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Published: Monday, Oct. 3 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

If I'm BYU I would join if an invitation is given, but only for football. Kepp all their other sports in the WCC in case the Big XII does collapse in 2-5 years. But if I doesnt, then eventually move all sports to the Big XII.

XII should also invite TCU, Louisville and Air Force to get to 12. If expansion is to 14, then I think Memphis and Houston would be good fits.

BYU could continue and build its "rivalry" with TCU and build one with Air Force.

PS, hey Ute "fans" how is the Pac 10.2 working out?

Gilbert, AZ

Get the BYUtv rights on a written contract with the Big 12 and then make the move BYU. And please don't send football only to the Big 12, we might as well stay independent if that is all we can get.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

If they join the Big 12, BYU shouldn't feel obligated to keep all the non-football sports in the WCC since that conference only has 6 sports that don't include things like track and swimming.

The WCC has always been an imperfect solution sought in desperation when the WAC collapsed. If you're going to join the Big 12, go all in.

Frisco, TX

The speculation is killing me. Will the conference reorganization drama ever end?

For those concerned with stability, the media rights deal makes the Big 12 as stable as any other conference. The only real questions are -

Will Missouri leave? Not with the new media rights deal. They know they would be a very small fish in the very big SEC pond.

Will the Big 12 expand to 10 or 12? Oklahoma and most others want 12, and Texas wants 10. Texas will concede in the guise of being a team player and the conference will go back to 12. There's too much money on the table with the conference championship game not to go to 12.

Who will be added to get to 12? TCU and BYU are odds on favorites to fill two of the slots. BYU's silence is telling. If they were not interested in the Big 12, they would be more vocal. They were waiting to see in the media rights deal went through and for Missouri to make a decision. Once Missouri decides to stay, expect an announcement within a few days.

Louisville will likely be the 12th team added, with WVU going to SEC.

Iowa City, IA

BYU needs to be quiet. The last time they trusted someone they got thrown under the bus.


If half of the Big 12 had joined the Pac 12 creating a superconference BYU would have had reason to worry.

That being said, that arrangement is really not viable and was only a move by Oklahoma for bargaining purposes.

BYU should continue forward with concern for Independent scheduling. If the Big 12 comes to them singing the right tune, great but, I think BYU is in a pretty good position regardless of what transpires.

Super-conferences are a lot of fun for talk show hosts to discuss but, the reality is it's a difficult thing to pull off. Anyone caught up or planning around them is focusing on the "20" of the "80/20" rule.

St. George, Utah

Hey Tom, there are seats available on flights to Texas. Are you booked? You could use my credit card if you need to.


I am a graduate of Oklahoma State and I watched the Big 8 expand to the Big 12.I am caught up in this conference realignment talk. I now believe that the recent decisions have made the Big 12 Conference stable and I, for one, would love to see BYU join the North Division. I would also love to see your rival, Boise State, lured away from their recent conference commitments and also join the North with another joining the South to bring our numbers back to 12. BYU would be a fine addition to our conference, hopefully in all sports, not just football.

Omaha, NE

Listen to me, stay Indepedent. Your trips to Ames, Lubbock, Waco, Manhattan (KS) are horrible nearly year round. I know this, trust me...Midwest is not idea in any way shape or form for weather. The Utes are blessed to be able to go to AZ, CA, WA, and OR...much better venues and cities...

Omaha, NE

usbummer, I do not want to see Boise in the same division as BYU. Most people are so sick of Boise, and I doubt they'd want them anyways. They are only good in football and are not strong academically. Boise is not our rival. I don't know where you got that from.

BYU would be crazy to only join in football. Does BYU seriously want their teams in the WAC, WCC, Big 12, and any other conference? What a mess that would be. Go big or don't go.

I for one, do not want BYU to join. Like Utah, I think it would be hard to win conference championships very often and may take years to start doing so. The PAC and Big 12 have very dominant teams in specific sports. I like knowing Utah will not win a championship in a long time...I don't want BYU to join that losing side. However, BYU won ~140 MW championships to Utah's ~49, so BYU would likely be winning first.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Portland Trail Blazers

"PS, hey Ute "fans" how is the Pac 10.2 working out?"

I'm so glad you are worried about the Utes. The "Pac-12" is working out great! We took a beating by Washington, but that was expected with our starting QB going down. But, give the Utes a few years to get depth on their roster. Utah wouldn't trade the Pac-12 for any other conference. Thanks for thinking about us though.

PS, How is irrelevance working out for you? I mean Independence? I felt so bad for the Cougies after that 54-10 beat down Utah handed you on ESPN2 for the whole country to see. Ouch! ESPN must be embarrassed to sign an 8 year deal for a sub-par team to get smoked!

Syracuse, UT

@ Bleed Crimson

They are embarassed from the beat down, but he there not 0-2 in conference play, and the Utes are representing the state of Utah and haven't showed up against the Pac yet, and they won't this saturday against ASU.

Clearfield, UT

The Big 12 should just add AFA, BSU and BYU and call it good. Three teams to get back up to 12. Three new markets for TV contracts. Look west Big 12. Too much competition on the east side.

Sandy, UT

@Bleed Crimson

Speaking of Irrelevance... Crimson?
When will Utah actually incorporate "Crimson" into their Uniforms.

Fire Engine-Nebraska Red and Black doesn't cut it anymore.

When Utah can get their Colors and Mascot straight (Red Tail Hawk? Utes?) then U can talk.

