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Published: Sunday, Sept. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

BYU better get its offensive woes fixed soon. It's possible with the way future games are lined up that BYU could be going wins and losses every other game, starting with a loss at home to Utah State.

Not the way to finish this season out.

Can't rely on special teams play to win'em!

Or the defense. It's gonna get tired. The offense needs to keep them off the field longer.

The one stretch where BYU ran up the gut successfully several times in a row, and scored on that possession, is encouraging. But, I won't be excited about the run game until BYU's done it more than one possession in one game.

Friday will be here before you know it.

Utah State will come in with confidence and a point to prove after losing last week. The Cougars better equal that attitude.

San Bernardino, CA

I'm going to put my money on Utah state. I'll bet Provo high could get more offensive production than BYU has the past few weeks. Jake Heaps needs to si out and let somebody else have a shot at QB.

West Jordan, UT

Lifelong Cougar fan here who desperately wants Jake Heaps to just close his mouth.

It's time to do the proverbial "put up...or...shut up"

I'm tired of him telling the media/fans how phenomenally talented the team is.
I just want him/them/the coaches/whoever to prove it on the field.

Nothing of any consequence has been shown on the field other than a sometimes stout defense. This BYU team better keep eating large quantities of humble pie and then play with fire, passion, and hunger...because up until now, all that talk has you with two losses (one of them, arguably the worst in most fans memory).

Good luck against Utah State. Practice hard and play harder.

Jake, turn it around and let your play do the talking for you. Right now, your play is telling me you're in the bottom 1/10th of college QB's this year. We're waiting (not so patiently) for you to live up to the hype.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Something to prove, maybe. Confidence after the Auburn game, yes. But losing again, giving up a lead late in the game, this time to CSU? That doesn't inspire confidence.

Defense will be okay, but pass defense will always be a concern. Offense? I gotta say, Heaps is way down from where he ended last season, and don't give me that old cream puff garbage. He is playing way off and we need to figure out why and fix it.

Sometime the offense is going to click. Might as well be Friday night.

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

Gag Heaps! He needs to shut up until he can put up...something other than interceptions, passes over the heads and behind the receivers, and a completion percentage below 50%.

Glendora, CA

Jake Heaps still has a lot to learn.


I think every facet of the team has had its ups, except the quarterback play. Utah State is going to score on our defense. They know how to put points on the board. Our offense is going against a suspect defense, and they need to put up more than 30 to win this thing.

Time to make it happen, or take a seat. Either way, less talk. I would suggest BYU put a gag order on every player for the next three weeks. Or at least until the offense scores 4 touchdowns in one game.

Not looking forward to BYU going against a spread offense like Utah State runs. We MUST keep that offense off the field with long drives and consistent touchdowns. I just hope this is the week Jake gets out of his standing fetal position and plays like he isnt scared of getting hit. I cant believe I am typing this about a BYU quarterback, but really, its that bad.

Alexandria, VA

Lots of talk. Always lots of talk from this team. It was a great learning experience (although the same thing happens in the next game), the team learned a lot (but again, no improvement), we have a lot to work on (but again, nothing to show for it), it's about execution (yet no improvement - actually, the D looked worse in this game), etc.

The offensive line looked terrible - no push against an undersized D line. They just stood straight up and tried to move the man in front of them with their arms. Although our run game looked a little better, the RBs couldn't break through the line without having people draped around them. The O line needs to open up some holes.

Spanish Fork, UT

Execution is usually the word of the day, but I think potential is up and coming.
I'm getting all kinds of ideas for my next Sunday School lesson - Thanks Bronco!

Syracuse, NY

More talk, talk, talk from BYU. Here is a newsflash for you. The most talented team doesn't always win. So stop talking about how talented you are. The best team always win. Focus on being the BEST team ... and let your play on the field do the talking for once.

Harwich, MA

BYU (coaching staff) learned that their players are not exactly what they thought they were. It's almost impossible to teach "ability".

Richmond, VA

@ morpunkt,

Amen, brother! I'm still waiting to see the real Heaps show up. Will he? I sure hope so this Friday, because if not, the Aggies and their young qb will embarrass them again.

Here's hoping Heaps and the offense will finally come to life this Friday night. So far, their offense's passing attack has been down right miserable to watch but hopefully they'll start putting it together this week. For once I'd like to see some results on the field instead of just the empty hype.

So c'mon Cougs, let's "put up or shut up" as JayDee said earlier.

Hillsboro, OR

How much worse does Heaps need to play to give Nielson or Lark a shot at starting?? They've already played FOUR games this season and Heaps has played poorly in every game. I'm convinced that Heaps will play the rest of the season and of course put up some great numbers against the worst opponents (Idaho, Idaho St, etc. . ) and be convinced that he just got off to a slow start.

That's one thing that I really respect from Coach Whittingham. He knows how to adapt. Wynn's freshman year he wasn't the starter until part way through the season when the starter (don't remember who because I don't follow Utah football much) was pulled and Wynn led them to a good season. Unfortunately I don't think we'll see that kind of adaptability from my Cougs.

Sandy, Utah

Hey guys give Jake Hypes... excuse me Heaps a break, I really like him!

Master Nielsen
Saint George, UT

How many wide open receivers can you overthrow before you give another QB a shot. Riley nelson was doing better with the option than overthrow 'em heaps was with the offense. I was just glad that special teams won the game for us.
The O-line needs to protect Heaps because a little pressure and he cracks. I keep waiting to see the "great quarterback" he's supposed to be.

Rock Hill, SC

Heaps is a Heap all right. Forget his performance on the field - look at what comes out of his mouth: We, WE, We for all the failures; I, I, I for all the fixes. If he is going to do all the fixing - then he is the one for all the failures. An old "truism" here - there is no I in team.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Very glad for the Cougs win. Certainly an ugly win, but an important win nonetheless. So, Heaps says: "We had a real heart-to-heart players' meeting with each other. That was great for our football team offensively and defensively getting on the same page." And he thinks his performance against UCF did that? I agree with OC Fan above- "Gag Heaps!" The BYU Sports Info People hvae got to have enough wherewithall to understand Heaps isn't the best "face" for the offense. He should be, but his words and actions are definitely the exact opposite. With that being said, let's hope for a strong showing against the Aggies on Friday. It's pay-back time!

West Jordan, UT

re: JayDee We can't get Heaps to quit saying all those things you mentioned until we get Bronco to stop talking the same way. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Softball Dad
Woods Cross, UT

Offense was still really weak. Defense better save the game again this Friday against USU.

Beverly Hills, CA

Everyone leave Jakes Heaps alone, you should be honored he plays for you ungrateful fans and will lead you to a conference championship. I guarantee it.

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