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Published: Sunday, Oct. 2 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

What I have heard about Ron Paul.

He attaches riders to spending bills that benefit his district, but then votes against the bill when it has enough votes to pass anyway.

This way he helps his district and gets to claim that he doesn't support any "unconstitutional" spending.

Those people who are Ron Paul groupies, ought to be aware of this.

Great State Of Utah

Where does he go off the deep end? Please state facts.

Rexburg, ID

Ron Paul could very win the nomination. Perry is on the outs now. Paul and Cain are battling for the top 3 spots alongside Romney.

Gruffi Gummi
Logan, UT

Why a "spoiler"? The very purpose of the current vetting and subsequent primaries is to give people a real choice between the candidates and their programs. The time for compromises will only come after the primaries are over, and the party will need unity (based on compromises) for winning the general election. Now, we choose WHO and WITH WHAT will represent the Republican Party, and I hope it will be Ron Paul.


Who are you to say that Ron Paul 'probably won't win'? Please don't pretend to know who will and who will not win. Please stop trying to convince the public that it is no use supporting Paul, as if he doesn't have a chance. We The People can judge for ourselves.


@ CJB: Ron paul knows that if congress passes an appropriations bill, HIS constituants will have their money taken from them. This is not good and this is why he votes against the bil. Now, the reason he asks for something for his distric in the bill, is because it will probably pass, so why not try to get some of HIS constituants at lease SOME of their money back?

If you were being mugged, but the mugger asked if you wanted to be mugged, you would vote NO. Now, if the mugger offered to give some of your stuff back if you asked, would you ask? I think so.

This is the reason Paul does as he does. It is perfectly logical.

David King
Layton, UT

Thank you DN for publishing this. I'm convinced if more people can hear Dr. Paul's message straight from his mouth, they will see the wisdom in his words.

Ron Paul receives more donations from active duty military than all of the other Republican candidates combined.

Ron Paul predicted the housing crisis and subsequent recession. No other candidate can say that.

He's the one candidate who understands the economy as a whole, not just business and making money. He's the one candidate who has dedicated his life to defending the principles of our Constitution.

Don't believe what you hear. Look up Ron Paul for yourself and believe in liberty again.


Ron Paul might be a good man but to me he is way to old and a little bit off on a few things. He is not what this Country needs at this time. We need to get back to where we are the greatest nation on earth again. We need jobs, jobs and more jobs. We need someone who can turn things around and make this Country again like we use to be. We need either Mitt Romney or Herman Cain to get in there and do what they do best and that is improve our economy. I might just be more for this than others as this economy has taken a great big toll on me and my family over the last three years. We are not better off than we were in 2007 and with our age it will be hard to ever have what we once had. It can be very depressing but I have faith in Mitt Romney or in Herman Cain that they can get us back on track to become the great Nation we call America.

David King
Layton, UT

If you're saying we need someone who understands the economy, Ron Paul is that man. Mitt Romney did not predict the housing crisis, Herman Cain did not anticipate the recession. It's one thing to understand how to turn a profit, it's another to understand how the economy works as a whole, where booms and busts come from, and the damage that the Federal Reserve has done, especially to the savings and purchasing power of the poor and middle class. Maybe Mitt Romney knows how to make a buck, but does he understand those who are suffering because the dollar is falling? Does someone who receives most of his money from hedge-fund managers and Wall Street millionaires represent the common man? Ron Paul receives mostly small donations from thousands of grassroots supporters. He is the ONLY candidate in the race who has made strict obedience to the Constitution a major facet of his campaign. Samuel Adams once made a statement about those who love "wealth more than liberty" and I fear that is what America has become. We have forgotten that liberty, not wealth, has made America great and allowed it to prosper.

Tyrone, PA

Wonderful comments, David King! Ron Paul is the only candidate who has upheld and will uphold the U.S. Constitution. This is even more significant than his principled opposition to the Federal Reserve (important though that is). From a Latter-Day Saint perspective, the Lord his clearly put his seal of approval on the U.S. Constitution; why then do so many of us permit ourselves to be led hither and thither by pied pipers who prioritize jobs, war, and other, lesser policy objectives? Would that we all loved liberty more than jobs, the stock market, our military forces, our government handouts, and the like. This nation will stand or fall on the Constitution -- not changing political fashions -- now and forever.


Ron Paul is the only person running our that run in the last presidential elections that 1) understands the constitution, 2) votes like he understands the Constitution, 3) understands why we are really in the mess we are in, and 4) has voiced the correct ways for us to get out of this mess. Both the democrats and the republicans eat at the same table, they are the same. We need to elect a president that truly understands the constitution, and doesn't give it just lip-service. That's what both Mitt and Huntsman do as well as everyone else running.

