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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 4 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, Utah

Brad Rock is wrong, wrong, wrong! An injury decided the starter last season. One good bowl game against UTEP, of all teams, does not a leader nor BYU star make.
It is glaringly obvious that this young man needs time to develop and even then I as well as the majority of bloggers in these threads may not be convinced that Heaps has what it takes. There are mature men, like Nelson and Lark, who are prepared in every way to lead this team. All that's missing is the starting reps in practice to develop the timing it takes. Most people don't realize how limited the non-starters are to snaps at practice with the 1st team O. Riley did what he did with little to none. I, for one, would love to see what he or Lark could do with as many snaps as Heaps has been getting.

Saint George, UT

BYU should start Heaps each game and sub Nelson when he gets in his funks. Then the Cougars can get a shrink on the sidelines to help Jake with the phantom linebackers sacking him in his head? If so things might improve with time, if not they could always give Lark a shot. Or they could line up both Jake and Riley in the backfield and keep the other team guessing which one is realy running the play.

St George, UT

BYU needs to do what is best for their program. Either Heaps is a bust or he is very under achieving. Either way, if Nelson gives the Cougs the best chance to win, he needs to start. If Heaps pouts and transfers, so be it, there are other lining up to take his place.

Atlanta, GA

I like Riley Nelson and I appreciate what he did for the team against Utah State. However, Riley is a band-aid and not a long term cure. He does not have the ability to be a starting quarterback in BYU's offense. Sure, he had a great three or four series against Utah State but they had not prepared for him. If a team knows he is the starter and they have a week to prepare for him then he will be shut down. He has no arm for throws greater than about 20 yards so teams will be able to take advantage of the shortened field and focus on shutting down the short passing game and the run game.

If Jake is not the future then it will be Lark or the transfer kid coming home from a mission. These next few games will be against teams that any quarterback can beat. Now is the time to give Jake the opportunity to improve. And he will only improve if he is playing.


I feel like I am taking crazy pills here. Start Jake? Really? Why? So we can drive to the 30 yard line and have our drives die out? In 1 quarter Riley was able to finish not 1 but 2 drives, and thats better than Jake has been able to do all year. He has 3 TD's on the year + 1 rushing TD that was actually set up by Riley. People tend to point out "How well" Jake played last year, but who did they play? Wyoming, Colorado State, UNLV. My 8 year old nephew could have been QB and they still would have won. BYU needs to finish drives and they have a QB in Nelson that has proven he can do it (and despite their record I think Utah St is probably the best team in Utah, they are 5 minutes from a 4-0 record)

Overland Park, KS

If the season were a wash, you give the upcoming youngsters time to see what they can do, however, the season is in full force, you play the best player to get you a W. Heaps has the golden resume, but continues to miss receivers and make bad decisions. I have seen many a QB with golden arms (pros and college) that never do get it all together, a good QB uses his head as much as his arm. Riley earned back his job, now it is Jake's turn to earn his job back, if he can. It's pretty simple. Starting Jake again in front of the home crowd would not be good for the team at this point.


As for Jake, I say we bench him and if he transfers all the better. He is a glorified version of Ben Olson or Matt Berry. give Riley and Lark their run. we have a 3 star and 2 4 star QBs no one has ever heard of because they are all to focused on "how great" jake is. truth is he is nothing. let the real QB's go out and prove themselves.


The long term cure seems to be a new QB coach that knows what he is doing, and can help Heaps. He certainly is not improving but going the wrong direction. Sure Heaps was a talented High School Player that seemed to be improving at the end of last season. What has happened since? A new OC who in learning a new job, seems to not successfully manage two roles let alone one role.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Jake has had sook many chances. Others have not. Jake has not earned the right to continue to play. Nelson, then Lark if that does fail.

