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Published: Thursday, Sept. 29 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Draper, UT

I Stand corrected. LP is for real, and they deserve the number 1 ranking. And Chase Hansen is for real. That was a fun game to watch. Bingham showed early on that they were try to run over LP all game, and it cost them a running back. LP's Hansen can throw with the best of them, and run better than most.


I can honestly say watching bingham get routed was a blast this evening..

SammyG Child

Great recruit for the Utes. Good to have you chase!


Great game lone peak your O looked in sync all night. Now Bingham needs to get healthy, I heard they had 8 starters out for tonights game.

LP Fan!
Alpine, UT

What a fun game to watch!!! and i think it was alot closer then the score indicated. But at the same time no. We had less mistakes. And played better D. but boy i must say it was nice too see this team lose. But not in a mean way. Great job Bingham you are a great team and still will be great.


That was impressive. I'm glad we have five divisions in Utah. That looked like a college team out there. Good job LP!

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Congratulations LP. Big win and you are for real. Enjoy the top.

This now, in all likelyhood, puts Bingham and Alta on the same side of the bracket in the playoffs. Should be fun. Hopefully Bingham gets another shot at LP.

Golden Helmet
Salt Lake, UT

Good work LP. Starters missing or not, you executed a great game plan!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

First time I've watched a HS game in years. Hansen is an athlete and the Utes are going to see big dividends in him wherever he plays on the field.

Doug Whitmore
salt lake city, UT

How could this happen? binghamalum, BT1984, Gunner, Football881, jarka-rus can you help us all understand how this could possibly happen? Please come back on here like you all promised. LOL. I can't wait to hear the excuses.

Murray, UT

It still stings that Hansen decided to pick Utah over BYU... Utah, you got a good recruit.

Layton, Utah

Congrats LP, Hansen is a stud, not much you can do when he throws up the ball and the DB's can't make the play. Binham's D was solid and got pressure on Hansen but he made big plays.

Altadad. running Daniel didn't cost him the game, it was the head to head hit that took him out. In the locker room he felt nauseous and was a little wobbly on his feet, concussion most likely.
Bingham took one on the chin last night but losing the strength of their offense was huge. They were dominating the line of scrimmage until they had to start throwing. Aside from Cantwell there are not a lot of weapons for Lail to pick from. Great game though. Bingham's season isn't over because of one loss. Bingham WILL be there in the playoffs ready to make another run. Besides Alta and LP, I don't see a lot of other teams that will take them behind the woodshed.

South Jordan, UT

LP is very good. I'm glad the qb will a Ute. My miners are vulnerable to the pass. Ouch!

South Jordan, UT

That Hansen kid was on fire. Its always good to see a player dominate like he did and be humble at the same time. LP defensive backs were great too. Bingham was banged up with a lot of injuries and handled adversity very well. More importantly this lost will prepare Bingham to make a good comeback for the rest of the season to redeem themselves in a rematch for the State Championship title. For now its Lone Peaks turn to carry the torch. We'll see for how long. Go Bingham!!!

Salem, UT

I have no alligences to either team so with that I give a resounding "High Five" to Lone Peak!!!!!

Granstville, UT

Since Bingham seems to be BYU's JV team, it clarifies why many don't seem to be able to give Lone Peak their props for pounding the Miners. "We had 8 starters out", "LP was lucky", blah blah, blah.

Bottom line, on this night at least, LP was the better team. Perhaps in November Bingham will be able to prove otherwise, but for now the issue of who's number one is clearly settled. Much the same as 54-10 settles things for this year.

And, congratulations to Tony McGeary, who has put together a great game plan on offense and defense for the Knights. Nice going Tony!


Hansen is amazing! And I'm sure that he's being made to look this good by an equally amazing offense and defense. I thought they may be the ones to end Bingham's impressive reign. I hope Alta gets a crack at them in the playoffs... I don't know if they'll fair any better than Bingham, but I would love it if they get the opportunity. And I can't wait to see Hansen playing for the U of U. Go Utes! And Hansen, you stay healthy until then.

Saint George, Utah

Totally agree on the sting of his choice to go to the U. However, even though I am a BYU fan, if he were my son I would have to counsel him to go where he could compete for a spot, like Jordan Wynn did. Granted, Wynn doesn't have the best throwing motion, but he came into the program and worked on his size, strength and athleticism and earned a spot.
This kid is already very impressive in all these areas but so will others be at the D1 level. He at least will get the opportunity to compete to play at the U.


Just like Bingham fans to make excuses ( 8 starters out ) just admit it you were outplayed in every aspect of the game and were beat by a better team. Chase Hansen is the best Quarterback this state has seen in a very long time.

Layton, Utah


Nope no excuses I'm still here, I admit the better team won last night but Bingham's season is hardly done in. I guarantee you wouldn't be on here if LP had lost. I can backup my comments. Bingham will crush AF, Lehi and PG. We'll see come playoff time who rises to the top.

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