As whether he can be elected I think he can be if people really understand what he is for. I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Ron Paul for President!

Somewhere in Time, UT

Ron Paul CANNOT win, doesn't expect to win and will go back to Congress after he doesn't win. On top of that, he is too old. He's a good and sincere man, but he's a little off the deep end on foreign policy.

Please, let's not waste any more votes or treasure on someone who can't win. We really have a chance to defeat Obama. We need to unite around a strong candidate who actually can win. Please everyone, let's get out of denial and not waste our time on a spoiler who CAN'T WIN.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

For what it's worth, Paul has said that he will not campaign again for his seat in the House.

Spanish Fork, UT

Ron Paul is the candidate that impresses me most with his sincerity, preparation, understanding of the issues, and commitment to time-tested principles that our nation was founded upon.

I'm continually fascinated by how little the general GOP electorate knows about the man that is accurate. The Washington Post ombudsman recently did a study of their own reporting and concluded that -- while they didn't completely shut Paul out of reporting -- the few mentions Paul got in general articles tended to be short, shallow, and often inaccurate. That seems to be a common trend. I honestly think most political pundits and reporters have no idea what to do with the man or his ideas.

He's not the most polished on the stage, his voice is quite as mellifluous, and his body language seems the most un-coached. Yet, what he has spent his time doing is studying, learning, voting with principles, and inspiring grassroots interest in many ignored or misunderstood issues of liberty.

The man spent his first career delivering thousands of babies. He has a genuine commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Look him up and read his actual views. They're refreshing. :)

David King
Layton, UT

I have to disagree with you on several points:

"he is too old"
Ron Paul is a doctor who has taken good care of himself, runs and walks everyday. His health is just as good as most if not all the candidates.

"he's a little off the deep end on foreign policy"
You say that, but what do the troops say? You know, the ones actually fighting these wars and risking their lives? Ron Paul receives more money from active duty military than all of the other Republican candidates COMBINED. It seems that those who know the situation firsthand and are most affected by it agree with Ron Paul's ideas of non-intervention and bringing the troops home.

"let's not waste any more votes or treasure on someone who can't win"
the only wasted vote in a primary is one for a candidate who you don't believe in and won't hold to your principles. As for money, Mitt Romney doesn't need any of mine. I'll use my treasure on the man who doesn't have the advantage of corporate buddies to finance his campaign. I'm proud that my small contribution keeps a discussion of liberty moving forward.

Ronnie W.
Layton, UT

@ Cats

For someone who gets more donations from the military than all the others candidates combined, I don't think his foreign policy is too far off. I personally want the troops to come home.

If you refer to Mitt Romney as the person we can all rally around, you are mistaken. I will bet you 50 cents if Mitt Romney gets elected, the debt will keep increasing, the wars will keep going and things will not change. I will not support him. His tune changes as he changes what he is running for.

Huntington, WV

After studying Ron Paul's platform, I think that Ron Paul CAN beat President Obama in a head to head election.

Many people are rethinking this being the World's policeman policy that is draining our once rich economy.

We need to be nation building right here in our own country, not in the oil-laden countries as the oil companies and the military machine corporations wish. THEY are the ones prospering from this policy as we go more and more into debt to a communist nation.

Ron Paul has consistantly said this policy would bankrupt our nation and he wants to do the nation building right here at home, for the American people.

Ron Paul has my vote.

Sign me "An ex-Obama supporter"


Maybe they need a little spoiling." I have to disagree with Ron Paul on this; you cant spoil what is already rotten.

The media (especially the arrogant Associated Press) helps perpetuate the fiction that there is actually a fundamental difference between the two parties; they are both pro-war, pro-bail-out, pro-big government.

Paul is the freshest thing either party has had in years, and it scares the heck out of the status quo.

Salt Lake City, UT

I like his foreign policy when it comes to the military, and some of his streaks of libertarianism, but with everything else I very strongly disagree with him so he can't possibly earn my vote.

Salt Lake City, UT

"he's a little off the deep end on foreign policy"

Why do we have to spend over 6x more a year in defense spending than 2nd place china? What was the purpose of spending a trillion and losing thousands of soldiers to fight the iraq war? Why does the man who is explaining why Al Qaida attacked us on 9-11 get booed while listing the reasons bin Laden himself explicitly stated were the cause of it? Bin Laden listed our relationship with Saudi Arabia, our Israeli policy, and our military presence in the middle east as the reasons for 9-11. Guess what? "Hating us for our freedoms" wasn't one of them and Paul was correct to state that but he gets booed for the truth by the audience full of jingoists.

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