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Published: Thursday, Sept. 29 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Athens, GA

Agree Ute Alumni and JP!! And for those of you who are having fits about this--obviously you haven't been very far outside the Utah area. Tons of other churches have billboards advertising their churches and ministers. This is common in most areas as I've traveled and especially here in the south along the interstates are you going to have fits because they do it too? And what about the big TV ad campaign done in the last year by the Catholic church? Is that just as horrible as the LDS church doing it or are you being selective in your rants? And Bobosmom--yeah for small town Nebraska!! Wish it was also going to the Norfolk area, the BEST small town in Nebraska!

American Fork, UT

Good works are the best advertisement. Every member should be a walking, talking billboard of the faith. But although Americans don't believe Mormons have horns, they do believe Mormons are outside the mainstream and "dismissible" because of their differences. So, some media advertising helps. The Mormon doctrine is different than other faiths- that's true- but the members of the Church are pretty much like everybody else, with the same challenges, weaknesses, temptations, sins, jobs, hopes, dreams, and heart as the rest of the population. Somebody recently told me he was reading the Book of Mormon just to see what the fuss was all about. He may not join the Church, but it's always nice when someone actually knows something before dismissing and disparaging. Have a good weekend all.


L. Kaiser
You are always going to have people offended about something that we do!
I don't know where in Redmond you live but I remember living in Washington and I can NEVER remember when we or anyone I knew had missionaries tracking their streets once a week..I know as a missionary that we did not do that.
Weather people questions our motives or not should not be a deciding factor here. What is important is missionary work and getting people to understand who we are.
We have PLENTY of good works going on all the time and to those that find the truth of the church through these avenues, to them this also could be classified as "good works."


As few as 2 years ago if you Googled "Mormon", which most missionary contacts do, you were hit with lists of anti-Mormon propaganda. I think this campaign may have turned that around.
If you are interested in this subject than click on your favorite LDS sites to improve the search results. Join the conversation too.

Allen, TX

Raybies had the best comment on this post. If you don't understand it, watch Steven Colbert more often....

Nice, CA

I think this is great, all churches should do the same so everyone will be able to understand each other and may be there well be less greaf given to someone ells believes.

Pullman, WA

One of the problems the Church has is that although they do such good in the world, and although they are the fourth largest denomination in the United States, they are still not known by the majority of Americans. Many of these people, if they knew we existed and if they knew we were decent and caring and normal human beings, and if they knew where to find us, be they of whatever nationality they may be, they would be more open to listening to our doctrines and joining our great cause and having the wonderful blessings of this gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. So this campaign is incredibly effective in doing that, with our help.

The Apostle Paul said: "ye are our epistle". The lives of our members speak volumes when we try to determine what is the end result of being a Mormon. It is fantastic to be a Mormon. I absolutely love it. We care and we bless lives. Now that is not unique or exclusive to our faith, but it shows we are at least like you, if nothing more. That is a step forward in perception to many.

Enterprise, UT


I think most of us pay our tithing to the Lord Jesus Christ and don't plan on asking him what he did with it.

Bountiful, Utah

Personally, I don't like billboards of any kind.

Orem, UT

Nothing says "commodity" like a billboard campaign. In the 21st century, even our religion is factory-made, correlated, standardized, packaged in pretty colors, and sold to the masses. We are more interested in appearances than in substance--heaven forbid that anyone should think ill of us. We'll rest easier once everyone understands that we're just another harmless subculture; another shade of vanilla with a few happy quirks sprinkled on for flavor.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"Makes you wonder how your tithing dollars are being put to use."


Not me.

The one thing I will never have to wonder about is how the Church uses its money. You should learn more about it before you chuck your next grenade.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Just wondering if this would be happening if Mitt Romney and John Huntsman were not running for President of the United States.................

Idaho Falls, ID

I agree with Kami and pmmccombs. I dont like billboards. As members of the church, our actions and genuine love/service for others, our clean lifestyle and contributions to society and a positive article in the newspaper every now and then should be the only ads we need (besides the missionaries). I don't believe Jesus Christ was about advertising himself. He was about doing good for others and sharing a really important message. I have a hard time believing he'd want a 40 ft poster of himself draped over a building.

