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Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Alexandria, VA

Memories is all we fans will have soon. BYU football, if it is left out of the BCS conference mix, will soon be done. Thanks, BYU Admin!

Colorado Springs, CO

Wow Ute fans really hate BYU. Can't even make a posative comment about them. O'well. Have fun in Las Vegas Bowl. Thought you had left for greener pastures. Likely you'll be creamed by Boise St or TCU. And I was rooting for you to make an impact, just not a crater!

Evanston, WY

Not all Ute fans say that BYU hasn't won any big games. Bradford was put out of the game in'09 because the BYU defense looked stellar in that game. I've watched BYU games when my Utes aren't playing. Sometimes I cheer for the Y and sometimes their opponents. I, like most Ute fans, just think it's sad that cougar fans live entirely in the oast and don't even look at their current faults or the current landscape of college football. BYU has everything it needs to put a good team on the field except the players, with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, they seem to be more interested in conversions than recruitment. LaVell knew the difference. It's too bad Bronco can't figure it out. As a Ute fan, 17-16 games are much more exciting than beat-downs.


This article screams of desperation. I truly feel sorry for the decline of byu from the FBS division.

Lehi, UT

Go look at BYU's record against winning opponents.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


BYU invited to the BIG 9, 10, 11!

Oh wait, that was TCU.

Sorry Cougars!

Maybe tomorrow.

Mr. Obvious
Sandy, Utah

Brainwashing time. Take a stroll down memory lane to remember what it feels like to win and forget about this year pathetic season. There is no way Im renewing my season tickets.

Salt Lake City, UT


I wonder what future recruits will think when Utah plays in the rose bowl and fights for a national championship

"My grandfather said this is even more exciting than when the Utes went to the Sugar Bowl when he was little."

"My grandfather said Utah would have made it to the Rose Bowl sooner if the Utes hadn't gone 0-3 to start their first year in the PAC."

"The Utes must be excited to be playing the National Championship game against Vanderbuilt/Duke/Iowa State/Northwestern."

Captain Sweatpants
Hampstead, NC


You said, "BYU from what I understand was given the right of first refusal early last week."

Who said it?

Bountiful, UT

As a BYU fan, I have to say this is pathetic. BYU fans are reduced to reading articles about BYU games played decades ago agains the Big 12, now that we apparently won't be invited to join the conference. I hope someday we get the full story and understand whether in fact BYU was invited to join the Big 12 and turned it down or whether this was all just a pipe dream. Although independence has some advantages, the truth is BYU cannot schedule meaningful late-season games as an independent. Hopefully the powers that be realize BYU would get far more exposure playing in a BCS conference than they will by being able to rebroadcast their games with Weber State or Nevada State. If the Big 12 really extended an invite and BYU turned it down, hopefully it was for some reason more meaningful than not wanting to play football on Conference Saturday or being able to rebroadcast volleyball games. I hope I'm wrong, but I am afraid that BYU may be on a path to long-term football mediocrity and irrelevance.

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