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Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

If BYU has indeed blown this, that means they are either the stupidest people ever, or they plan to exit football. Independence is not the answser as the superconferences will happen and you've got to be in the Big 5 conferences (Big East is done) to have any chance of getting into the superconferences. If you're not in the superconferences, they you're playing Division II football. I had heard from two sources that BYU had an invite in hand. If so, what the heck happened? Where is Dick Harmon on this?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

and byu's football program is quickly flying up up and away - into oblivion.

Goodbye. and Good riddance.

How awesome will it be when superconferences are formed and byu is not invited?


Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Texas owned TCU in the old SWC. Some things will never change. Welcome home little bro.



The Texas good ol' boy system is alive and well.

A. Perhaps BYU turned down an offer?
B. TCU is of more interest than BYU.
C. Yep, I vote for C.


Striker said:

"This is going to be the State of Texas conference soon. What a joke. I hope BYU stays far, far away. Independence is far better than being under the evil grip of Texas. Why are all these teams leaving? Texas. BYU would be idiotic to join this conference."

Yep it looks like the old SW Conference is rising from the ashes. And they said the former Soviet Union would not reunite. This is the next worse thing.

Nashville, TN

BYU demanded strict terms and got turned down. Credible sources said we had an offer on the table a couple of weeks ago. Looks like we overplayed our hand.

I suppose the BOT thinks we'll have the same amount of passion no matter what. Well they are very very wrong. Exposure means little if nobody cares about what's being offered.

Orem, Utah

@ Portland Trail Blazers,

Bringing in TCU means the B12 is NOT going to stay pat at 10, and maybe not even 12. They know they have to get to 14 eventually to keep the Pac-12 from raiding them again.

12 might only be viable because of the 6 or 13 year TV clause, but money wouldn't stop the Pac-12 from growing, though. So, 14 seems the B12's best option, which bodes well for BYU.

@ Willary,

Your hatred for BYU is showing. Try thinking clearly sometime.


Its ok BYU fans. You can start back peddling now. Just chalk this up and file it in the "rumors of conference invites the past 4 decades."
I believe you will find it next to the "wishful thinking with no common sense fans" file.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

The board representative from Texas Tech has leaked that the Big-12 has taken BYU off of the table. Expansion will now be focused on Louisville, Cincinnati, and WVU. That will get the conference back to 12 where it will remain for teh time being. Missou and WVU are interchangeable. One will go to the SEC, one will end up in the BIg-12.

Spring, TX

I'm glad so many Ute fans know exactly what is happening and what is going to happen. They be really, really smart.

As for BYU, Holmoe needs to say SOMETHING! This continued silence is not good for the program. Fans deserve to have some. Kind of idea of what is going on.

Farside of The Moon, UT

TCU is now where they have always belonged..... BIG12. Sorry BYU Nation but the Cougars are irrelevant outside of the LDS bubble and there is no and I mean no TV revenue that can support BYU hence you have seen your best days and they are behind you. You heard it here first....Boise State is being courted by the BIG12 and so is the diminutive SMU....we may have a 12 in the BIG12 after all.

Oklahoma (and State) were not keen at all of moving from their recruiting fields of Texas and playing in the PAC12 SoCal intensive recruiting environment.

BYU was a great team....once a long time ago. Utah will adapt and recruit appropriately in the coming years and BYU will never touch them again. Let us not dismiss the rise of that little ole school in Logan.....watch out they are on the rise.


Bluewombat8: You obviously put way too much importance on BYU winning,your expectations are either too high or you can't ajust to things not being as good as you'd like. I love sports and especially BYU sports but don't over do things. Don't be a fair weather fan that only enjoys or likes BYU's teams if they win. Also, your not really a true BYU fan if your criticising them for not doing everything they can to get into the Big 12, you or I don't know everything that has been done in regards to BYU and the Big 12, belonging to a BCS conf. makes things easy but it's not the end all. For BYU to go to any BCS conf. alot of things would need to be worked out, TV contracts, No Sunday play, etc. we just don't know what has been going on behind closed doors.
If your a true BYU fan, you'll want what is best for BYU and not just what you think is best. I trust Holmoe to do the right thing, with BYU's best interests first and foremost. Belonging to a BCS conf. won't make us win more gamesorgetinto a better bowlgame.

