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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 4 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Still reeling from the rout?

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

I bet more Ute "fans" post comments than BYU fans...


west jordan, ut

No atheist. In spite of what many people firmly believe and bore witness of, I remain unconvinced that the defeat took place. Or if it did, it was not concerned with me or me with it. Surely you,of all posters can understand that type of logic....

Omaha, NE

Spread is 13 for this one. Seems about right. Only team SJSU has really seen that has any decent defense is Stanford, and they only scored 3. On the other hand, teams can put up points vs. this defense. BYU will be fine. I'm sure the team will allow points and some yards, but BYU has stopped teams who appear potent on offense already (Texas, USU, UCF) and held them in check pretty well.

If this team only wins by a few points, they will officially be in trouble. However, the team SHOULD win by at least 20 or so.


Clearly satire and jokes find it difficult to traverse your mind. Stay Classy, Bitterman, life is short and sweet.


"BYU football: Team providing mostly close contests for TV"

I'll say. Wasn't that BYU-Utah game a thriller?

Salt Lake City, UT

The Utah game was a mirage.


Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

I enjoyed watching the Huskies play last week. The team they beat wasn't that good.

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

Just like the good old days. All the utes have to hang on to is the fact that they beat BYU. Other than that game, their entire season is a bust.

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

Let me be very candid: any game on ESPN at any time on any day is infinitely better than a game on the MTN. For this case alone, independence is priceless.

Salt Lake City, UT

TheAtheist | 7:22 p.m. Oct. 4, 2011
Clearly satire and jokes find it difficult to traverse your mind.

That seems to fit you more than Bitterman

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

...more jealous rants from our little brothers on the hill.

54-10 hasn't helped U win a single game in the PAC 12.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


Still pretending that anybody cares about a game that was given to U???

The truth is, BYU fans have already put that little turnover fiasco behind us and have moved on, but Utah fans still anguish over "Beck to Harline" and "4th and 18" years later.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

I am glad that BYU is on TV. I do not care when or at what time. Cougars on TV is awesome for me and my friends in Alaska. On the other hand, the MTN I maybe got to watch one game a year. KSL streaming radio was as good as it was. Now the ESPN feed is live from where ever BYU plays and really fun to actually see a game. The close ones have been nail biters.

Go Cougars.

Springville, UT

So are you saying BYU is playing close and not dominating anyone because of TV?

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

"We say over and over and over, the most important stat in football other than the final score is the turnover margin."

Sounds like Mendenhall after the Utah-BYU game. If it just wasnt for turnovers, the outcome of the game may have been different.

Oh wait...that was Whittingham responding to the beatdown Washington put on Utah...my bad.

Go Wildcats!

Hayden, ID

When I think about the defeat BYU suffered at the hands of the Utees this year, I just think back to last year's basketball season against the Utees and soon I am smiling once again! Go Cougars!

Big Daddy Utah

Riley says each game is going to be a dogfight. Four of your next opponents, all at home, had better not be dogfights, they are terrible teams. By the way San Jose State beat CSU at CSU, CSU beat USU in Logan. Don't overlook this team or you will be embarrassed. But you should be them easily.

Granstville, UT

In response to the atheist...

No, the only play still fresh in everyone's mind happended this year. It is the Garo Yepremian imperonsation Heap's did in the 1st quarter. Priceless!

Chandler, AZ

A close game doesn't always equal an entertaining one. I'm glad I can finally watch every game, but I wish this year's team wasn't so excruciating to watch.

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