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Published: Sunday, Sept. 25 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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I still think the super conferences will not last long even if they do happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

While some might perceive this as BYU getting into an unstable relationship, BYU athletics in and of itself is unstable as an independent. Right now it is a standoff since the BYU administration if its afraid of anything is taking an application forward to LDS Church leaders and having it rejected. Similarly the Big 12 presidents/chancellors don't want to invite BYU and have this PR disaster to happen. BYU would be easier to get than TCU since TCU has a singed contract to join the Big East next year.

Orem, Utah

It's doubtful BYU will lose much that it already has by joining the Big XII. If they want BYU bad enough, they'll allow it to continue its BYUtv setup, a lot of its ESPN contract, and the no-Sunday play thing. Exposure won't be minimized.

BYU's not dumb enough to get into bed with Oklahoma and Texas AND give all that up, too, just to be in a BCS conference. There's plenty of time before 16-team superconferences occur because of what the Pac-12 recently did.

Like someone said Samuelson told him after the BYU game, BYU's "in a good place right now." Take that for whatever it means, but I think it means that either way BYU will make the correct decision for itself, because it can. It's holding the trump cards.

Sandy, Utah

If BYU receives an invite to join the Big 12, and they decline in favor of remaining independent in football. It will be the beginning of the end of the BYU football program. Let's hope that the powers that be at BYU can see the value of being affiliated with a BCS league.

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

BYU won't keep selling out games if their competition week after week is Idaho and NM State. Mark it down!

Salt Lake City, Utah

As recent events have shown, college football grows increasingly more divisive. It is rooted in profit motivated self interest creating envy from programs which reside outside the so called "BCS" system. Joining an increasingly elite centered system is potentially dangerous to the larger mission of the church. Whatever is decided the church must remain true to its core principles.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's time that BYU drops the collegiate sports program completely. It's going to be too difficult for them to deliver a quality product year in and year out...given the complex mission and objectives of BYU; other than just WINNING.

Salt Lake City, UT

Could someone explain the idea that "BYU would get to keep its ESPN contract"?

The Big 12 tier one broadcast rights are owned by Fox, a competitor of ESPN. You don't really think that BYU would enter a league and not be bound by league contracts, do you?


Please, Please, Please don't leave out of this one. Send the troops to Texas and Oklahoma and do what must to get us into the big dance.

Independence is nice for a little time but the games right now and in the future are lame. Remember you had to buy two games you didn't want to get the Utah game.

For thirty years or more we have waited to be part of the big league. Go. Go now. Do it. Lengthen your stride.

The players deserve this, Provo deserves this and the BYU fan deserves this -

sonny o'hara

1st and 2nd Tier TV rights (equal shares) would be locked up with the rest of the conference for 6 years. 3rd Tier rights belong to the individual schools see:LHN. No Sunday, no problem. I think the 1 bowl game that is set for a Sunday and is not affiliated with the big 12. Once things settle down, it should be a good conference for many years to come.


BYU is dragging it's feet too much to get an invite now. Look for TCU to get the 1st invite now. Or Houston. Or Louisville. The Cougars better get used to independent life peppered with WAC and C-USA opponents. Meanwhile, Utah gets to enjoy the sweet life of the Pac-12.

San Bernardino, CA

What's the point of a BCS bowl? Teams want to go there so they can make money. BYU probably makes a lot more TV money as an independent than they would make by getting to a BCS game or winning a conference.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Based on decisions made over the last year, I rather doubt that BYU will make the right decision. Splitting up their various teams into different conferences, a football coach telling everyone that he is more concerned about the "bigger mission" rather than winning football games, does not project confidence in Cougar fans. It does appear that the glory days for BYU athletics is in the rear view mirror. It is sad to see this downhill spiral as BYU has given all of their fans alot of great moments. While the jury is still out on all of this, I am not confident that this athletic department has a clear view of where they want to be in 5-10 years. I would be concerned if I were a conference offical of even extending an invitation to BYU given the recent events.

sacramento, ca

I don't care about all that....just give me a new qb who's name isn't heaps and I'll be very, very happy. I'd like to see the other qb's now....can't be any worse then heaps...never know, we may actually get someone who isn't afraid to play the game, who doesn't think he's going to the NFL next year, who does't say WE all the time, who doesn't stare down the receiver he's going to throw the ball too (and that's before it's hiked), and one who doesn't get interviewed all the time. Seriously Dnews...start interviewing guys that made a good impact on the game, please. I really hope he gets booood off the field next Friday.

Provo, UT

I hate to say this but Bronco is right. I know this might upset ultra-competitive BYU fans but there are more important things than football. Bronco's priorities are in order. God, family, friends and education MUST always trump football. In fact, most coaches believe this, even the guy that coaches the institution 40 miles north of Provo. It is time to put to bed the delusions of what most good coaches are about. It doesn't mean that the players that put these priorities can't play hard, play with focus, play determined and be competitive in whatever way we want to define this. But football is football, ultimately it's just a game that should be prioritized properly.

Beverly Hills, CA

"sisucas | 10:53 p.m. Sept. 25, 2011
San Bernardino, CA
What's the point of a BCS bowl? Teams want to go there so they can make money. BYU probably makes a lot more TV money as an independent than they would make by getting to a BCS game or winning a conference."

Lat I checked, BYU was not making 14 million a year off a tv contract as an independent, not even close.

Getting to BCS bowl game isn't just about money, it is about being good enough to be included and BYU has not been while Utah, BSU and TCU have been.

Lincoln City, OR

BYU needs to be agressive about getting the invite.... If they don't organize themselves and show the Big 12 that we very much want to be apart of their conference we will probably be making the worst athletic and financial decision that has ever been made in school history.... Samuelson and Holmoe will forever be Goats that the Alumni will point to as irresponsible and unqualified for making the right decisions for the University....

If they have not already done so, a Committee needs to be appointed for the sole pupose of putting together a presentation and a show and Tell for the Big 12..... We need to break down the Athletic Financials and have them available for the Big 12 to look at.... And we need to offer suggestions on how the Conference can work with our "No Sundays" Requirement.... Folks like Lavell Edwards, Danny Ainge, Gifford Nielson and those with ties to the Big 12 need to be part of this effort.

I can't even imagine why we wouldn't be tripping over ourselves for the opportunity. I thought that our goal was Exposure, Financial Success, and Achiving Excellence... Becoming a member of the B12 satisfies those Goals.


BYU will not get an invite. They have too many issues to be considered, and the football program is on a downward slide. I really think that BYU fans should get ready to accept the status of other like-minded schools such as Liberty U and Oral Roberts. No BCS conference really wants to deal with BYU on a permanent basis.

South Jordan, UT

And the infighting starts.

"independence is the best thing ever."

"We only want exposure."

"Money is not a factor."

"WCC is a great conference."

"We think the large super conferences are bad."

Isn't that interesting?

Orem, UT

@ Eagle: So, since football is such a low priority, why do we pay Bronco so much for something so low on the list? Why do we offer young men expensive scholarships to play low priority football rather than offering those 100 or so scholarships to promising young scholars, artists, musicians, etc.? I think I agree with you, but if we're correct, perhaps BYU should dial down its $ commitment to athletics and redirect our resources to higher priorities.

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