Kearns, UT


You keep telling yourself that BYU is on someones list.

Fact is that list has been turned over two or three times and BYU is still off in the corner playing alone.

The good news about this for Cougar fans is that BYU will quickly be removed as the most hated sports group. As they fold into obscurity, nobody will hate them. Nobody will care.

Syracuse, UT

@Kosta Fesenko | 12:57 p.m. Oct. 6, 2011
Chicken McNuggetville, UT
BYU is off the table you say, just like when the Big 12 said they would not take TCU? Because Texas apparently did not want them, but yet today they have been invited.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Credible sources said we had an offer on the table a couple of weeks ago. Looks like we overplayed our hand."

Nope. It looks like you NEVER had an invitation. There WERE no credible sources to have said that. "Credible sources", such as ESPN reported TCU receiving an invitation, but none so for the Y. At least not up until THIS point anyway. FACT!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...money wouldn't stop the Pac-12 from growing, though. So, 14 seems the B12's best option, which bodes well for BYU."

I think you're going need to brace yourself for the possibility that you're going to get left out of expansion. Say "Hi" to the WAC for me, okay?

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

@ naval vet and all other Y haters,

BYU not wanted, not true!! Why do you think the Big 12 is trying so desperately to become more stable? BYU wants in on certain conditions or else leaving independence does not make sense.

1. Revenue sharing. Check
2. Retain Tier III rights for BYUTV. Check
3. Replacing A&M. Check

I think (except UT) the rest of Big 12 wants 12 teams. If Mizzou stays, by my calculations, they need 2 more teams. If they leave, 3 more. If Mizzou stays BYU might not get an invite to test the 10 team conference for awhile. By 2013 or 14 they will go to 12 teams. If Mizzou leaves, depending on the package of the other 2 teams they ask BYU this year. BYU is in a win-win situation. No need to be hasty.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"As for BYU, Holmoe needs to say SOMETHING! This continued silence is not good for the program. Fans deserve to have some. Kind of idea of what is going on."

What do you want him to say? "We weren't invited"? How would that be news? You've never been invited before. Holmoe might as well hold a press conference to tell you frantic and emotional cougar fans that you haven't been invited to the ACC, SEC, B1G, or Pac-12 either.

At least he finally admitted he hadn't really been invited to join the Big [L]East though.

Dick\'s Sporting Goods, UT

@williary that is some funny stuff, true but very funny Thanks I needed that.

# 1 question asked of potential Utah based football recruits...."are you LDS and are you going on a mission" If your 7'1" and play hoops and score at will......hey we will se you when you get back from your 2 year absence, but with football its a totally different paradigm. BYU is a victim of itself and of its culture and dogma.

If the top prospect hyper-LDS athletes could just agree to hit the mission field after retirement instead of in the beginning of their very short and very precious football careers then maybe we would be making some progress.

BYU was never going to thrive in the Texas-centric football world, a world were the game is faster bigger and much more punishing then anything BYU has ever seen before. BYU should maybe wonder over to the Mountain West or even the WAC since I do not see them ever overcoming the lds dogma and expectations placed on the young athletes as they are all impediments to a better football program.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT


This is not me reporting that info, that is from the horses mouth. Andrew Adams at KSL has reported the same thing. There never was a credible source saying that TCU was out of the conversation, it was people making assumptions. This is a person within the situation making a statement.

Sorry, but its not speculation, so don't attack me. Just stating what people on the inside are saying.

Although it certainly can change by the hour.

Stay tuned.

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