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Backup's unconventional approach sparks Cougs

Published: Friday, Sept. 30 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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San Diego, CA

Riley rocks. Period. End of story.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Very impressive. I don't care if you're a USU or BYU fan (or Ute fan for that matter), that was an awe-inspiring drive at the very end. That's football at its best: 96 yard drive in less than 2 minutes to win the game with a touchdown, not a field goal, a touchdown. Incredible.

I'm not hearing anything from the Aggie fans who were trash talking all week. It's very nice. But I have to say, this new Utah State team is fun to watch. Wish them the best.

Frisco, TX

Welcome to QB controversy version 2012.

Everett, WA

To Jake's credit, he cheered on Riley & teams' success from the sideline.

Lake Elsinore, CA

At the game tonight. Amazing.

I have been in the Jake Heaps camp for a long time, probably more than most. I think it's time to give the ball back to Riley Nelson. If Nelson keeps the job the rest of the year, then it might be a good idea for Heaps to redshirt next year during Nelson's senior year. Nelson looked great tonight. Heaps didn't.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Jake has a great arm but Riley has heart. Fans wouldn't normally storm the field for win over USU but I think everybody was inspired by Riley and who can blame the fans for wanting to get in on the act after an exciting comeback like that.

Go Riley and the Cougs! I hope he can keep the momentum going and stay healthy.

PS Utah State is a really good team. I hope they can learn to close out games. Best of luck to them.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

The problem with that final drive is... it wasn't earned.

Take away that 40-yard hail mary ugly ducking... and BYU loses this game.

And that hail mary pass was a bonafide fluke.

No sir, that winning TD was not deserved.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Wow I gotta tell you...

Amazed by the endless scores of Y fans dumping their trash all over Heaps.

Before the season started, a BYU fan would've cut your head off if you suggested benching him. Heisman, O'Brien, Manning. All that?


So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Re: CougFaninTX "Welcome to QB controversy version 2012." Sorry, but no controversy at all. In 1 1/2 quarters, Nelson did what Heaps has failed to do all season. It's very troubling to see Heaps' regression after his strong finish to last season. Nelson breathed some much needed life to a lifeless offense. And how refreshing to have a receiver other than Apo or Hoffman catch the ball. Welcome to to the offense, McKay Jacobson. Another big difference between Nelson and Heaps. Nelson does not throw a "beautiful" ball, but he goes though all of his progressions. Watch Heaps. He routinely zeros in on one receiver (Apo or Hoffman) and is so easily defensible. And when's the last time, the stadium was chanting "Heaps" like they were chanting "Riley Nelson"!

Springville, UT

By the sheer numbers of Utesie troll comments on the game stories it's been confirmed that ESPN noticed a spike in BYU game viewership this evening in the Salt Lake market.

You guys prove it day in and day out that BYU football makes a difference in everyone's life! Thanks for watching and caring enough to comment.


Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Nightmare scenario for Aggie fans: riley nelson caps amazing comeback win after another epic meltdown with lucky touchdown in final seconds. No waking up from this one Aggies. I used to be a big Byu and usu fan. The constant little brother hatred over recent years has changed my outlook on the Aggies. I hope turbin continues to tear it up. I hope keeton keeps up his great play. And I hope for Aggie fans these unbelievable choke jobs continue. Your bitterness puts a big smile on my face. Thanks Aggies you are the best. Look on the bright side though this is the most attention you will get all season. We may forget about you until next year and Byu may go onto lose several more games but your attitude towards Byu makes tonight very special. I absolutely love it.


Former Aggie Nelson had added incentive to go out a winner tonight...he had the proverbial "fire in the belly" playing against USU, while JH showed why he should ride the pine for awhile.

BYU may be better off offensively with a more mobile QB, at any rate. Glad they pulled the trigger and gave ANY of their serviceable backups a shot at unseating the incumbent. Despite the number of cupcakes left on their slate - except for TCU and Hawai'i - the Cougars may continue to struggle offensively. And they gotta play better D as well, esp. in the second half of games. And let's not forget ball security and play of BYU's special teams.

Logan, UT

It is funny to hear that everybody is a Riley fan, considering how maligned he has been by everybody on these boards and by the author of this article. Nice to see that you have noticed that he plays with heart. All you were interested in for the last 18 months has been Heap's arm strength; guess you have grown tired of watching balls hit the dirt with great velocity.

Harmon can't help but hand out backhanded compliments to Nelson, and what an opportune time to give Heaps a little chin-music to boost your readership. This place is such an echo chamber: 1) watch game, 2) decide on a platitude, 3) regurgitate it on the boards so people think that you might know something about the sport you profess to love. Being on the Nelson bandwagon right now is the most obvious move for a cougar-fan since cheering for Heaps in the 2 QB system last year. You'll have a new opinion and a new axe to grind in a few days, like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. A quality kid like Nelson isn't deserved by such a fan base.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I'll admit I was surprised. Good job Riley!

I still feel bad for Heaps. Fans let's try to be a little nicer to him. I'm worried about him right now.

The first priority for the Cougs right now is to win. Let's be honest, outside TCU and maybe Hawaii, the rest of the games are glorified scrimmages. Do we really need Riley Nelson to beat those teams? We could probably split time with the QBs the rest of the year and still win the rest of our games. I think it is important just for Jake's morale. With that in mind, maybe it would be good to redshirt Heaps next year and still have him around for two more years to give him a fair shake to master Doman's offense. We'll see how things go in the offseason.


How much longer are we going to keep up this charade?

East Coast Coug

Riley showed the X Factor tonight that we have been waiting for Jake to display. He has earned the right to start the next game.

Jake has been hurried into the starting role and spending some time seasoning--building his confidence, overcoming the amped-up jitters, and settling down will allow him to become the QB he has the potential to be. With Riley's performance and toughness, it is hard not to look back to Texas and wonder, What if....?

It took Doman way too long to realize this was the right move (rookie mistake, perhaps) and have the guts to make the change in the face of the Jake Heaps Hype Machine but at least he got there. Now maybe the Blue can get there too.

Orem, Utah

Great win for BYU hard loss for USU. A week ago I said Heaps needed to sit for a quarter or two... Maybe that needs to be extended to a game or two. Heaps will someday be a great BYU QB not sure when that might happen. The coaches have big chore to pick the starting QB for the next game.

Oh,the fish are a bitting at the berry!

Go Cougars!

Clearfield, UT

Time to bench Heaps and start Riley. Enough said.

Cache, UT

Riley is a classy kid. I still don't get the comments about wobbly passes. He can throw the ball. Look at his high school record. It seems his kid brother, DJ (USU commit, no less) is following in his footsteps. That kid has thrown 27 TDs and ran for 14TDs so far this year at Logan High School, with NO interceptions. I think we need to give them credit for their skills.

Gary Kinney
Huntington Beach, CA

Nice job Mr. Nelson. Nice comeback win! Still not enthusiastic about the Cougars play. Diluigi is NOT an inside the tackles kind of runner, why do they keep trying it? Keep trying to get him one on one with a linebacker and use that speed. Last thought...Doesn't BYU have a Dress and Grooming standard? Riley Nelson, cut your hair. You look like "Sunshine" from the movie Remember the Titans.

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