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Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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TCU brings nothing to the table in terms of Basketball, which seems strange to me, and in Football, they have success in recent history, but were untouchables in the 1990s. STrange things are happening.

Mcallen, TX

I'd rather the cougs stay independent and keep to its committments. Congrats to TCU.

Chris B is becoming a ute jinx and cougar good luck charm.

Salt Lake City, UT

With some of what I'm hearing on Twitter and other news feeds something happened over the weekend that pretty much moved BYU off the list of prospective invitees, and I suspect when this prospective move was discussed at church headquarters it was rejected. Missouri clearly hurt their chances of going to the SEC when an official made it clear they wanted the Big Ten in all reality, and word has it Missouri no longer has the votes to join the SEC. But with what has gone down, BYU will NEVER be considered for a BCS league. Some of the church leaders wish to end the rivalry with Utah, and some want to go further and curtail or completely go the route of Rexburg and eliminate athletics at BYU...with this sort of happening they might as well do both.


Hey Y fans......it it the hand or the finger that you keep getting?.......so much for speculation......congrats TCU! Now, if SMU gets an invite the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex will be electric with a new Big 12 rivalry.

The Cucamongan
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Holmoe is either going to go on record as BYU's finest AD or the worst. All indications reveal that it will be the latter.

Fort Worth, Texas


Nice to see the Ute trolls making a big deal about TCU seemingly getting the invite first.


Come on now. We all know how BYU fans were all over Utah for being "2nd choice" behind Texas for PAC-12.

It's just ironic how those same fans, who should now please rise up, have nothing to say about being passed over (so far) for TCU.

Fort Worth, Texas

@Tom in CA
"What else do you wanna talk about?"

The next thing we will talk about is 0-3 after the ASU tromping on Saturday.


At least ASU will give you something to cheer about. We all know your own team can't on and off the field.

South Jordan, UT

To those who have heard rumors,

If BYU would have been invited, then we would have heard about it. TCU was invited, but they haven't accepted it yet, they are considering it still.


Would BYU accept a Big Sky Conference invite? I wanna see Montana St. beat the Y every year.


Oral Roberts, Liberty U and BYU should form their own conference. The competition would be great! Go Cougars!

San Diego, CA

If it turns out that the Big 12 wanted BYU and BYU snubbed their noses at the Big 12, I will cease to ever cheer for BYU again.

Richfield, UT

wow...I am so disappointed. I think this means that BYU will never be in the Big 12. So far, I've not been to impressed with the whole "independent" thing. Hopefully Missouri will leave for the SEC and we will have another shot.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ mgr63 | 6:14 p.m. Oct. 6, 2011

Well said. Montana State gave Utah a better game than Tom in CA's Cougars, and when Montana State got down, they didn't quit.

Minneapolis, MN

At this point, all I'd like to hear is one of two things:

1) BYU had the invite and turned it down for whatever reason


2) There was never any invite extended

At that point, I'd be ready to embrace the next 10 years of Independence until the program probably gets dropped...


statman9 said:

"To those who have heard rumors,

If BYU would have been invited, then we would have heard about it. TCU was invited, but they haven't accepted it yet, they are considering it still."

What? The TCU president already said that they look forward to old rivalries again. And already working on paying the Big East exit fee.

Dick\'s Sporting Goods, UT

mgr63 "Would BYU accept a Big Sky Conference invite? I wanna see Montana St. beat the Y every year."

That is beyond hilarious and looking how Montana is playing it is spot on! Well played sir....well played!

Providence, UT

I feel for BYU but I'm enjoying the fact that some of its most arrogant fans are eating some humble pie tonight.


This will go down as big of a folly as for the church as city creek center. These are, for a better lake of words very poor business decision. This will grow into the demise of competetive athletics at the Y. A very said day but as with most ventures in the church they need to realize when they are just pumping money into a sinking ship.

Sandy, UT


Seriously how many times are you going to post on this thread?
Or, how many times will the D-News allow your sophomoric comments to post?
Whatever happened to the 2 post limit?
That is one Huge BYU shadow consuming all of your thoughts..

BYU is fine either way.
Independence, ESPN, 5 Stable Conferences instead of 4 Super Conferences, bodes well for BYU and other Independents.

Big 12 will hold at 10 most likely.
Missouri stays, that's it.
Missouri goes, Louisville is up next.

I don't think BYU wanted to have all those Olympic Sport Teams making 1200 mile road trips. They certainly were not going to give up their own network, re-broadcasts or capitulate to Sunday play.

They'll be fine. Their schedule gets much better in future years.

Also don't rule out the Big East forging a "Continental Conference" with the Big East and some Western schools pairing up, for football only.

Notre Dame needs the Big East for their other sports.

Boise St.
Air Force
Colorado St.

West Virginia
S. Florida

Big East Football survives, keeps BCS status, punks Craig Thompson.

Ann Arbor, MI

Biggest question; Where is Bluto and Ducky??


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