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Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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You will probably see Cincinnati & Louisville invited because they are only 90 minutes apart. And they will be looking to escape the Big East nw.

Murray, UT


Texas is in the best position of any school to go independent and they have said several times through AD Deloss Dodds that they have studied that scenerio in depth and Texas will not go independent. Independence is not the future of college football.

Murray, UT

Stop harping on Tom Holmoe. Decisions of this magnitude regarding BYU are made in SLC not Provo.

Iowa City, IA

TCU is a good move for the BIG 12. BYU will get the invite, but if not, they are in a sweet spot. BYU is in a rare sitiation where independence or conf. affiliation is good for it no matter what. Why? They have loyal fans all over the country.



Woods Cross, UT

As a fan of the U I must apologize for this (and other) posts on this article(s) when it does not apply to "my" team, but I have to be honest and let it be known how incredibly entertaining the ebbs and flows, the wild swings of drama and emotion within the Cougar nation is to some of us on the outside.....Thank you! BYU football - FANTASTIC!

Farmington, UT

So many experts from the "U"---where they are 0 - 2, soon perhaps 0 - 3 against PAC 12 foes. So many experts who say USU is a great team now---they are 1 - 3 after breakdowns in the final 2 minutes of 3 games. So many young impatient fair-weather cougar fans who have no patience at all to let all this realignment settle before flying off the handle. I have watched years of home games (since and including 1969) and the team is great some years, good some years, not-so-good other years, but in that time they have been in the top 10 many years and have a solid athletic program in multiple sports. I think it's delusional that the Utah radio announcers said "the best team didn't win" last week as UW throttled U. And that U had a "bad game" but when Y lost 54 - 10, they have a bad team. Double standard! (But that's the U I've come to know and observe from a distance as I refuse to go to RES again.) Anyway, rail on Y haters---your explanations about football are laughable!!! Ha-ha-ha.

Provo, Utah

I guess the Ute trolls needed something to cheer them up between shellackings. (Even though what this signifies is still up for grabs).

Have fun losing to Arizona State, little girls.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

@target and toosmart

what does that say for BYU, who lost 54-10 at home?

Colorado Springs, CO

Well I am dissappointed for BYU but happy for TCU. They have a great football program and deserve the invite. Sadly however many other schools deserve the invite as well to include BYU. This is the biggest problem with the BCS. The Iowa State's, Southern Florida's, Conneticut's, and Lousville's all get to play in the big pot of money while more deserving teams with richer history's are left out. Best case would be to end the entire system and create a more equal revenue sharing, level playing field. 16 team playoff.

The system will not change however and hopefully at the end of the day BYU will be included. Maybe there is still a chance for super conferance but instead of the 4 everyone predicted it will be 5 with several more deserving non-bcs schools invited to the dance.

Alpine, UT

The Big-12 invitation just came in the mail. I received it by mistake and will be forwarding it to BYU officials after I spend a few hours alone with it.

I was hoping for something from Publisher's Clearinghouse or Geico, but this will have to do.

Providence, UT

Utah trolls need to lay off. This is tough news.

As a Ute fan I'm sorry the invitation didn't come. I think it would have been great for BYU and fun for the rivalry.

Layton, Utah

Chrissy b and Naval Vet are irrelevant

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Good for TCU. CONGRATS! Makes sense to me.

As for BYU I am sure the powers that be will do what is right. Not what we all think is right. (Which we do not agree upon anyway) Funny how everyone seems to know what is best yet we do not have the slightest thing to do with BYU athletics. Somehow many of you are smarter than the powers that be? You make your decisions in your job and home and let's let them make theirs. We are not in their shoes and we do not understand all that is at stake or what is best or what is being directed from those that really matter. That is not the BCS, the Big 12, ESPN, or any BYU or Utah fan.

But I am curious as to what is going to happen.

Either way it looks like a fun road.

Iowa City, IA

No panic here. BYU has made it known they will not join an unstable conference. TCU shores it up and soon BYU will get the invite. And if they don't, they still are in fat city.

Layton, UT

BYU football rocks!
BYU will, if they have not already been, be invited to join the Big 10, 11, or 12. The problem is would they be happiest there or as an independent. What really needs to happen in NCAA football is more teams need to go independent. USC, UCLA, Stanford, Texas just for starters. There will be more money long term in independence than there ever will be in a league. Currently that is not the case but in the case of those universities building the infrastructure for their own Television distribution along with other contracts, independence, just makes sense.
If BYU joins the big whatever it will only be a few more years until you see 50 independent football teams.


Nobody has spoken a peep about BYU in the Big 12 here in Dallas. They are are as popular here as they were in 1978 with Stanford U back in 1978. And we all know there was NO ChANCE for BYU to be accepted to the PAC-12........don't we? The "big brother," the mighty U of U was invited.......... a real university and a legit BCS buster. Talk all you want........nobody ever wants to go to Provo, Utah, never will.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

Always the Joker, Hondo. Proving time and time again how classless Utesies can be. I like what AZ Blue and Red has written. I would love to get my hands on the ESPN TV contract and read the clauses in it about joining a conference, vacating the ESPN contract, etc.

We may never know, but I hope the invitation comes soon.


Bye bye BYU.....the WAC wants you bad! That is a perfect fit in the 21st century for BYU after BSU left.


I'm a lifetime BYU fan living in SLC who graduated from the University of Utah. My fandom lasted through my education at the U, but if BYU doesn't go to the BIG 12 I am officially switching to my Alma Mater (and I'm not the only one). BYU, aside from Sunday play only, there should be no reason not to FIGHT to be in the Big 12. We are tired of the secrets, give us information please. How much does it cost to shrink a stadium? Maybe their 8 year ESPN contract will help pay for that if they don't find their way into the Big 12.

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