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Published: Thursday, Sept. 29 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Pleasant Grove, UT

Business as usual. If President Monson received revelation that required a 3rd Official Declaration or creation of D&C 139 it wouldn't be announced in General Conference?

Sore loser
tampa, fl

It seemed to me that last conference's messages were rather pedestrian, however after more review they were very much the opposite. I always look forward to the messages and they really do offer a lot of light.

Salt Lake, UT

I don't believe in the Church anymore but being in a Mormon family General Conference is a nice weekend when everyone gets together and family members aren't rushing to do this or that. It's certainly cherished time for me. I wish family would get together for more relaxed weekends without needing the excuse of Church leaders speaking.

Leo Femedlers
El Paso, TX

General Conference is such an amazing time. The time with family, and if lucky a friend or two, is right up there with Christmas. Revelation, inspiration, being reminded again that these men and women are called of God...what's not to like? I can't wait!

Brother Dave
Livermore, CA

Looking Forward to another Inspiring Conference!!

American Fork, UT

Mormon moment? Get over yourselves.


@Hutterite: jealous some? Don't be. You, too, can have what we have if you put in the effort and seek God's will. Be happy, like we are!

Nice, CA

Hutterite | 5:26 p.m. Sept. 30, 2011 American Fork, UT Why read this paper if you don't like what is said? Just because the writer called it a Mormon moment don't mean we all look at it that way. It is a time to lesson to what or leaders have to say and to pray and reflect on what is said and to gain a testimony on what was said.

I thank all religions should hold a General Conference to instruct there members on what is going on in their church and to clarify church believes. This could save confusion on what the church leaders are teaching.
How many of you have had your local leader say something that gos agent what is being put out by you church leaders?
People have different believes and that is ok, but the person at the head makes the call for the church as a hole and then you should pray to make sure you understand and that is what God is telling them.

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