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Published: Sunday, Oct. 2 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Spanish Fork, UT

I would hope that BYU is smart enough to pick a starter and not go with the two quarterback system again which proved to be an utter failure last year. They should keep playing Nelson as long as he is effective. Heaps is still the future but has shown that he is not yet mentally prepared to lead the team where it matters most, on the field.

As far as USU goes, I think Anderson has them overachieving big time. The late game let downs can be attributed to lack of athleticism and depth.

Utah's made their bed and now must sleep in it. I would not be surprised to see them miss a bowl game this year. The only question is how quick the newly acquired band wagon fans run for greener pastures? I guess there's a chance they'll show up for the champion caliber womens gymnastics. They sure won't have much else to root for.

Morgan, UT

Heaps is still the future...work with him, start him, but do not be afraid to pull him and insert Riley if he is not producing...Heaps needs to have a sense of urgency buy not wound so tight with emotion.

West Jordan, UT

I believe BYU has to continue to start Jake. He is our starter. But as Veracity said, keep him on a short leash and if hes not moving the offense/scoring td's he needs to sit.

The qb has to be able to make decisions on the fly and it doesnt seem like Jake is capable of doing that right now. Who knows how many plays Doman called that Riley actually ran like it was meant to be ran. He made really good decisions in real time and thats why he was successful.

the boonies, mexico

Utah State "is not over achieving" they merely are snake bitten! Maybe a little to conservative late in games but overall they have made terrific strides the past couple of years and now have a QB to build around for the future, they should continue to grow to equal what a great basketball program they have had forever. Go Ags.

Federal Way, WA

One more change please. Why cant the center snap the ball back quickly rather than the floater that costs the QB a half count on every play. To me, to really affects the timing of the plays.

As for Heaps, he doesnt have it with regard to the mental approach to the game. He doesnt throw with touch, telegraphs his throws, and doesnt quickly check down to 2 or 3rd recievers. Did I mention that he gets "crazy eyes" whenever the gets pressured? He has to work on all of that. Unfortunately, he cant do that from the bench.

I thought Nelson was a Senior. Last report was that Lark was also playing better than Nelson. It looks like it could be some type of sharing time again. This could end up very messy. Hope Heaps takes his medicine and dedicates himself to improving his play rather than pouting or taking his ball and going home.

Saint George, UT

I really don't think that Heaps is the future for BYU. He came out of HS as one of the top 3 QB's in the nation and BYU landed him. So far, he really hasn't worked out for BYU. High school was easy and now college ball is just too difficult for him right now. Maybe there is some bad chemistry between him and the other guys, who knows. What I do know is this, when Riley came into the game, the team stepped it up like I haven't seen before. The players were playing all out for Riley and knew that he could win the game for them. I'll bet the players won't respond like that for Heaps anytime in the near future. If he decides to transfer, let him. I think he has lost his fan base anyways. BYU recruits 6-8 QB's every year and everything will be just fine. Riley and his back up Lark can take charge for the rest of the year and salvage a decent season without Heaps.

Idaho Falls, ID

I think Nelson has earned a shot at starting, no question about it. Give him the reigns this next game and see what he does. If he doesn't produce much better than Heaps, give Lark a look. With the pressure, lack of fan support, and apparent lack of teammate support, I don't think Heaps can be BYU's QB for the next 2 yrs and expect to be successful. He has had a real legitimate shot at starting QB. I just don't see the potential. I am sure he would do well against the upcoming patsies, but we need to start preparing somebody who can lead the team for the upcoming games with TCU, OSU, and Hawaii.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Gotta laugh at the question: Will Utah win another game without Wynn?

Classic Des News overreaction. And a ridiculous notion.

Is it possible that Utah loses the rest of their games? Of course it's POSSIBLE. There's just a better likelihood of winning the lottery.

Oregon State at home is almost a slam dunk, with or without Wynn. So is Colorado.

Hays, while he fumbled and threw a pick, impressed me last night. I didn't expect anything out of Hays when he was put into the game. But once he got comfortable, he looked good. Especially on the last garbage time TD drive... when he showed that he has the accuracy to make completions.

