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Published: Friday, Oct. 7 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Ted H.
Midvale, UT

To my Vai's original story was suggesting we do all we can to try and make things workout with both sides, spiritual and temporal as we say.

He mentioned the Larry Miller, even being a brand new owner, approached the NBA and pushed hard for special accomodations.

My guess is that Vai had a 0% chance of moving NFL games to Thursday nights. Right?

His whole point was just his belief that again Dr. Hill use his influence to do all he can do accomodate the circumstances. No one is suggesting Utah has to act like BYU in every way because many Utes are Mormons. Utah is not a religious school. No one is arguging that point. But to me Vai's point of doing what we can still applies.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Plenty of LDS priesthood holders I am sure decided to attend the game instead of watch the priesthood session live. It was a value judgement. It is not up to anyone to judge. Each individual has to look at their own heart and determine if they are good with divine providence. Everyone else needs to pay attention to their own business.

Moab, UT

Thanks, Vai, for the follow up. It is good to hear you took action on finding out some answers to your questions. Also, thanks for sharing your answers on our questions. A more perfect ending could not be done better in sharing that no matter the school color, family comes first.

Fort Worth, Texas

"Hill understood and respected my position" -- Vai

Yet you didn't respect his last week, which a simple phone call could have resolved.

Somewhere, UT

Via's View is an opinion not law. Via has taken the time at the asking of the Deseret News to give his opinions on certain topics. While I don't agree with everything that he writes I have major respect for Via that he is willing to put his opinions out there to invoke our thoughts on these subjects. There is a comment board for you to express your opinions on these subjects and I commend Via for answering some of these concerns and giving us the reasons for his views. We all live our lives and base our opinions on our experiences and what we have been taught. Our opinions will always vary either greatly or slightly from those around us. We need to respect others opinions and realize they have a different view based on their life circumstances. We are only the judge on what is right for us and our minor children. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Via!

Syracuse, UT

You are an amazing writer. To have so many people "get it" is a real talent. You will always have those "haters" who will avoid getting it at all costs, just due to their inward, and even outward hate.

They seam to have the attitude of, "Lord, forgive those who sin differently than I".

Brigham City, UT

So what happens this winter when BYU basketball plays in the WCC on Espn at 9pm Saturday night tipoff on the West Coast and it is 10pm (Utah time) and the game goes passed midnight in Utah???????? It definitely will be past midnight for those watching in the Central time zone and for Vai back in Philly. When does the Sabbath begin???

Phil Coconutz

Vai, we are in Utah but we also have people that don't believe in what you believe in. BYU is a private school hence they can and do as they like. Chris Hill has to look at it with a view that he has both non and current LDS and its not fair to the students who dont believe in it either.

Phil Coconutz

Vai, you do not share your email on here but I wanted to ask you to comment or write a column about the TCG gang. Alot of people dont understand it and i've seen comments on desnews and other places saying to deport these kids to the islands (even though they were born here) and comments that the church was wrong in converting and bringing islanders to Utah. Polynesians dont have a voice in this discussion in the media and I hope you can delve into it and explain to people about 2nd generation kids and that gangs have come from immigration from whites too like the Italian and Irish mafias. Thanks hope to hear from you on this!

South Jordan, UT

It's amazing to me how a simple name like 'VAI', can be misspelled so many times!

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't understand this what so ever. I understand why byu would arrange their schedule in order to fit with their religous beliefs but the University of Utah is state run public school.

I graduated from the U and I know there is a large percentage of mormons that make up the student body. If they had a religous conflict with the game then they could chose to not attend.

The mormon church already puts their conference on national TV - interrupting regularly scheduled programing. At the same time that church owns at least a dozen channels of their own.

It would be nice if you could look past your own beliefs to see how they effect others. The concept of separation of church and state is a good principle and should be followed by everyone - even the majority.

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

Vai I love your insights whether I agree or disagree with you. Keep on keeping on brotha.

Salem, UT

This whole thing strikes me as the classic issue of desiring that people tell us what they think and speak truth then when they do it we are mortified and cannot accept it- we say this all the time about politcians and then the few that do open their mouth and really say what they think and not what the latest poll numbers tell them to speak we punish- congrats to Vai and Hill for sharing their thoughts and trying to be at least somewhat honest about things

Orem, Utah

@ christoph,

I don't think Mormons are living the Law of Moses. It probably begins when they wake up on the Sabbath.

Provo, UT

It's ok to live your religion and do what's right for you, but please stop trying to control every aspect of life in Utah by using Mormonism!

Salt Lake City, UT

Consider a scenario that is altogether possible. Suppose the Israeli women's basketball team came on an American tour in the fall. What are the odds that the hosting university would schedule a game on Yom Kippur, the holiest of the Jewish High Holy Days? Or even the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which is not as important. Would the hosting university disregard that fact or would they make scheduling accommodations to avoid the conflict? It just seems to me we are often willing to bend over backwards for everyone else, but we're squeamish about making demands on issues that matter to us.

Conference Saturday for Latter-day Saints is probably comparable to Rosh Hashanah, in that it's important but not as important as our Sabbath, or Yom Kippur, for Jews. The Church made accommodations last Saturday by tape delaying priesthood session in the U Institute, but it will never budge on Sundays.

Well put by Vai, a classy thing for the LDS Church to do.

American Fork, UT

Vai gets misspelled so often when I type my comments on my auto-correcting "smart' phone. It thinks Vai should be turned into the actual word via. It also thinks BYU should be turned into buy. And it thinks Sikahema should be turned into sick human. A lot of diseases are transmitted VIA SICK HUMANs. A lot more good in the world is transmitted via VAI SIKAHEMA. Thanks Vai.

Salt Lake City, UT

My opinion: The Deseret News has chosen to carry a Column by a conservative contributor - Vai. Vai chooses to share his opionions and perspectives primarily through the lense of his Latter Day Saint views. Vai also chooses to make sort of sensational comments that are designed to engage the readers and based on the number of commentators he is somewhat successful. In Utah, most folks are interested in commentaries like Vai's because it reflects many of their same values and that is okay, it attracts readers and that is what newspaper do the last I heard. Most of Vai's opinions reflect broader experience in sports than the average reader has which makes it informative. While I don't always agree with Vai, I appreciae his courage to take a stand for values that most DN readers relate to.

Provo, UT

So in this economy where unemployment is at 9.1% and you're offered a job which requires to work on weekends. And if you're currently unemployed and mormon and would have to take the job to pay bills, would this be looked upon negatively among those in your ward?


>It was a value judgement.

Yes, and value judgments always tell us more about the person making that judgement than about what it being judged.

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