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Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The only thing that BYU had to offer the Big 12 was their accounting program and law school.......certainly not sports or their cheap fans. Plus, we in the Big 12 take pride in our BBQ.......not green Jell-O.

Orem, Utah

If BYU did indeed turn down the B12 awhile back, then that provides one explanation for extending the Boise State matchup to 12 years---to make sure those games will be on TV one way or another.

Could even replace the Utes as BYU's yearly matchup. Wouldn't THAT get the trolls' goats!

P.S. Bye-bye fairweather BYU fans who've felt the tease of membership in the B12 and will quit following the Cougars if they stay independent. Who needs fans like that!

Farside of The Moon, UT

mgr63: "The only thing that BYU had to offer the Big 12 was their accounting program and law school.......certainly not sports or their cheap fans. Plus, we in the Big 12 take pride in our BBQ.......not green Jell-O."

I'm begging you please stop! I am laughing way too much!! Stop please,,,mercy!!

BYU....oh my heck! Gosh darn it! BYU in the BIG12.....when monkeys fly!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Conference realignment isn't over and I will remain one Utah fan who hopes that BYU gets into a BCS conference. While I do believe that the BYU football program will be OK in independance, it does deserve a seat at the BCS table. All of the other sports programs deserve to be in a top tier conference also.

PAC 10.2 Doormat
Springville, UT

So funny to see the Ute fans commenting on this TCU / BYU story when their team doesn't have snowball's chance in Pasadena to do anything in the Pac 10.2

0-3 by 3pm Saturday.


Orem, Utah

@ Bluto,

That was an interesting little nugget you dropped: Big East expanding nationwide with Western and Eastern divisions.

Maybe BYU already knows that if they snubbed the B12.

We KNOW that BYU was in discussions with the B12, Holmoe even said so. Therefore, if B12 membership didn't work out, then either independence will remain the course, or the Big East (which was once rumored to be interested in BYU, remember?) will take teams like you've indicated, which should have enough BCS wins among them to retain BCS status as a conference.

THEN, it's still 6 BCS conferences as it's always been since the BCS was organized.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Beverly Hills, CA

Wake up BYU fan, of course TCU brings nothing to the Big 12, they already makes big money and get big exposure. TCU is a move to stabilize a conference and appease the politicians in Texas. You think the attitude of that state doesn't show up in their politics? Many Texas Universities have the same track record in football as BYU, lower level bowls except they show up and win. No one but the WAC and MWC and WCC will bend to Sunday play issue just for BYU. BYU brings nothing to the table that would counteract that issue. Enjoy paying a lot of money for WAC home games.

Agua Dulce, TX

JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt -

As TCU is a private school, their conference affiliation is not controlled by state politicians. Yes, this invite is less about market share than it is about stability, and yes, they are keeping UT-Austin happy, but the Big 12 is a far superior offer for TCU than the Big East was.

TCU also has a great baseball program and the Big 12 is a more natural fit for them than the Big East.

(BYU alum, but TCU supporter)

Iowa City, IA

Good for TCU.

Buh-Bye Big East football.

As for BYU, you never know. Colorado was invited to the PAC-12 before the Utes. I wouldn't say never. They'll do what's best for them.

Still, got to win your games on Saturday....

Provo, UT

If playing on Sunday for any of the BYU sports programs is the blocking barrier, then I don't want to join any of the conferences. Principle before sports, yes I would like to be in a BCS conference, no I do not want BYU to bend on the Sunday issue. BYU is capable of playing and being competitive in any conference, will they become irrelevant, not a chance.

I still do not get the vitriol hatred Ute fan posters have for anything BYU. If we were so irrelevant, then way do the post? If we are so insignificant, why do they care?

Go Cougars!
And I do not hold any grudge against Utahs teams for any stupid Ute fan, Go Utes!


PAC 10.2 Doormat said:

"So funny to see the Ute fans commenting on this TCU / BYU story when their team doesn't have snowball's chance in Pasadena to do anything in the Pac 10.2

0-3 by 3pm Saturday.


So funny to see the BYU fans poke fun at Utah being in the PAC 12. At least the Utes are in a BCS conference. And BYU, well nobody wants them. That is Hilarious!

Salt Lake City, UT

Big 12 is standing pat on 10......

Byu is out for now.....

Salt Lake City, UT

@ PAC 10.2 Doormat | 8:13 p.m. Oct. 6, 2011
Springville, UT

...oh how it hurts.

And your team quit.


Lindon, UT

Chris B: Irrelevant like someone we all know?

Patriot: Do you have a crystal ball?

Phoenix, AZ

@ ChrisB

quote "You think recruits want to play for a team going to the Rose Bowl or a team that no BCS conference wants and that has 0 percent chance at ever going to a BCS game?"

Well I guess that eliminates any team from Jutah. Sun Devils would go dismantle Utah this weekend...but Utah was already dismantled...

Utah vs Colorado/Oregon St. for the PAC-12 Toilet Bowl!!!! Mu ha ha ha ha

Go DEVILS!!!!!!!

P.S. State of Utah is completely irrelevant to the rest of football country.

Lindon, UT

JustGordon and the rest of you Utah trolls: This article isn't even about BYU.

To the moderator: Why are you allowing these negative comments about BYU, when nothing in the article even mentions BYU. It is all about TCU and Missouri, it looks like to me.

Lindon, UT

So why hasn't the DNews used it's relationship with the Church to get the inside scoop on what's been going on with this? Even if it's that no offer was made, we'd love to hear that--- anything definitive would be better than all the rumors!

St. George, Utah

I have said it before and now it really appears to be relevant. As a BYU basketball season ticket holder, why would I want to go over to the Marriot Center on a cold snowy winter night and watch Kansas, Kansas State, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri play when I could see prairie view A&m, Midwestern state, Longwood, Dixie State, BYU Hawaii, Portand, San Francisco, Pepperdine, and San Diego play. Stay independent Mr Holmoe, when the Marriot Center and LES are half full, I will be able to upgrade my tickets. You have succeeded at everything you have ever done. You don't owe the loyal fans any explanation for anything.

PAC 10.2 Doormat
Springville, UT


Classified Ads noticed in Tribune...

"Help Wanted - QB"

"Help Wanted - Someone to blame for Ute 5-7 season"

"Help Wanted - Someone good at giving excuses for Pac 10.2 Ute 0-3 season, immediate position, must be able to work by 4pm Saturday"

"Help Wanted - Marketing / Sales - needs to be creative in selling a 'bill of goods' to long time season ticket holders for struggling program"

7-47 to

Fort Worth, Texas

@PAC 10.2 Doormat

"Help Wanted" better than "Not Wanted".

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