John White struggled a bit yesterday, but he will be back. So, in spite of this article's ludicrous implication that Utah's run game is dead, we most certainly WILL be able to rely on our run game for the rest of the season.

Go ahead, D News. Pile it on. Utah will compete this season, and it will be great to see the crimson on your faces when all is said and done.

Old Navy
Provo, UT

Heaps may be more talented, but sometimes it takes more than talent. Detmer wasn't the most physically gifted qb, but he was intense and smart. Kellen Moore at Boise State doesn't have the greatest physical talent either, but he can flat out play and knows how to pick a defense apart.

Nelson brings leadership, maturity, mobility, and intensity to the table. The BYU offense responded to him differently than Heaps. And he found a way to win the game. That speaks volumes. Heaps may be the future, but let's worry about this season now. Nelson has earned the starting job.


Riley! Riley! Riley!

He showed leadership, talent & heart!
Thats what we need!


KEETON....sheesh. Best QB in the state, get the correct spelling.

And I hope Heaps transfers b/c he needs to start (his FB career, reputation) anew. Hopefully, he'd have learned to avoid speaking to the press, develop touch on his passes, and take some hits during live practice. Doubtful at this point he'll win a Nat'l Championship or get drafted by any NFL team, esp. @ BYU-Provo.

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

Once teams are able to game plan for Nelson and his running ability, he will become less effective because they will force him to beat them with his arm. His arm isn't as good as Heaps, but then again, Heaps hasn't been accurate either, so its probably a toss up now, with a slight edge to Riley because he is mobile and can make things happen.


Keeton. Best quarterback in the state deserves to have his name spelled correctly, yes?

And Heaps should transfer, repair his reputation, get a do-over. Hopefully, he'd have learned to avoid speaking to the press, develop touch passing skills, taking hits in live practice sessions against first-team D.... at this rate, no way he wins a Nat'l Championship @ BYU-provo or gets a sniff from any NFL franchise.

Providence, UT

Anderson has the Aggies playing better overall than they have for a long time. It seems like responsibility for the losses to Auburn and Colorado State has to be at least shared by the special teams coaching effort, which right now doesn't seem to be a strong point. But all the games have been close enough that a little improvement in any of several areas would have made the difference.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

What question, this program would be 4 & 0 ranked 13 or higher if Riley had been the starter in the first place.

There is no doubt about who cane lead, who can bring the most out of his team mates, and who has the will and drive to win Riley hands down.

Jake needs to learn from Riley and witness first hand what it means to play with composer, focused determination, fight for every yard and never quit.

Riley is a footballer all day long baby, all day long.

Morgan, UT

Although the win/loss column does not show it, Utah State is the best team in the State...period.

Heaps just needs to grow up and mature some...he is what, three/four years younger than Riley. Although Keeton is a true freshman and does play with alot of maturity.

The only real plays that Riley ran correctly were the designed quarterback draws...the rest were broken plays...he does have the ability to run around and find other options, but BYU can not make a season based on broken plays and miracle catches in the inzone.

Continue to develop Heaps...

Enid, OK

Time to start, Nelson.

Usually I'd say he's nowhere near as accurate as Heaps, but lately Heaps has been anything accurate. Plus, Heaps hasn't shown any real fire for quite some time this season.

Over pride and an L or humility and a W, I'll take the W.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anderson has a history of blowing leads -- at two local schools.

Heaps start? No. Start Riley, give Lark reps in practice for a couple weeks, reassess after a couple games, put the full-court press on Chase Hansen.

The Utes' season is up in the air right now.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Heaps is not doing well right now. Nobody is arguing that. However, he WILL get better! I agree with giving Nelson or Lark playing time when Heaps is down; it shows Heaps that he needs to earn the spot (no tenure in sports), and it gives BYU a better chance to win.

Don't judge him by a few weeks at the beginning of his sophomore year in college. As a musician, if I was only as good as I was at the beginning of my sophomore year, then I'd be in trouble! I'm guessing it's the same for most of you guys.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Edit for clarity:

I said: "As a musician, if I was only as good as I was at the beginning of my sophomore year, then I'd be in trouble! I'm guessing it's the same for most of you guys."

I mean: "As a musician, if right now I was only as good as......"

I realized how confusing that sentence seems.

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