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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 28 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I really hope the offenses breakout game is on Friday. It might need to be. No disrespect to Utah State's defense, but besides studs like Bobby Wagner, as a whole I think the past 4 weeks the defenses BYU has faced have been better. I like our chances if our special teams play is solid too.

Go Cougs! Beat the Ags on Friday!

Salt Lake City, UT

Heaps and Doman are still in training wheels, and all the talk in the world won't change that. "Inches" away from greatness? Getting ahead of itself, aided and abetted by the press, seems to be the only thing BYU is truly great at now.

Go Aggies!

Saint George, UT

The thought of playing San Jose State, New Mexico State, Idaho State, Oregon State, and Idaho would make any OC "state" that the offense is "inches away".

30 to 50 point wins and 500 yard passing games are just around the corner.

kaysville, ut

I love the nay sayers and would love to see them when BYU starts to meet expectations. It is just a matter of time. It is impossible to take our talent and work ethic coupled with the charity work that happens and not eventually reach your potential. Be patient folks....it takes time for a redwood tree to grow. This reminds me of the children's story of the giant redwood that takes all the abuse from the other trees as it begins to grow. Soon, it is in a different atmosphere, unable to even hear the other so called trees except for the notes delivered by the kindly birds. Simple but true.

Logan, UT

Redwood trees and kindly birds? What in the world is that guy talking about. I hope for his sake the "talent" shows up on the field Friday night because so far it's been pretty much missing in action. If not at least there will be sweet notes delivered to his stinging ears on Saturday and Sunday during GC. Robert Turbin is the real deal. Go Aggies!

Uteville, CA

...But the growth that's been experienced for him in these last four weeks, I don't know where else we would have found it...

And now Heaps in only 'inches' from full potential.

How many inches?

North Las Vegas, NV

From a big Cougar fan here to Heaps and Doman, please, for all of our well being, deny all interviews!! Thank you.

washington, utah

Jake Heaps maximum potential has allready been reached. Can we try somebody else at quarterback now?

Alexandria, VA

Aren't we all, Mr. Frazier, aren't we all.


In the UCF game Jake missed two open receivers for touchdowns and at least two or three third down passes that should have been fairly easy throws. Those would have translated into eleven points (we ended up kicking a field goal after the first missed td pass) and several extended drives. Who knows what those extended drives would have turned into as far as points for the offense and rest for the defense. Either way the score would have been at least 34-17, which would have made us all much happier. Inches away? Maybe-or at least 4-5 better throws away. But there is still no reason to be missing that many relatively easy throws. Until Jake gets enough confidence to show his skills against ALL competition we are going to have to continue to rely on special teams and defense.

Virginia Beach, Va

Heaps has not gotten the job done. I agree with Sunny that anyone could say the numbers will improve against the weak teams that are upcoming. The bottom line is Heaps is not the QB he and everyone thought he would be.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I will wait and see what the numbers are at the end of this season and compare them with other sophmore QB's from BYU's past. BYU has played a more diffucult opening 4 games the last 2 years than what the local teams were used to while in the MWC. Heaps should do exceptionally well against the weaker teams but so should Wynn do better against the last 5 teams the Utes play this year(WSU, OSU, UCLA, UA, CO). They are on par with the WAC teams BYU will play.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I am concerned. I an concerned that Jake seems to have back-slid from the last half of last year. Whether it is a new offense, new offensive coordinator or loss of confidence, he needs to reach down inside and find what it takes. But he knows that.

I am more concerned for some of us. Assuming 80% of the commentators are LDS, and at least half of the rest are Christian, or adhere to some charitable code of ethics, the level of spiteful vindictiveness is a real concern.

Max Hall's melt down was not funny and I would hope that each of us would regret any part our idle words might have played in that sad episode. Sorry to have to say, but idle words spoken in annonimity will still be held to our account, for good or for bad.

Houston, TX

I am torn about this game. I would love to see the offense explode and live up to its potential, but I don't want mediocrity. I would rather see the offense fall flat on its face than another round of mediocrity. Maybe that will be the only way that the coaches actually make a change and try Lark at QB and look seriously at Coach Doman's competence as an OC.

Heber City, UT

Doman says - "First downs have to be managed better, so we're not in second-and-long and third-and-long. Between first down to third down, our offense needs to make significant improvement."
Up to now you could pretty much count on BYU doing a running play up the middle on first downs. It is so vannila and predictable. What happened to passing on first down? The run blocking has also been poor to start the season. I thought that was one of the offensive strengths.
I look for the Cougs to get things going on Friday night with more wide-open play calling, execution, and tempo.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Brandon, can I teach you some good expectation management? Don't say we are inches away. Say "we've not played well in the first 4 games, our QB play has not been sharp and we've not opened enough holes for our running game to be successful. We continue to work on these things and know we need to be better to win against USU." Then, IF things are better, you can say AFTER the game that you saw some improvement. But this just questions your credibility because we all see the games and know we are not inches away.

metamora, IL

Timpman: Tempo was one of the things I liked in the cougs play against UCF. They came out in the opening serious and clearly had the first couple of plays drawn up. It put UCF on guard. I've always thought that when BYU slows down they don't play as well -- you know, those run out the clock times? I really think an up-tempo game is critical to keeping defenses guessing.

I've thought exactly the same as you regarding run blocking too. Yes, the defenses we've played have been fast, but most of those guys have not been anywhere near as big as our offensive line. At least in the first half, we should be blowing those defenses off the line and opening huge holes for running backs.

Here's hoping it all comes together against the Aggies!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Game 5 and we're still waiting for a breakout game? I'm a patient man but a lot of the season has passed us already. I for one, am looking for more than just a breakout game.. I want to see the team have a winning season... No More Loses - just WINS!

Go Cougs

Sandy, UT

How many inches?


Y Dad / Y Grad - I agree with many of your posts but, this is football, not Sacrament meeting.

Now, I agree that these are kids who shouldn't be picked on mercilessly (same goes for those who dress in red and white) though I don't think it's unreasonable to be calling for a change at QB when the results on the field against quality competition have called for it since day two (I'll give him a pass against Washington, he wasn't bad).

The posts here have been rather tame. I graduated from Texas and regularly read our boards where a QB (with very similar hype actually) was recently taken to the woodshed compared to what has been said about Heaps.

Max Hall's tirade may have been embarrasing but, it's a heat of the moment thing and I highly doubt he would have gone on record on a Tuesday afternoon after class and made such remarks. That's when it would be time to worry.

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