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Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

This is going to be the State of Texas conference soon. What a joke. I hope BYU stays far, far away. Independence is far better than being under the evil grip of Texas. Why are all these teams leaving? Texas. BYU would be idiotic to join this conference.

Orem, Utah

Looks like Texas kowtowed to save the conference. Now they have a Texas A&M replacement for Texas-based recruiting competition.

It appears football is really driving conference thinking-heads. TCU doesn't bring anything else to the conference that's worth much. So, strange if this is true.

Not so sure now that I'd be happy with BYU in the B12. Not because TCU's there, but because it appears the conference isn't thinking too clearly.

Then again, maybe it REALLY IS all about football, and nothing else matters. If that's the case, then I guess BYU should join the B12 if asked.

Sad state of affairs in college sports.

Orem, Utah

I wonder if BYU's extension of its games with Boise St has something to do with TCU getting a B12 invite?

BYU knew ahead of time about this?

The extension was to ensure Tier 2 TV rights with Boise State--making sure ALL of those "conference" games are televised?

Could it be that BYU and Boise St are to become travel partners in the B12?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Salt Lake City, UT

It made sense to talk to BYU first. They were available (not tied to a league). TCU became available as the Big East started to crumble. They moved up the list because they are close geographically, and play better football. Most importantly, they don't have hang ups.

Your post talks about BYU being hung up on sticking points. They wanted everything nice and cushy before they graced the league with their membership. TCU did not have sticking points. They were willing to jump in and help the Big 12 stabilize. Mizzou may still leave, no television rights have been signed over, things are uncertain, and yet TCU is willing to take a risk.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Big 12 plays games on Sunday... What in the world is with that?

Houston, TX


How did you come up the "10%" prediction? utes style math?

Sandy, UT

Chris B,

Who is San Jose State? And they have a football team?

TCU deserved this. BYU can only pray about their chances now.

Hmm... it seems that they were not the #1 pick after all, like a lot of people speculated. It seems that that it all BYU can do, speculate.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

If the Big 12 stays at 10 with TCU and Missouri, then i think BYU is left out.

If they go to 12, then BYU is in. BYU should be worried and should be doing everything possible to get in and hope they expand past 10 if Missouri stays.

Alexandria, VA

TCU - school of 8000 and 10,000 fans nationwide - no TV market - gets a Big 12 invite. Maybe if BYU would win some big games they may get the same attention.
BYU overplayed their hand big time in this and may come out with egg on their faces. But hey, we've got SJSU up next and Oregon State live on webcast, so independence is great! Go exposure!

Fort Worth, Texas

RIP Big East.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

lol! BYU's fate depends on..............Missouri! bwahahaha!

Spanish Fork, UT

Chris B
Utah is not going to the Rose Bowl anytime and probably not for at least 10 15 years if that.


Good to see ChrisB and friends back after a week or so lull.

Provo, UT

Should BYU turn down the Big 12,

Tom Holmoe will have two legacies.

1. The first athletic director to kill two Programs Cal, and BYU.
2. Holmoe will become Bill Buckner. !!! as the Ball Rolled Right between His legs.

Somewhere in, Utah

Now that there is a credible source, I'll believe it. I get tired of these "sources say" references.

Nice to see the Ute trolls making a big deal about TCU seemingly getting the invite first. We don't really know how much communication has been going on between BYU and the Big 12. It could be a lot or very little.

Hey Des News Moderator, you've rejected my past two posts. Will you reject this one too?

Ute's R Gr8
Sandy, Utah

ESPN asked Dick Harmon, his thoughts about Utah joining the PAC 12, his response; Utah was invited because they are not BYU. So does that mean that TCU was invited to the BIG 12 because they are not BYU?


Cal State Utah ops I mean BYU, is on the outside looking in. They have no options now except a new formulated WAC.

Herriman, UT

Until the Big 12 situation settles down with TV rights signed over and Missouri committed, BYU absolutely should not accept an invite should one be on the table.

Pros of Big 12: BCS access. Home schedule is immediately much nicer for football and is great long-term for basketball. All sports have a good home. Much bigger chance of having signature games each year with big bowl implications. TCU makes conference more attractive (Air Force would too).

Cons: The LDS footprint is much bigger in the Pac-12/WCC area, not as many fans will follow the team to the smaller Big 12 cities. We don't know what kind of replay access BYUtv will get, and we want nearly every game on TV. ESPN gives better TV exposure (but do we really want that or BCS access and less risky long-term relevance). 3-4 years out, the independent home football schedule might actually look better than what we get with the Big 12. Really quick flip-flop.

I'd probably go Big 12 - too risky to NOT do it if invited. Long-term viability would be questioned and fans might revolt at LES.

Kearns, UT


Have you not been paying attention the last year?

Your Cougars left the MWC because of football. They banished every other sport to the lowly WCC, because of football.

So when you act surprised the Big12 is making decisions based solely on football, it makes zero sense. BYU did the same thing last year.

And yes, looking at football which is king, TCU clearly brings much more to the table than BYU.

And, BYU would be wise to stay independent. First, they will never play in a BCS game, so that should not be a worry of theirs. Obviously, regardless of what Jake Heaps says, that would prohibit them from a national title. Second, they are needing last second miracles to beat the likes of UCF, Ole Miss, and Utah State. I believe those teams have a combined 4 wins. Third, Utah discovered how thin the margain for error is in a BCS conference. After destroying BYU by 44 points. How on earth does BYU compete in a BCS conference?

Murray, UT

Officially, Tom Holmoe owes us Cougar fans no response to this, but he would be wise to say something intelligent and informative very soon. If not, they'll be filling the dumpsters at BYU with unsold game tickets. Heck, they can't even give them away as it is. More of this "we take the high road" garbage and the program is done for. If there was an invite and we turned it down, how about cluing us paying fans in, Tom?

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