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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 5 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Elcapitan | 12:39 p.m. Oct. 6, 2011
Ivins, UT
Do I see Riley's pants falling off...his belly button is off limits? Maybe, as one coach put it, give me the talent first, I can develop character later. Come on Riley, pull up your pants.


And cut your hair!

I went to BYU and I have seen students pulled out of finals because their hair was over their collar. Why is Riley allowed to go to school with long hair and allowed to play in front of the world when he is not up to BYU standards?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

As far as Riley's "long hair":

Pretty trivial if you ask me - to keep harping on this.

I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and say that the Monday he went to get his hair cut, the barber was gone and Riley forgot about Monday barber schedule.

I say wait until after San Jose State - the continued comments will be too funny.

Hillsboro, OR

Of the 120 Division 1 schools, Heaps has the 109th best Quarterback rating. It's time to move on and let Nelson have the reins. He brings more heart and desire to the team than Heaps does. There's no possible way that the Cougs would have won with Heaps in the entire game against Utah State.

Nampa, ID

Doman's the problem.

He's the reason why the QB and receivers aren't connecting; the reason why the running game is horrible; and, its all because, as he said "is still learning."

Get off the QB's people. No one will succeed under doman's system.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Re: Ute's R Gr8 |"ESPN asked Dick Harmon, his thoughts about Utah joining the PAC 12, his response; Utah was invited because they are not BYU." Granted, I'm not of your "persuasion"; however, consider the source, my friend. Consider the source.

Orem, UT

@Lane Myer: I'll bet you were one of the student spies that pulled folks out of finals. Go have a coke, grow your moustache, and watch a PG13 movie. :) At least Riley wasn't dropping F bombs on national TV! Why do we focus on a kid's hair length when so many other things are more important...like character and courage and leadership and class?

Sandy, UT

What's on the line, Call? A WAC championship? Oh wait, I thought BYU was WAC from the looks of their schedule, but they are Independent...

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

@ Utes R GrAte + So Cal Reader

The invite from the Big XII to BYU has been on the table for weeks, but is still pending BYU's rebroadcasting rights. BYU is coveted by the Big XII. TCU is a good acquisition as well and the addition of both BYU and TCU will make the conference even better.

Cedar Hills, UT


HA!! Your post is really true and funny!! I agree totally!!


This is actually good for business...in Utah at least. I have been turned of by BYU football as of late but this is kind-of exciting to have a QB battle again. I am interested in the outcome.

WHY? I have always thought Jake was too much hype and was concerned with his attitude and need to have his own PR and press conferences causing the current unfortunate circumstance Jake really isn't living up to his "mouth". Same really goes for Mendenhall and his excuses and "fireside coaching". Riley Nelson took a "win win" situation and made it his by engineering a great comeback against USU.

Now all of these elements are merging at the same time and lasting decisions and repercussions will be made in this week's decision and ultimate gameplay.

Payson, UTAH

Heaps performance to date has been just plain bad.
1. He over-reacts to pressure and misses open receivers by unacceptable and unbelievable distances.
2. He over-reacts to blitzes and makes mistakes in his reads resulting in incomplete passes at best, sacks or turnovers at worst.
3. He has no touch on his passes making them very hard to catch even when they are within reach.
4. He puts the ball in places that slow the receiver making additional yardage uncommon, even when they catch the poor passes.
5. He is unloading the long passes and missing open receivers by as many as 10 yards.
6. He is making passes to receivers who are covered by as many as three defenders - he seems to have made the decision to pass without even looking at the defense.

These are all indications of a player with low or no confidence. Ability is not questioned based on his performance last year and in his high school years. Whatever is needed to instill confidence should drive the decision. He has to know their is accountability for poor performance and that he will come out if can't perform, but play him til then.

Payson, UTAH


You make a really good point about Nelson brining energy and the hope that the benching will help Heaps come out of it. I say start Heaps again and replace him if he can't get it done. Don't wait til the second half if it is clear that he just doesn't have it again.

The odds are good that the team will perform well against the San Jose State team. Though SJS will offer some resistence if he does not have it. This is a team that can beat BYU if it plays poorly and cannot beat BYU if BYU plays well. The game will be decided by BYU either way.

Denver, CO

Heaps . . .

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Didn't Bronco say he made a mistake last year by doing the dual qb system. Is he going to repeat the same mistake?

Iowa City, IA


Lindon, UT

Of course, it will be Jake starting the game on Saturday. The only way that would not happen, is if he messes up big time in practice this week. But I don't see that happening. I think BYU is due to have a breakout game, with Heaps showing all of his detractors why he was rated the #1 HS football player in the nation as a senior. I wouldn't be surprised if the score ended up very similar to the Utah-BYU game a couple of weeks ago, only with BYU on the winning end.

Right or Wrong
Happy Valley, Utah

So many comments from those that understand little. Football is both a physical, as well as a mental game. Physically Heaps is struggling big time and it shows,mentally it's worse.

The team as a whole seems (from a distant) seems to support Riley Nelson as the QB, to go against the flow will be disastrous, Riley is the only choice the coaching staff has. The competition (SJS) isn't the issue, the problem will be from the team. It isn't a mutiny that's the concern but the morale. The team believes in only one of the QB's.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

How come Heaps is the #2 choice ? I say Riley then Lark . Sit Heaps down behind Munns that should be the proper order of things.

Did anyone get the video of Heaps post practice interview last night. " I don't know why I was pilled " was his answer to the question why did you get pulled Jake, " Crickets " was his answer to What do you think you can do to improve your game, and my favorite " No " when he answered the question " If he could learn anything from his team mates specifically the WR and the other QB's.

The right answer : I am 113 in the D1 qb rankings, I have 3 touch downs to date, I am scared in the pocket any of these are correct.

The right answer: Finish drives, create when play breaks down i.e. get to the correct progression and take it, Get in the end zone more then once a game.

The right answer: Yes I can learn from everyone especially my team mates.

Arrogance and he is only 19, potential, the future I doubt it.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Riley, Riley, Riley that was the battle cry Friday night and it is still correct.

Las Vegas, NV

I just have to wonder if putting Riley in the game vs. Utah State was the smartest move? Seriously, that move crushed the tiny confidence that Heaps may have had left and created a huge QB controversy. Had they let Heaps finish the game, a win still might have happened and the rest of the season schedule is weak enough that Heaps would have been on his way to posting some numbers and winning back some of the Provo fans who boo him. But the coaches did this, and I don't think it is going to turn out well, no matter which player becomes the chosen one. This was poor coaching, pulling the plug with a quarter or two of football left, before the season ahead appeared to be much easier with success on the horizon against very weak opponents.

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