Oh, that political correctness can be so hard to navigate.
Stanford used to be the Indians. They are now the Cardinal, not the bird, The Color!
And their mascot is a "Tree"!

Utah, you really have finally found your Home.
Like-Minded Conflicted Libs.

As for irrelevance, ESPN does not think so, regarding BYU.
Thankfully, the "Nation" tuned out of the Utah/BYU game, so like all Utah Games, nobody really saw it.

In fac,t the Central Florida v BYU game drew 3 times the audience.

We'll see BYU again this week on one of the ESPN netrworks, and Utah?

Highland, UT


So because utah's conference teams are on the pacific coast and Arizona that means BYU shouldn't join the BIG12 if invited? You have been on here for months claiming BYU will never get an invitation anyway, now that it looks like a very real possibility your position is they shouldn't go because of weather?

That sounds like more ute "fan" paranoia to me. The BIG12 is a superior conference to the pac10 in both football and basketball, if BYU ever becomes a member of that conference there is nothing utah "fans" like yourself can claim superiority in except one completely irrelevent thing....weather. Your new spin is the weather is better in utah's conference. LOL!

Now I will give you this, I would prefer to travel to better weather destinations to see my team play, but I'll travel to the other places anyway. Ultimately fans just want to see their teams play.

Now once again joining the BIG12 is something I'm not sure I want to see BYU do but I find it extremely funny how disconcerting, frankly down right terrifying, the possibility of it is to utah "fans". Now you're reduced to "weather" smack. LOL!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Portland Trail Blazers:

"If expansion is to 14, then I think Memphis and Houston would be good fits."

Memphis? Memphis is so bush league, it couldn't even carry the COUGARS' water. Why would you want Memphis in your league? Do you think you'll need more cupcakes to keep from going 0-9 in league play? It isn't as if the Big TeX needs to bolster their basketball league, and since football is the who's been driving the Brinks truck, under no circumstances would adding Memphis add value to the conference.

"PS, hey Ute "fans" how is the Pac 10.2 working out?"

I have to laugh at cougar fans desperate attempts to denigrate Utah's exaltation into those mid-majorey, frantic and emotional cougars' first choice of conferences. You wanna know how it's been working out? I'll tell you...it worked out GREAT! We were INVITED! And to a conference whose TV package is worth 3-times the value of the Big TeX, which I might add, you haven't been invited to yet.

Edge: Utah.

West Jordan, UT

All this conference smack and mascot smack and colors smack is irrevelant.

How about we talk about wins? Both teams have been embarrassed once this year. Fortunately for BYU, their embarrassing loss had little to no bearing on the end of the season. Yes, BYU is locked into the Armed Forces Bowl. After the loss to Tx all hope of BCS busting went out the window. Utah had zero effect on that.

Utah fans on the other hand were pounding their chests that the utes could break into the Pac12 Championship game THIS year. Their first year ever in the Pac12. As impressive as that would have been, they are now 0-2 in conference and lost a pitiful game to a mid-pac12 team. Losing to Pitt wont matter you say? Well, it will matter if you dont have enough wins to get into a Bowl Game. You need 6 wins to go bowling and I only see 3 more than U will be the favorite to win. Do the math.

I'd say Utahs embarrassing loss is quite a bit more embarrassing. And more of a reality check for ute fans.

Omaha, NE

@duck hunter. The offer is not on the table according to most sources. Be that as it may, to state that the Big 12 is a better conference is a bold statement backed by nothing but hot air. There is a reason why the PAC-12 if titled, "The Conference of Champions". An interesing statistic from the Bejing Olympics. It was stated that the athletes from the PAC-12 alone would have ended up in the top 10 for medal count. As for weather, it is more than just terrible midwest weather. There is NOTHING to do in the midwest...Nothing but drinking and talking about the weather, lol.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


For once, I actually agree with you. I've been advocating the Utes wearing "Crimson" ever since my college days in the 90s. And while I LOVE our "Blackout" events, I do not like that "Texas Tech" RED jersey with BLACK pants look displayed in last weekend's game.

And correct you are about that Red Tailed Hawk. For starters, it looks like a chicken on steroids. But most importantly, we are not the "Red Tailed Hawks". We're "UTES"! What an AWESOME mascot to have. And we should run with it the way Florida State does with a fierce Native American warrior, a horse, and a flaming spear....or something cool like that, that would honor the proud heritage of our namesake.

But let's not do the "tomahawk chop". That looks pretty lame.


P.S.: It's true..."Independence" = "Irrelevance". And it's really just another glorified title for "WAC-lite".

Highland, UT


I really like the way you pretended that the olypmic sports have anything to do with it. 1st of all I said the Big12 is superior to the pac10 in "football and basketball" and it is. There isn't even any real argument to the contrary. I didn't say anything about womens gymnastics, softball, cross country or any other irrelevent sport. Besides with the exception of womens gymnastics utah is pretty poor in all of those "olympic" sports so you can look forward to years of futility in all of them, not that that is anything new as they were pretty futile in their old conferences.

Did the pac10 win gold in football and basketball in Beijing and we just havn't heard about it?

As far as BYU going to the BIG12, well none of us knows anything, but it's pretty obvious based on all of the talk, rumors, etc. that there is something to it. How that will turn out is anyones guess but like I said before, the meer possibility of it happening is absolutely destroying utah "fans" like yourself. naval vet has to hysterically get on here multiple times per day to try and pretend otherwise.


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