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Published: Thursday, Oct. 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

TCU is a great pick for the Big 12. BYU will NEVER go to the BIG 12 for two reasons...

1. Tom Holmoe doesn't want to
2. The BIG 12 won't give BYU an invite - especially after another 6-5 season this year.

BYU's future in the NCAA is really on the bubble unless they join the BIG 12 but I would say there is less than a 10% chance at this point of BYU ever joining or being invited.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

I wonder if BYU is next?

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

This is great for TCU. The Big 12 will be a much better fit than the Big East would have been.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu will soon be like san jose state. Completely irrelevant

Salt Lake City, UT

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

SEC would rather have a team for their eastern division.

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

The future of NCAA football is independence. Eventually there will be 50 or so independent teams in a D1 NCAA, each with its own fan base, TV network, and ESPN or FOX contract -- with everybody else dropping to D2. The days of PACs and BIGs and WACs are numbered.

Mesa, AZ

According to the Austin American-Statesman, presidents and chancellors of the Big 12 voted Thursday morning to invite TCU to join the league in 2012. TCU will pay a $5 million exit fee to the Big East ...

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Still no love? When you think you are Sleeping Beauty but in reality are Sisty Ugler...you don't get invited, anywhere!

Ann Arbor, MI

Good for TCU; they've earned it. Hopefully BYU is next.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I am so happy with this great news!

One stop closer to byu football essentially being a Division II program.

You think recruits want to play for a team going to the Rose Bowl or a team that no BCS conference wants and that has 0 percent chance at ever going to a BCS game?

toUgh choice

The future of football in Utah..



Patriot, I agree with reason No. 1 and seem to recall an Austin American Statesman article pointing to TCU entering the picture due to a lack of interest on BYU's part.

They really think Independence is going to work out. I guess we'll see.

Layton, UT

If this is to be believed it could go either way for byu. TCU being selected despite the fact it is squarely on Texas back door could mean the BIG 12 really is looking east not west. On the other hand they have a well established rivalry, scheduled a game with byu this year and would probably be an advocate for them (assuming anybody in the conference cares what they think yet). Granted the game this year was because the MWC is short conference games.
The football fan in me says two BCS schools really puts the state of Utah on the college football landscape. The Ute in me says the silence from down south that accompanies the current state of affairs is nice.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

@DD Jaymario

right after Lisa agrees to marry screech, laura agrees to marry urkel, and roger gets a date with tia and tamara.

Kearns, UT

Makes sense. I guess Boise is next in line. After the big 3 non-BCS schools have been invited to join up, the group of schools to never see the field of a BCS game can be considered.

That means you BYU.

Big Daddy Utah

@DD. You are wrong, there will never be 50 independents, that makes no sense. You only say that because it makes BYUs situation look a bit better than it is. If BYU is invited to the Big 12, which I as a Ute fan think they deserve, they need to jump on it. You folks are off your rockers if you think independence is the wave of the future.

Beverly Hills, CA

As I had said before, Texas politicos will make sure Texas schools will get in first. Next up, SMU, Houston, north south east west Texas community college.

Frisco, TX

When no trolls post, then BYU is irrelevant. Until then, they are loved by many and hated by some - but their relevance is not in question. Their fan base exceeds Utah by two fold and the Horned Frogs by 10 fold.

TCU has a great football program, but they have no fans. Even last year, in the midst of an undefeated season, there were many games that did not sell out.

The fact that BYU was the first school for the Big 12 to have a conversation with is indisputable. Obviously there was some sticking point to them moving forward. Will they work through the sticking point if Missouri jumps ship? No one knows at this point.

Personally, I would love to see BYU in the Big 12, but I think the administration would only consider joining as a football only member. They do not want to offend the faith based WCC after only one year of membership. Religion is more important than athletics.

Cedar Hills, UT

This is sickening news. Thanks BYU for not lobbying your way into the BIG 12 from all your real fans out there. Now we get to enjoy the armed forces bowl and the macoroni and cheese bowl and our great WAC schedule every year until they drop their athletic program completely. This season has been completely sickening to be a cougar fan.

Triple B
Milford, NH

@ patriot

What is it? Will they "NEVER" get invited or is it a "less than 10% chance"?

"So you're saying I have chance" - Lloyd Christmas.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Yep. Just read it on ESPN. TCU hasn't accepted the invitation yet, but I would expect them to. The Big TeX has more stability than the Big [L]East, travel costs would be substantially reduced, PLUS there's more money in the Bevo XII. Just about the ONLY advantage to staying with the Big East would be easier access to the BCS by way of winning the conference every year. No other Big [L]East school measures up to TCU in Football. The Big [L]East would have been TCU's conference to lose.

Congratulations to TCU. You've been "invited" because you were "wanted". As the first selection, you were their most coveted program; and rightly so.

Since TCU is currently being reported as mulling over a given (but not yet accepted) invitation, I think we can reasonable conclude that THIS is how an invitation is extended. Not super-secret, backroom, behind-closed-doors type, like the ones the frantic and emotional cougars like to fantasize about. At this time, there have been NO reports of the Y being invited. I'm just saying because I already see frantic and emotional cougs trying to spin this as disinterest on Holmoe's part.

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