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Published: Friday, Oct. 7 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Ephraim, UT

So does everyone else.

Dr Rosenrosen
Gilbert, AZ

amongst other things, Heaps needs to remember that not every pass needs to nor should be rifled in. sometimes a nice soft lob on a screen pass will make or break a play. Heaps has only on speed on his ball. He also needs to work on looking off his primary target, accuracy of his passes in the flat, converting 3rd downs . . . unless he's just not saying it, I can see a lot more things that he needs to improve upon than he can. Oh, and he also needs to work on letting his game speak for itself as opposed to talking about playing for a national championship before proving a single thing.

orem, ut

Really--He does?


Robbie Bosco would be a great addition to the staff as Jake Heaps coach!

Las Vegas, NV

The O-line needs to step it up as well! Too many missed blocking assignments and rushed passes. And what the heck is with the center!?! Get set and snap the ball! Too much sitting on his haunches calling audibles. It's not all on Heaps.

Orem, Utah

Darn. Neither Jake nor the coaches seem to know what his problem is.

Many of us have posted what we think it is, and I bet we're correct:

- Jake's afraid of getting hit, so hurries everything (no patience).

- Thus, not getting through his reads (throws to the first option most of the time, whether open or not).

- And thus, bulleting all of his passes (no touch when needed).

Hope someone soon figures this out.

Las Vegas, NV

Doman said with regard to changing QB that, "It was more based off of a feeling that I had. I've learned in my life to respond to the feelings that I have. And that was the feeling I had at that moment. It was strong enough to follow."

Doman, are you not having these same feelings when it comes to play calling, or are you ignoring them? Your play calling stinks like you know what.... West coast offense my rear. You should go back to being a QBs coach and leave the OC duties to someone who is qualified. You are really making Anae look more like a genius.

Saint George, Utah

He can talk, answer questions, whatever, all he wants. Yes, these mechanical things are obviously lacking in his game, but they are more the symptoms of waning confidence, waxing fear, than just simple technical elements needing repair.

This is an age in college football, even high school for that matter, when all athletes need to put in time working on foundations: power and speed. This is where the base of confidence grows from. He has never done this since coming to Provo and, I'd bet, probably not back home either. Sadly for him, he's has been coddled along and not been expected to do this either.

Nelson and Lark, now great friends, push each other in every aspect of their lives including the development of this physical foundation. They both come from HS programs where that sort of development is expected, and they fulfilled those expectations. Then, they served missions, during which they became more mature and disciplined. Around them you know you are around men. Heaps will not have the mission to assist his growth but, if at any time he decides to work on his core physicality, that would be a nice seed for his future.

Enid, OK

Article quote from Heaps: "Just hitting the throws and being confident in my reads and going from there and not second-guessing myself and not looking over my shoulder and wondering what's going on," he said. "Just going out there and playing and having fun and not caring if I get pulled or what happens. I can't control that."

Well, actually, Jake. You CAN control whether you get pulled from the game or not. It's called "throw with accuracy". Don't overthrow your guy. Don't underthrow your guy. Don't force the ball into double and triple coverage unless the situation is desperate.

You've done it in a hundred games before and you can do it again.

Good luck, and GO COUGARS!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Woah, wait a minute. A BYU game not on ESPN? Not live on national TV? How can this be? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

West Jordan, UT

@ Mormon Ute

You're right. It's a PAC 10.2 game. You know all about their broadcasting.

Chubbuck, Idaho

Does Doman really think he was inspired by God to pull Heaps and insert Riley Nelson? that's sure what it sounds like to me when he made that statement. FYI to Doman and Bronco-God does not care whether or not BYU wins a football game. He really doesn't. BYU football rhetoric has sounded really weird from Bronco and now Doman for the last few years. It's very uncomfortable. Just go play football and dominate and have a killers instinct. Bronco-your not a seminary teacher, missionary president, or a bishop. You are a football coach who was hired to teach young men the necessary skills to catch a football, pass a football, block, tackle, and play smart and tough football. I really think BYU has become a soft football team and mentally weak football team due to all this rhetoric from Bronco of how he spreads the gospel on the football field. FYI-Bronco....leave the missionary preaching to the missionaries and the members of the church to their friends and neighbors. BYU football is getting weird.

Orem, UT

Mormon Ute

"A BYU game not on ESPN?"

Nope, it's on ESPNU (National broadcast), which is still vastly superior to Root (Regional broadcast)

Orem, UT


"Does Doman really think he was inspired by God to pull Heaps and insert Riley Nelson?"

Get over your holier-than-thou paranoia. Doman never implied anything of the sort. Doman's statement was no different than statements made by thousands of coaches every week.

Morgan, UT

Mormon Ute

Woah, wait a minute. A BYU game not on ESPN? Not live on national TV? How can this be? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Don't worry about the Utah game though, I understand it will be a live broadcast in the stadium bathrooms...don't want to miss a second of the victo...err, I mean the loss...err, I mean game.

Arlington, VA

Mormon Ute

Since the rights to the BYU-OSU game are owned by OSU instead of BYU, the game will only be available regionally in Oregon and Utah. Thanks to BYUtv, however, BYU fans around the world will have access to a rebroadcast later that night. If the game was being playing in Provo instead of Corvallis, it would be nationally broadcast on ESPN.

Saint George, UT


Watch Andrew Luck.

Good luck.

Buena Park, CA

"Just going out there and playing" He said it but did he hear it?

PLAYING, as in:
* Trying to tackle Ole Miss's interceptor of your pass instead of walking away
* Jumping upon the ball you fumble into the end instead of safely jumping over it.

Fort Worth, Texas

"Just hitting the throws and being confident in my reads...not looking over my shoulder and wondering what's going on." -- Heaps

Um, but Mr. Heaps you were given the starting job last year and didn't have to "look over your shoulder" until YOU proved that you couldn't move the offense.

Riley can't throw but at least he showed he can move the offense.

We'll find out after the TCU game if BYU has 2 QBs or none.

Heber, Utah

Jaydee- Pac 10.2? isn't that getting a little old? They are officially called the Pac 12. It makes you look foolish to try and trivialize something like this. The Utes moved on and so did the Cougs. Just accept it and move on yourself. The cougs will have a conference soon, and if you like your little numbers game, then you can call it the Big12.4 or whatever makes you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy.

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