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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 28 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

absolutely right @ basketball

SLC, Utah

So the UHSAA has denied another American Citizen from playing HS basketball in their association, of which they have a monopoly? Anybody who sticks up for this atrocious transfer rule is insane. Let kids play, let kids go to schools where they feel comfortable. They still have to go to class, right? They still have to get a 2.0, right? That's all that should matter. But playing God and denying opportunity is flat out outrageous.

Monroe, UT


You are right about the difference between Mika's case and the S.Sevier case, but you may not know how it came to be that way. The mother knew they were moving and tried to enroll him in S.Sevier before the end of the year and called to check with UHSAA about correct procedures and was told by UHSAA NOT to enroll him but to wait until the fall. Coach Hunt, (wanting to make sure the mother didn't misunderstand the advice given to her and to make sure things were done by the book) called the UHSAA himself and was told the exact same thing by the same person and that there was no problem with the kid playing with S. Sevier in the summer and then enrolling there in the fall. Their advice did sound reasonable to have him finish out his year. Hindsight is 20/20. Who would think that the UHSAA would tell them how to handle it and then tag Coach Hunt for undue influence because the did exactly what UHSAA advised them to do. I hope Hunt appeals, and I hope UHSAA does the right thing and clears his name.

Alpine, UT

interesting: lie and get approved. tell the truth and get denied. wow.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

uhsaa has too much authority and uses it randomly. it is time to fire them. let the kid play, quit being a baby UHSAA. these two cases, lone peak and south sevier make absolutely no sense when this state has open enrollment.

HS Sports Guru
West Jordan, UT

All of you that guarantee Mika will be playing at LP this year have no clue what the process is all about. He has already had his two hearings and has been denied so that is it. The only way he has a sliver of a chance is if they sue the UHSAA which they won't. Get a clue people before you run your guarantees

Santa Monica, CA

Boy--so many posts that seem to say---"Sure, it's probably a little bit shady and it's not really in the best interest of the kid, but big deal! Let the kid play sports!" I commend the commission for making a tough decisions (probably seeing and hearing information the average reader can't) and being better parents than the Mika's. Too many people apologize for and make special accomodations for kids who have the ability to entertain us adults with their athletic ability. That isn't what school is about and it's really not what high school sports is supposed to be about. This is supposed to be about a kids high school experience and that involves being an adult.

Salt Lake City, UT

Enjoyed reading the article. Seems like a bit of inconsistancy in making decisions by the UHSAA. Kids get to transfer by moving into boundaries, transfer when you dont' live in the boundaries but some kids don't get to transfer who actually live in the HS boundary. Doesn't make sense to me. Should be a great basketball season. That LP team still should be okay, 5 state titles in the last 11 years, including last year and a win over WJ in the tournament. That should speak to who is the best coach in the state.

Gunnison, UT

It looks like the Lone Peak coach needs to take some lessons from the south sevier coach. UHSAA will never be consistent with their rulings, until they set a standard and abide by it. I bet you anything the Lone Peak Coach has had a beef with the panel members. I hope the Mika kid gets a good lawyer and fights it.

Brighton Alum
Salt Lake City, UT

The minute this athlete attented the basketball try outs as a 9th grader he had made his decision to establish his athletic eligibility at Waterford. Doing so he forfeited the right to play at ANY other school (Private OR Public...yes even his home boundry school!) without sitting out a year. You can apply for an exception to this rule under the "hardship" clause. He did and it was found that his reasons did not meet this requirement. Case closed. Please remember that NO ONE is stopping him from attending school at Lone Peak..they are just not letting him play basketball this season. ...he will still be allowed to get an education. And he can still play basketball all he wants--just not with the Lone Peak team. Everyone needs to stop acting like he is being denied some inalienable right! He will be just fine--and will be able to play College Ball as well. Don't make this bigger then it is.

Alpine, UT

i used to have a boy who played baseball for LP. from what i understand otteson had three hearings before he got his story right enough for UHSAA and got approved. mika needs some lessons from otteson on how to play the system.

Provo, UT

I guess what frustrates many is what actually gets enforced and what doesn't. I am all for play where you live but when you have so many exceptions you might as go laissez-faire and let everything go because you're not far from that right now.

American Fork, UT

If lp was not any good at hoops, he would not have transferred. Guaranteed! he transferred for basketball. He should have to sit out a year.

Heber, Utah

this is so stupid! UHSAA end this madness! close the "open enrollment" fiasco and install the play in your boundaries. Make any private school who uses kids from other districts play enrollment +1 and that's that!

South Jordan, UT

I would be upset if that was my kid.. Their family should have the right to have their son play (if not playing in the private school) to play for a public school in their boundary.

UHSAA is ridiculous.

Brighton Alum
Salt Lake City, UT

Timp (and others...)
The only way for the private schools to be included in High School Sports is to set up these transfer rules. If this was about two public schools it would be no different. If this player had started playing basketball at say Orem High should he be able to come back to Lone Peak whenever he feels like it because it is his "home boundry" school? The correct answer here is NO--(just in case you are tempted to say yes). The transferring for athletic reasons in Utah is out of hand and while there are still problems I commend the USHAA for taking steps to stop these type of transfers. This is the correct outcome and I hope this family is willing to live with this decision... because they knew full well that these were the rules before they transferred back to Lone Peak.

heber, ut

i find this sad!! He has a legit reason for transfering and applied in june before he was even playing for Lone Peak! Are you kidding me that your gonna take away a kids eligibility?! Plus its just going to hinder him in his recruiting! He is already talking with teams like Utah State and his ambition is to go to BYU. He's just trying to transfer to his home high school to make things easier for hime and his family! why dont we make everyone have to apply for a transfer to go to their home town high school then?! this is really messed up! if Lone Peak wasnt already good there would be no problem but since they are you are punishing this kid!

Midway, UT

I truly, honestly don't know how I feel about this. However, I would like to clarify a couple of things. It was stated "The only reason that UHSAA is stopping this move is because it is a good basketball player." This is just not true. A reason, perhaps not the ONLY one that it was denied, is that the siblings REMAINED AT WATERFORD. Regarding the comments about D1 offers and only getting an opportunity if Mika plays at Lone Peak: remember Neal Monson? Graduated Waterford two years ago, played summer AAU ball for an elite Utah program? Full ride to the University of Utah! The fact is, if these kids are good enough to play AAU ball against the top recruits in the nation and perform well on a national level, they are going to garner scholarship offers and opportunities (a 2A and 3A kids have proven this the past two years and I am not talking Utah AAU tournaments). Do I think this was for basketball, yes. Should it be allowed? I do think if the siblings transferred also, yes. As it is, I really don't know.


If you don't let Eric Mika play in Lone Peak. Eric obviously being a star player. Then you shouldn't let Austin Clark play in South Sevier. Obviously another star player. Think about it...Lone Peak took state in the 5A classification and South Sevier took state in the 2A classification. Ultimately and very obvious two star players move to schools with winning basketball programs, but one is allowed to play!!!!!!!!!

Kansas, Il

Does anyone know why Clark was allowed to transfer. I heard the coach at South Sevier was suspended for 5 game because of undo influence. This doesn't make sense.

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