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Louisville, West Virginia also possibilities

Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Why was BYU not invited nor will they ever be?

answer...Boone Pickins!

A Billionaire has spoken.


Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Hahahahahahaha!


@Bluto, I remember T Boone saying on Fox Sports Big 12 show about a month ago........"Who is BYU?" I fell on the floor laughing so hard.

Orem, Utah

If BYU turned down the B12 (conference politics weren't worth it, concessions were not met, etc.), TCU's invite was the B12's only way to maintain enough teams for 2012.

In other words, if BYU ends up not part of the expansion (still possible if Missouri bolts), the B12 punted and settled for what they could get in hopes of making it look prettier over time with more BCS school additions from the Big East. TCU definitely wasn't on their list initially.

I posted previously that to get TCU without having to wait several years, they needed to grab them now before that 27-month clause came into effect. As it is, any Big East teams they try for during expansion won't come into the conference for a few years yet.

Vernal, UT

I can't believe how much hate people have for tomorrow certain football teams, get a life and get involved in something productive besides hate.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Dear BYU Fans:

Don't despair!

This move makes perfect sense. The BIG 12 has the choice of either expanding East or expanding West. Inviting TCU keeps both options open.

The TCU move could cause the Big East to fold, making the "Expand East" option viable. If the Big East gets their act together, the BIG 12 may decide to look at the "Expand West" option and at BYU, BSU, and Air Force.

For most of the day I've been hearing from BYU fans who are furious because they are convinced the University simply walked away from the BIG 12. I'm not LDS but I have a lot friends who are and I even have a couple of friends who are General Authorities. These are not stupid people. They know what a great opportunity this could be. I'm a Ute fan and I love needling you guys, but come on. There's no need to bash your school, commit Harri Kari, or burn anyone in effigy. You're day will come.

Best of luck.

A Ute fan.


I think the Big XII knows that adding BYU would involve some lengthy negotiations and concessions, and even then, the Cougars might end up not going. Independence is giving BYU everything it needs in football and signing on with any conference would involve giving up much of what it has gained since July 1, 2011.

What does membership in the Big XII have that would be attractive to BYU?

1) BCS automatic qualifying (AQ) status: Regardless of membership in a BCS conference, you still have to win a minimum of about 9 games per year to get to a BCS bowl, and you still have to go undefeated to have a chance at the national title. So AQ status doesn't mean a whole lot.

2) Money: It's nice to have more, but the Cougars' athletic program already has enough to meet its needs. And the money from a Big XII conference membership would come with plenty of strings attached.

3) Scheduling: You get a guaranteed date with Oklahoma and Texas every year, but with independence you get Notre Dame, Boise State, Utah, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, etc.

Big XII membership has more costs than benefits. BYU should stay independent.

Cedar Hills, UT

If BYU doesn't get into a BCS Conference now they never will. Smart Aleck is fooling himself, independent BYU only gets into a BCS game if they are undefeated and will not ever get into the championship game. The BCS was formed because of BYU. Get in now or forever be on the outside looking in.

St. George, Utah

Why would Tom Holmoe spend time selling BYU to the big 12 when he needs to take that time figuring out schedules to play Boise State for the next 20 or 30 years. Come on BYU fans where are your priorities.

Sandy, UT

BYU does not want to put it's Olympic Sports in the Big-12, the
WCC suits them just fine.

I really beleive this is the sang.
BYU wants a Football only invite.

BYU's Independence and ESPN contract are still in place.
Football is just fine.

However, Notre Dame needs a place to park it's Non-Revenue Olympic sports.
So a healthy Big East is still important to everyone.

5 healthy BCS Leagues bodes well for College Football.
6 (Big East) would be even better.

An alternative which has been discussed is a Big East Western Division, Football Only.

It would allow the Big East to keep it's BCS status.

Call it the..... "Continental Conference".

Should BYU feel the need to join a Conference for Football, this may be more flexible for them.