UC Baller
Salt Lake City, UT

Jake was great in High School because:
-he had a great coach that threw it a lot and padded his stats
-he never got sacked
-he surrounded himself with studs, State Champs 3 years in a row.Studs everywhere.
-all his recivers were 6'4 athletes and fast. 3 are starting as Frosh or Sophs at other D1 schools (i.e. saw couple on Saturday dismember Utah)
-he believed his own hype and had a PR person really good at doing HER job
(even held a press conference to announce where he was going to go to school)
-never had to take a hit

Its time to move on. He told everyone he was only staying at BYU for 2 years and then was gone. He thought to the NFL...but maybe his crystal ball really meant transfer. I dont know where he would go and play right away as the 116th ranked QB nationally out of 119.

If we dont make a switch, why do we have more than 2 QB's on the roster? I bet the 5 that are coming in are watching this very closely...

Gilmer, TX

Like most of the great BYU quarterbacks, Heaps needs time on the bench watching and learning what a BYU quarterback is. He's been nothing but a disaster this year on the field. We don't want this season to be a total disaster. The Utah game was enough of that. Play Nelson and let Heaps get his act together, if he can. At this moment there appears to be a huge gap between now and Heaps illustrious NFL Hall of Fame career.

Saint George, UT

The "row to hoe" could not be more inviting:

San Jose State
@Oregon State
Idaho State
@TCU (Cowboy Stadium)
New Mexico State

5 easy wins.
2 toss-ups.

Whomever becomes Bronco's choice, the starter will put up some amazing numbers.

BYU should easily end up 8-4 going into the bowl game.

If the "toss-ups" go their way, they could be 10-2.

Boise, ID

I agree with Rock. Nelson is fun to watch but he can only take BYU so high. Invest more time in Heaps. If Heaps heart and mind catch up to his arm, he will be one of the best BYU qb's ever. Nelson has the heart and mind but when teams game plan for him and make him pass, his game will fall apart.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

re:GA cOUG

How do you improve against poor teams ? OK teams that we should easily beat, Let me rephrase, teams that the other Big Sky teams beat handily. You do not improve you are ignoring the problem hoping it goes away or it gets all better all on its own.

Lets stay in the real world, the present, this weeks game in fact, and play the clear stand out Riley.

Band aid really, a few good reps, did you not watch the game ? Riley goes in with 5 minutes left in the third quarter, basically a sinking ship, bails the team out and you call it a few reps, Wow I guess the sun is really just a bright light. Or you are Heaps immediate family.

Sorry it is all captured on film, archived and will be for ever canonized as one of the best come backs a BYU qb has engineered. Sorry.

Cougar Passion
Riverton, UT

It seems a shame to me that James Lark is being penalized essentially for his timing. He is stuck at third-string because he wasn't immediately ready to play coming back from his mission--imagine that--so he doesn't get the reps in practice necessary to improve his skills fast enough to overcome the inertia of having two other players ahead of him, regardless of their lack of production. So, we may be stuck for some time with one quarterback who isn't nearly as good as he thought, and another who, as much as we like his character, isn't a long-term solution to lead the team. Of course, Brandon Doman could eventually see himself in the mirror and suggest to Bronco that Lark be given the starting job with a couple of games left in this season. But that would mean several more mediocre games until then. I hope the coaches have better vision than that, but I'm not counting on it.

The Cucamongan
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I concur with Rock too. Did anyone look at the eyes of Heaps when Nelson was enjoying success? I believe that he has already received his wake-up call thinking that he was not replaceable. If Heaps cannot get it done with some of the cupcake opponents prior to TCU, then yes - Insert Nelson and Lark! Heaps can sit the rest of the season on the bench and figure out what went wrong.

Saint George, UT

The coaches need to find out which QB the team will follow and fight for. It really doesn't matter who that QB is. If the team is forced to play for a QB that they don't believe in, then they will look lethargic, fumble and drop passes cause they just aren't feeling it. When the team believes in the guy the coaches choose as QB, good things will happen. It's all about chemistry.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lay off Jake. I think he is really good.

red rocks
Saint George, UT

The problem is Doman not the QB there is no creativity.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Wrong,wrong, wrong the injury helped put the misery of the dying horse to rest... Jake is by far a better QB, BYU fans have a serious case of short term memory, Riley is a great kid but he is NOT going to be the answer. Jake should and better be the starter this week. WAKE up BYU fans, your stomping all over the future...

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