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Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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paradise, nv

Tom Holmoe practices something that a lot of you on this comment should adhere to more often. That of "silence is golden".

Cedar Hills, UT

to all Donors and Season ticket holders of BYU Athletics:

If we all find out BYU turned down a invite to the BIG 12, we need to start donating to other causes within the Church or community until BYU starts listening to their Fans and Alumni, who want to see BYU compete at the highest level in major college sports, thus creating the exposure BYU and the LDS Church desires

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

patriot 9:49 a.m. said:

"BYU's future in the NCAA is really on the bubble unless they join the BIG 12 but I would say there is less than a 10% chance at this point of BYU ever joining or being invited."

PATRIOT - You are a real genius. You talk about a 6-5 season. Your little football team will be lucky to finish 5-7. The pac whatever will have buyers remorse - based on your analysis.


We here in Big 12 country were sure sweating the BYU rumors.........way to go TCU! The millions of fans here in the Dallas metroplex are thrilled to see you in the Big 12. We dodged the BYU bullet of propaganda thank goodness!


Why are BYU fans thinking there will be a ESPN contract in the future? The ratings have been ATROCIOUS and now they only have two games being televised on ESPN(2) the remainder of this season........the party is over. Nobody wants to watch BYU football.......not even the haters.......what ESPN was counting on actually in the first place.

Salt Lake City, UT

Very deserving. Now if BYU would receive and accept an invite, we would all be in for some very fun Saturday afternoons.


@Tom in CA, the rebuilding Utes pounded the cougs.......54-10 brother, 54-10 that is, a beat-down. What else do you wanna talk about?


What does Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati, and Missouri have in common? They have all expressed interest to leave their conferences.
BYU just says, "Independence is so great."

It takes guts to flirt with another conference. OK, OK State, Texas Tech, and Texas all got burned from flirting. But, Texas A&M, TCU, Utah, Pitt, and Syracuse all got invites.

Keeping quiet will not make the phone ring. You better get crack'en BYU.

Omaha, NE


"Nobody wants to watch BYU football.......not even the haters.......what ESPN was counting on actually in the first place."

Apparently, the haters LOVE to blog all about it, as evidenced by your last 6 posts on this article. I appreciate you adding so many comments, making BYU articles the most popular sports articles to talk about. The 5 most commented articles right now on this paper are about BYU. We BYU fans appreciate all your support and strong following of BYU football.

Provo, UT

Who wants to join the Big 12 (or 10 or whatever it means like these college presidents can even count)? The conference is folding up like a cheap lounge chair...

Salt Lake City, UT

Tom in CA wants to talk smack after his team gets beat 54-10. Priceless.


Orem, UT

Chris B,
Sadly, even as a BYU, I agree with you. It's really unfortunate to see how this has played out. BYU is clearly sending that signal that they don't care about sports enough to compete at a high level.
BYU is has come to the end of an era.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"What else do you wanna talk about?"

mgr63 4:48pm:

The next thing we will talk about is 0-3 after the ASU tromping on Saturday.

Sandy, Ut

I dont understand why you are talking about the BYU-Utah game so much! See that you are from Dallas im surprised your not a Texas fan... And may I remind you BYU only lost by 1 point. Still a loss but hey, if we are so terrible then why did we make Texas look so bad in the first half?
Does anybody want to throw a bet down that mrg63 is actually someone who is a Utah fan who made a fake account saying he is from Dallas???? ha ha! I wish I had nothing to do with my life...

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Poor BYU. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Logan, UT

mgr63 seems to be obsessed with BYU.

As a Utah State fan, I have no allegiance to BYU or U of U, but I think it is too bad BYU did not accept the invite (if they really did have an invite). BYU in the Big 12 and U of U in the Pac 12 would have made for some good football in the sate of Utah.

I am reading on ESPN that the Big 12's next 2 invites are Louisville and West Virginia, but they are waiting to see what happens with Missouri. Perhaps, if Missouri leaves, then BYU would maybe have another chance to join. I hope so.


I called this when BYU committed to eight games with BSU. That was all you needed to know. We will be independent because it is what a few want. Here is what the press release will look like when it dies come out:

"For the past month BYU has been in contact with members of the Big 12 as well as other schools around the country. After careful consideration the University Administration gas decided that the needs of the school and it's mission is better served by remaining independent in football an with our friends in the WCC for the Olympic sports. We look forward to a bright future playing many storied programs and bring a wide range of teams to Provo. We reaffirm our commitment to both excellence and honor." Tom Holmoe

ps. Please continue to enjoy a steady diet of crummy teams and Bowl games in early December.

Cedar Hills, UT

TCU deserves the invite. They get a BCS bowl win and good things happen. Same thing with the U.

Salt Lake City, UT

Tom in CA | 5:16 p.m. Oct. 6, 2011
Vallejo, CA

......and your team quit. Ouch.


Tom, don't kid yourself, the Pac knew exactly what they were getting when they invited Utah, cannon fodder for the bigger teams. That is why i was rooting for the U this year. I wanted the stuck-up snobs of the Pac to get burned by their own stupidity. Alas, the Utes let me down and so I must rail against the snobs in other ways.

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