Eastern Division

West Virginia
South Florida
Cincinatti (as others leave... CFU, Navy, Army)

Western Division: (football only)

Boise St.
Air Force
Colorado State

(all these teams deserve BCS status)

Championship game between divisions for BCS berth, held in Yankee Stadium or League Stadiums, ala Pac 12.

Air Force is already talking Missouri Valley for their Olympic Sports.
WCC, WAC, could absorb others.

Chubbuck, Idaho

After watching the team this season...BYU should ask to join the WAC so they can compete for a conference championship. They are an awful team this year and could not compete in the MWC for the title or the PAC12 or heavin forbid the BIG XI. Until they find a QB and a head coach...BYU will continue to be a mid major football team and that's all they really are.

Sandy, UT


Why do you care what BYU does or doesn't do?

You just worry about your Utes gaining their first Pac 12 victory.
Ultimately, that is what it is all about, winning football games.

Belonging to an AQ Conference, only gets you so far. Now put up or join Wazzu and the Vanderbilt's of College Football.

And remember Utes, 11 teams from your Conference every year, will not receive a BCS game bid.

Salt Lake City, UT

The decision not to move BYU to the Big 12 was made by a higher power -
the gods in Bristol, Connecticut.

BYU's vaunted contract with "partner" ESPN was their undoing.

ESPN has a lot invested in BYU's independence, and expects a good return. A move to the Big 12 would have voided the contract and left ESPN short on its projected profits.

One might claim "we made a commitment to the WCC", but really its about money, not moral obligations. Before BYU committed to the religious school conference, BYU sold its soul to ESPN. Quite simply, BYU's "partner" (a.k.a. "boss") said no to the deal.


BYU will be just fine with or without The Big 12. The football program will be much more recognizable in two years than most BCS schools. Don't doubt me!

I hope they continue playing on Friday nights as the only game on TV.

I was in Vegas for a conference during the BYU vs. Central Florida game. While walking through the packed casino at the Wynn, there were hundreds of TVs above various tables and people were glued to the game. I took a cab to a resturaunt and the cab driver was talking about the game. While eating dinner a large crowd began hooting and hollering because of the dramatic, final play.

It has been a long time since BYU football has had this kind of exposure!

Omaha, NE

TCU hasn't even accepted yet. Let's not make a big deal until it's final

How's Jon Hays practice going? Anyone know?

Didn't think so... Lots of BYU obsession though. ASU is no Nebraska-Omaha.

PAC 10.2 Doormat
Springville, UT

Two things that will never change, BYU will always get media attention and Ute fans will be bitter and jealous of it.

The invite will come or has already happened. Love the silence from BYU, it drives the trolls nuts.

0-3 this Saturday


Pullman, WA

We are happy for TCU to receive this invite. They already committed to join the ACC and they may be good on their word to do that. We will see. But either will be a good conference for them. I wish them well.

I cant wait to see if BYU has a team this weekend that can start scoring some points. If they can find those points, then I am excited for the TCU game. But I think BYU and TCU will be a great game.

Providence, UT

Yes Striker and ASU is no BYU either. Utah will have their hands full on Saturday without a doubt.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

Pac-10.2 Dormat is your username referring to Oregon State? Leave the Beavers alone! They'll put a beating on byu in a few weeks.

"Two things that will never change, BYU will always get media attention and Ute fans will be bitter and jealous of it"

I don't know if having too much media is a good thing for byu. All off season, the media hyped up how good byu will be this year. So far this season byu has been a bust! Secondly, the media hyped up Jake Hypes as a QB due to have a break out season and put up big passing yards. So far, Jake Hypes has been a bust! Last but not least; the media was picking byu to be the Big 12 conference's top candidate to replace Texas A&M. Well, TCU got that invite today!

Thank you for your concern about our conference record so far. I guess hoping the Utes lose conference games is all you have to look forward to since Utah exposed on byu on national TV 54-10.

Salt Lake City, UT

No one wants BYU.

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