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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 5 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

Reading between the lines, here, I think Doman is still backing Heaps and Bronco favors Nelson for this Saturday. This is one of the not-so-fun parts of being a coach.

I am sure that what the coaches see in practice is quite different than what they see in a game. There are practice players and there are game players. The ones who step up and shine under the lights are the ones you want starting.

Mr. Obvious
Sandy, Utah

Geeeez I question if there is intelligent life in Utah County.
This is a no brainer. Answer; The Q that won the game!
You guys are hilarious.

springville, UT

"You guys are hilarious."

whats funny is the ute fan who has already jumped their ship and is now trolling the BYU article again. I thought you left us in the dust?

By the way, hows that pac ten working out for you now?

Chandler, AZ

Wow, get on with it! I mean, c'mon, be a leader, be decisive, and make a decision. You don't worry about hurting feelings and individual development. This is the ultimate team game and no one player is above the team.

The real question is, will Doman be able to put a plan together and call some plays that will keep the defense off balance and utilize the strengths of the players.

Let's go! Make a decision and make it happen!

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

One good thing about the coaches not announcing the starting QB, SJSU won't know which QB to prepare for.

I'd say start Heaps when he can throw a pass that requires some touch (Hoffman's TD from Riley for example), and when he can make a completion >20 yards.

Until then I'd pick Riley.

Stockton, CA

I love the people calling for Bronco to make a decision already, one the more time to think this through the better, but the main reason is to make SJSU keep guessing about the quarterback and have to prepare for both. It wouldn't surprise me if they had already decided but are just putting off announcing it strategically. I don't think it matters right now, if Heaps is starting we will be able to see if this pressure on him will cause him to have a break out game, or shrink under the pressure. If it is Nelson we get to see if he can actually sit in the pocket and make the throws when a defense is prepared for him. Can't wait until Saturday's game.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's a no-brainer. Start Heaps. The tough part is over. Heaps can live up to his legend against the talent level remaining on the schedule.

Orem, Utah

By Saturday can Heaps learn:

1. To put touch on passes when needed?

2. Make his reads without fear of getting pounded?

If not, start Nelson. Then put Heaps in if Nelson fails.

Or Lark? Seemed to do well in Fall Camp.

Give Me A Break
Pullman, WA

Lets really surprise the San Jose team by starting Lark.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

We all have our opinions and mine, after some thought is to start Heaps.

However, I am not the coach and neither are any of you. All the griping is not going to change a darn thing except to crank up your stress level. I say we let the coaches do their job and watch some football.


It is somewhat apparent that Jake can't read defenses, is scared of being hit, or has no idea what he is doing as he slowly approaches the line of scrimmage.

On the other hand, Nelson can run a no-huddle offense, and appears to be eager to go with each play. He apparently instills confidence with his pace.

There are other observations - the O line has taken on an whole new blocking scheme this year, and doesn't have the personnel or experience to make run-blocking work very well. The QB situation with drive-killing incompetions, false starts, and subseqent wasting of time outs too early in the game is inhibiting using the pass to set up the run.

The team and school does not exist to develop Jake Heaps. If he cannot read, is too jittery to stand and deliver, with touch and a passion for completing the passes (instead of looking good in throwing them) then he should sit. He says he "will learn" from the games - specifics, goals, progress? Play to win.

If Jake develops, we might get a solid season by 2013. Don't inhibit the team's success for one guy with potential. Effective guy should lead.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lark or Munns! It's time to build for the future!

Alexandria, VA

I've seen this movie before. Typically they wait a few years to do a remake. At the very least BYU is going up against a soft spot in the schedule, so whoever plays QB will have an opportunity to look like a Heisman candidate. Well, at least a Div. I starting QB.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

This is easy.

1. Move Riley to running back who has the option to pass.
2. Leave Jake in as starting QB.
3. Train the center to snap the ball to either Jake or Riley.

The way the ball was snapped against Utah, we need Riley standing just to the right of Jake so he can take the rare errant snap and go with it.

This is a different sort of two headed QB monster, but one that could be interesting. I don't think that it has ever been tried, perhaps for good reason.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

I really think this much to do about nothing. I can understand the "gamesmanship" if we were getting ready to play Texas, TCU, Utah, etc., but those games & teams are behind us. This is San Jose State, all 2-3 of them. The call has to be with Heaps. This is the part of the Cougs schedule that SHOULD allow Jake to unwind and be the offensive player we know he can be, and what he showed the latter part of last year. What I don't like is the quote from Doman: "(His) focus this week is to prepare both quarterbacks as if both were going to play this game, then let the head football coach make that decision. That's part of being the head coach he gets to do that and I'll support whatever decision he makes." That statement sounds as personally ambiguous as what Bronco has been saying. I'm very disappointed by Jake's play, but I believe he's the current QB, once he gets Doman's offense unraveled, that has the most long-standing upside. Let's go, Cougs!

Sandy, UT

max was right: 54 - 10 'nuff said

start riley. maybe we would have only lost 54-41 with riley.

Nampa, ID

BYU wanted a novice OC and QB coach. This is the result.

The team won against USU. Riley's presence provided the spark, but his skills didn't win the game.

Riley was splitting time with Heaps last year, and his aggressive play got him hurt. How fast will he get hurt if he's the full-time QB?

The problem isn't the QB spot, its the entire offense. You have a line that can't block, running backs that can't run, and QB's that either can't get the ball to the receivers, or receivers that can't hang onto the ball.

The one thing in common between them all is Doman. Doman is putting the plays together. He designs the plays. He calls the plays. He's the one telling the players what and how to do things. News flash, Doman isn't a very good coach. Anae did better than him, as predictable as he was. Doman said he's still learning.
Get off Heaps and Riley. The entire offense is struggling. Shoot, even our Defense is having trouble with the run.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ...Mendenhall also pointed out the advantages of a running quarterback,

... It just gives you a different element," Mendenhall said of a QB that can make plays with his feet. "It doesn't mean one is better or worse. They're just different styles."

Right - and I prefer the "style" that put up the "W" last Friday night. I start Nelson. Heaps can buck up and be "the team player".

Salt Lake City, UT

Doman's focus this week is to prepare both quarterbacks "as if both were going to play this game, then let the head football coach make that decision. That's part of being the head coach he gets to do that and I'll support whatever decision he makes."

'Because if I don't support him, I'll never have a job in D-1 ball again, since my golden boy has regressed and the offense I call has no productivity or consistency and I would be laughed out of the building if I said my offense is "creative" in front of a Boise State crowd.'

Lindon, UT

Here is the thing. I don't want to be a jerk and give up on Heaps, but I understand that he is not performing. Not only is he not performing, but whenever he is on the field the players around him don't either. They have lost confidence in him.

I would say that Riley had a lucky drive that just happened, but then you need to look at the mentality. When Heaps was on the sideline looking like he was gonna cry, Nelson brought in a much needed energy, and brought that intensity to the rest of the team as well.

I say start Heaps and see if he learned anything from this at all, and if he does not complete around 60% of his passes and actually take a hit or two for the team, then put Riley in quick. (No later than the second half.)

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