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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 4 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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First off, Riley shouldn't have to apologize for his hair. It's not out of control, or down to the middle of his back. He is fine. But heaps should have been surprised. He had been given so many opportunities and never capitalized. I think it was his job until he lost it by not producing. Nelson came in and was productive. He even completed a pass or two. It wasn't the most pretty motion, but he did it and that's all that matters. I think you give Heaps chances here and there. But it should be his job to gain back. Riley has shown he can spark the offense. Heaps can definitely learn a lot from Riley. Nelson not only can take a hit put he looks to give one. If I was bronco i would put Heaps on Punt/Kickoff practice squad and teach him how to take a hit and be tough.

Saint George, Utah

Ok, that's a funny entry! See Y fans, there are U fans on here who are funny...on purpose.
BTW, just the Nelson hair cut part is funny. The go with Heaps part...not so much.

South Jordan, UT

I think people are giving Jake too much lee way. If he's half as good as everyone thinks he is it would have shown by now. People complain about bad OC and WR but those are just excuses. Remember Max Hall came in here with a lot less D1 experience as a sophmore and did just fine. Even last year against poor teams Jake's brilliance was still just ok. And this year all the teams we have played were poor and he's doing even worse.

Overland Park, KS

Riley, you're refreshing thanks!

Mcallen, TX


Quarterback depression? We don't need a wimp.

Heaps should demand the bench. Wait a year and half and make his move.

Somewhere in, Utah

If I'm Bronco, I'm telling my defense during practice to pressure Heaps on every play until he gets used to being a target. Defenses know they just have to get near him and he panics anyway.

That being said, I still think Heaps should be starting but bring Nelson in on some plays to change it up.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ Clueless in the Dark

"I've heard that there will be NO television for the Oregon State game. Haven't we been told repeatedly by certain folks up north that EVERY PAC 12 game is supposed to be nationally televised?"

As it turns out! You weren't LISTENING to those folks up north or to Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott when the TV contracts were announced a few months ago. The 2011 football season is the last year of the "OLD" Pac-10 tv contracts. Of course you won't see Oregon State, or Utah playing KJZZ! Commissioner Scott renegotiated the "NEW" tv contracts so that EVERY Pac-12 football and mens basketball game will be "NATIONALLY" televised on either ESPN, FOX, or the Pac-12 Networks. The new tv contracts will begin for the 2012 football season for 12 years. Now you've been correctly informed!

Please Riddles, stop making things up! Your making yourself look foolish!

Somewhere in, Utah

I wonder if the coaches were all hoping that Heaps would have gone on a mission. Then they would have Nelson and Lark playing while he's gone and Jake could have backed up Lark his Sophomore year and start as a Junior and Senior.

Cedar Hills, UT

I always thought that Heaps needed a bigger helmet but it had nothing to do with growing out his hair.

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

re:utahcountyute "I always thought that Heaps needed a bigger helmet but it had nothing to do with growing out his hair."

That's funny! Thanks.

Give Nelson the nod for right now. He's got a lot of guts, maturity and drive and he's not afraid to hit or get hit.

Sure would like to see Lark play some. Didn't get a chance to see him in high school.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

PAC 12 loves U

Get your own facts straight:

Fact: The BYU-Oregon State game NOT being televised, even regionally.

Fiction: That EVERY PAC 12 game next season will be nationally televised.


Bronco, you are really going to wait for a whole week of practice to decide this?!

I don't care how well Jake does in practice this week, look what he has done in games; nothing. About the only good performance he has had was against UTEP in the Sun Bowl. Let Riley take the reins like he should have been able to do last year.

You would be better off putting all 5'11" 165lbs. of Alex Kuresa in rather than let Heaps and his arrogance continue. At least you would have composure and leadership at QB.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

PAC 12 loves U

Sorry to burst your bubble, but televising a PAC 12 game on the subscription-only PAC 12 Network isn't even remotely equivalent to a Nationally televised game on ESPN.

How many fans outside the PAC 12 are going to subscribe to the PAC 12 Network?

How many Utah fans currently have a subscription to the Big Ten Network?

Stop spinning and just accept reality that most of Utah's PAC 12 games are going to end up on a PAC 12 Network REGIONAL broadcast.

Salt Lake City, Utah

PAC 12 loves clueless

You really are if you believe that every Utah game next season will be nationally televised.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Bronco stated " it was only one game, one half " Hello just think what Riley would have done with the entire game.

I think it is a good strategy to not announce who the starter will be why give your opposition a leg up in game prep., that is smart, but the other comment not so much.

Bronco must find a way to round up the herd so to speak, of all the media attention and out of control rhetoric that comes from him, his staff and his knuckle head sophomoric qb and regain the media upper hand.

Lastly, who cares if Heaps transfers the stable is full of talent and new recruits so bye bye Heaps.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Is there any way Utah could get Chase Hansen a year early? We play him tomorrow night and I would dearly love not to have to deal with his athleticism.

Big Pappy
west jordan, utah

HAIRGATE!!!Really?! Ryley, if your hair length is bothering people, I am not one of them. I'm as bald as a que ball and I am jealous of anyone with hair. Was it a little long for the honor code? Maybe. Should people be complaining about it? Only if they have no life at all! Ryely, if that's the only problem you have while at BYU you'll be doing pretty dang good! Go Sampson...I mean Ryely.

Good luck to both qb. Both are fine young men with great futures.

Iowa City, IA

Don't worry about your hair Nelson, the only ones really worried/ offended are the self appointed U judges from Salt Lake. They are really good about telling others how they should live. You just keep winning.

Stockton, CA

It seems that Jake is much more inclined to be patient and condescending regarding his progress than anyone else is. Why is it that these guys have to be mollycoddled and pampered into performing?? My guess is that most of the good ones don't. Jake came in with huge hype and hasn't lived up to it. Whatever the reason, it's up to him to either perform or get out of the way. If her were honestly self-evaluating, he wouldn't have been the least bit surprised ...indeed, the biggest fan question is "What took so long?" It would probably serve Jake and the program well for him to be backing up and carrying a clipboard for the rest of this season, and redshirting next. Meanwhile, wonders could occur with a high quality quarterbacks coach (Ty Detmer?) added to the staff. Can you imagine Heaps' strength with Detmer's touch and accuracy? It is painfully clear is that Jake isn't nearly as D-1 ready as Jake thinks he is; he needs to back up, get serious about learning the parts he lacks, and catch up on his skills, both physical and mental. It could save his career.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

How many bad games does 'Hypes' have to play before somebody realizes the emperor has no clothes?

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