I have lived out of Utah for over a decade. I think this big of a campaign isn't necessary. It's frankly embarrassing. The areas where I've lived where the church is best accepted were the areas where members of the church worked side-by-side on positive community projects with people from other faiths, where members of the church were stellar citizens and formed genuine friendships with their neighbors, where the LDS youth are high achievers, friendly and cheerful and lived their standards without apology. When we get so focused on our image it tends to annoy and alienate others rather than draw them to us.

Pullman, WA

re: no Fit in SG

Yes, absolutely this would still be happening whether or not two Mormons were running for President. This is not about politics. It is about correcting misconceptions, one of the greatest of which is the one you just sited. We have candidates and influential individuals on both sides of the aisle and think you really need to consider the individual and the platform and not the religion.

On the other hand, I am not so sure this would be happening if the "Book of Mormon" Musical hadn't come out, and been so popular. It begs for some clarity on what Mormons believe and who Mormons really are. This campaign promotes the best asset the Church has, the individual lives of our membership, as our greatest PR campaign.

I like the explanation that since we can't move our members into all these neighborhoods physically, we can at least introduce you to who we are collectively.

I think the campaign could also help members better live up to what is expected of them personally. I know it makes me proud to be a Mormon. I want to live my life better and be an even better neighbor.

West Valley City, UT

These advertisements could really backfire. It could look like the Church is trying to shove jsut how "normal" they really are down people's throats. Also, if people get curious and start to Google and get sent to anti-LDS websites wouldn't that make the whole thing counter productive?

Murrieta, CA

I am a Mormon. I no longer go to church and no longer believe. Know what else? My type of Mormon is very much in the majority of all Mormons, when you consider the church world-wide.

ed in atl
Duluth, GA

We are excited to have this media blitz in the South. If people would just open their hearts and minds to us. We did good works in B'ham for tornado relief and I heard someone comment the 2 groups that helped most were the Mormons and people from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Stephen Colbert put it best when he said sarcastically Mormons are crazy for believing Joseph Smith got gold plates from an angel, but every other Christian and Jew isnt because Moses got the ten commandments from God in the form of a burning bush. Atheists can make strong arguments and are free to judge against all religions, but for a turtle to call a tortoise slow is ridiculous. Not sure why Mormons are always attacked for having weird beliefs. I do think that many Mormons are very different from the rest of the world, in good ways and bad. All religions are weird to people outside that faith. I don't feel like I relate to many of the members because of the "social Mormon culture" that I heavily dislike. Being outside of Utah is a breath of fresh air, people seem to be genuine and not try to be perceived as perfect saints. Too much attention and judgement is focused on sins that can be easily identified like tithing, word of wisdom, shopping on Sunday, ect. Instead of the serious problems like honesty(look at consumer complaints about dishonest summer sales companies that are 95% recently returned missionaries.

Bountiful, Utah

@ ed in atl, to be honest, though, when LDS help in a community effort they tend to want to have labels so that everyone recognizes who they are. There are MANY MANY groups that volunteer after weather disasters and most of them don't wear labels; thus, their group is not very identifiable. When I help in community activities with the church I chose not to wear the "recommended" label. And I help in many community activities that don't involve organized church members.

Maricopa, AZ

It's easy to see who would just prefer that the LDS just sit back, be quiet and go quietly into the night.
That is not the message The Savior gave when he sent his diciples to go forth and proclaim the gospel to every kindred nation tongue and people.
That advice was not just for ancient times, but for our times, and God's purposes don't change.
Critics and borderline members have always been ashamed of or critical of the church and more specifically of Christ himself.
The fact that many in the LDS church perform good works in their communities, and yet we are still relatively unknown is a very good reason to increase our exposure.
That requires that members be who they claim to be and live the way they should.
But it also gives people a much greater understanding of who we "really are" vs the decades of missinformation and misunderstandings that the church has passed through.
So just as the anti ads have their right to present their "version" of OUR religion, I see nothing wrong and everything right about proclaiming who we are and what we believe. Sorry if that offends someone;)

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