one straight on.

American Fork, UT

Romney is in a no-win situation with this issue. It's enough to make him head back to the private sector and make another few hundred million. Evangelicals are going to be trouble for Mitt. There's just too much money and pride at stake for folks to back off the Mormon issue. It will probably get uglier from here, because it's looking more and more likely that Mitt is the one to beat.


Romney's response was very appropriate. He stayed on political topic by not allowing himself to be pulled into a none presidential candidacy debate.

Gilbert, AZ

All this kind of stuff is pointing out to my neighbors and colleagues one thing - that Evangelicals tend to be fanatical and uneducated and that Mormons are generally middle of the road types of calm demeanor and common sense views. All this is making the LDS Church look good and the evangelical protestants look bad.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

All the Fox News-loving Mormons should read the comments on the Fox News website about their church and see what company you all are keeping. Wow.

Beverly Hills, CA

My fellow LDS, Remeber this, where they hate one religion, they will hate another. Will you also line up with people who call for religious rights of certain religions to be stepped on because they are not Christian? This ugly bigotry is not only aimed at Mormons but Muslims and Jews. Be not part of this hate?

When they are done coming after Muslims and Jews, they will come after you. Recall the LDS fleeing Missouri and don't ever think it can't happen again. For those who call to have any religious grope, ethnicity rounded up, they will easily call to round up LDS.

Join with people of faith who spread love, the light of Christ, not those who would wield religiousower to ruleeopke with fear and hatred.

Perry distanced himself but did not denouce this the monger. He will not take a stand. Plenty of other candidates who do not need hate mongers as their supporters.


What is so unfortunate about all of these GOP Debates, is that they spend most of their time and money bashing each other.

What this country needs is education regarding the Constitution and its limitations on the power of the federal government. And an understanding of basic economic principles and the fallacy of taking from A and giving to B.

How much better off would our country and all of the candidates be if they referred people to their websites for their stand on the issues or encouraged people to google On the Issues to see what they have said and how they have voted. And then used those millions of dollars to provide basic education on principles instead of differences of the candidates?

Instead they play the debate games where half truths and innuendos abound and they let the liberal news media set the agenda. Its time for something different not only in the way Washington governs but also in the way we conduct political campaigns. As currently practiced, the truth is very difficult to find. Americans need to wake up and do their own research and not just vote the way the media wants you to.

Kissimmee, FL

Just the fact that Perry hasn't spoken out about Jeffress and what he said, speaks volumes about Perry's lack of character. This is a man who wants to be the President of people who are many different religions, if he has an attitude like that, I shudder to think what he would do with his position and power.

As for Jeffress, he reminds me of Jeremiah Wright, remember him?

Draper, UT

If not countered with common sense and civility, these shrill Evangelical "Christians" will be the downfall of the Republican party. Their penchant for labels and childish name-calling are, at best, a needless distraction from the problems facing the country. Romney did the right thing yesterday by mostly staying out of the muck in which some of the Evangelicals continue to stir.

Joey D

Harry Reid has caused more bad will toward Mormons then anyone will ever know. Why would the nation as a whole want someone of the same faith? Fat chance Mitt and Jon.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Best to learn to respect other cultures, other nationalities, and other religions. Try to say some nice things about "others" once in a while :) That's the only way all the fighting will ever stop. The "We are the only real Church" philosophy (whisper, whisper), will never garner the friendships and voters many are so wishing for. Leave that old way behind, and begin anew.
Leaving the Mormon superiority thing back in the past would be such a pleasant way to begin these changes. Possibly other religions would feel less threatened by Mormons? Most people in America are looking for people who can think and act in such a kind, accepting of all, mindset.

Mapleton, UT

"Cult" is such a loaded term. It has no place in any polite, civil, or political discourse. Shame on our evangelical friends who tend to throw it around like yesterday's weather report--especially when they use it to describe millions of their fellow Americans.

Madison, AL

Romney indeed took the high road required by the Savior of civility and respect for others in our time. However it is possible that the incivility could be described as modern day Pharisees who Jesus soundly denounced in ancient times. Pharisees seem to think they can tell God himself what his agenda should be and judge others with the same impunity. Sure glad they will find they have been fighting against God and that He never knew them, even if they say they do and use his name. God will judge between me and thee, until then Treat others with respect and civility, and let Him judge who has the right and authority to judge.

Montesano, WA

I loved Bill Bennets responce. He torn in to that pastor like I have never befor seen.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The 400 pound Gorilla with the Romney campaign. The religion card can only be paid by Republicans.

Colorado Springs, CO

@Joey D: Facts, please. Or just your opinion?

Beverly Hills, CA

"Joey D | 7:36 a.m. Oct. 9, 2011
Harry Reid has caused more bad will toward Mormons then anyone will ever know. "

Sorry, that title goes to Glen Beck and his divisive and hate mongering speech.

Provo, UT

You know if you don't like somebodies rhetoric on TV or Radio, turn it off. With Presidential politics, it's a different story..in your face manipulative conversation, truth be danged...

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