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Published: Saturday, Sept. 24 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Issaquah, WA

Will someone please explain why we have our two best cornerbacks splitting time at boundary corner? Corby Eason's play is clearly inferior to that of Sampson and Hadley. Are the two corner positions - field and boundary that different that we can't start both Hadley and Sampson?

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

A "work in progress" is putting it mildly. When his tremendous growth over the later half of last season, his drastic regression should cause a lot of concern. And just once, I'd like him to be in sync with Jacobson. Whether it's the route run or wrong read by Heaps, this is the 2nd season Heaps can't hit McKay. The offense should cause all of us concern. What happened to the "opening up the offense" like that of old? Those are the words Doman himself said. I'm very happy for the win, but you can't have your special teams win too many games during a season.

Spanish Fork, UT

Heaps has a QB rating of 99.8 (dead last in the state of Utah)! Definitely a work in progress. Hoke from Weber State is #1 and Keeton from USU is 4th.


Salt Lake City, UT

I understand the phrase "work in progress." Has Heaps shown any actual progress this season?

Salt Lake City, UT

Doman has a lot to learn too. Between the two of them the short pass didn't exist until this last game.

Everett, WA

Regardless of fact they are not performing well, offense is just plain old boring. Zzzzz Philosophy seems to be "We'll run it over them because we can't pass successfully two plays in a row. Too much pressure on Jake to do that." Turns out they can't run over them either. Really unimaginative, booorinnng offense.

Provo, UT

The field corner is generally a much harder position because you have more ground/space to cover.

Provo, UT

The wins will come but here's the negatives of independence. Unless you go undefeated or maybe have one loss, there is nothing to play for. BYU should win enough games to go to a second rate bowl. If BYU was in a conference, they would have something to play for, the games with San Jose State, Idaho, Idaho State, USU etc. might have more meaning. As for right now, they don't have much meaning. Certainly there is more TV exposure from ESPN but unless BYU can actually win some big games early in the season against its toughest opponents, much interest for the program will fade.

Bob H
Las Vegas, NV

So. Cal Reader: But, look at the competition Heap's faced the last 4-5 games of last year; not really very challenging. It's the same thing with the Cougars running backs; lots of yardage against relatively weak teams but struggled against the better ones. Same this year; lots of rushing yardage against UCF but not much before that. Jake will have to improve A LOT in the next few games - and he doesn't have the hardest schedule either. He's young which is in his favor and UCF does have a good defense: if it wasn't for the KO return, would BYU have won? He's got to show he can perform against the better opposition.

hi, UT

I like how Frank Layden played it when the Jazz faced the Lakers one year in the playoffs. Layden simply said we're going to lose because we are not as good as them. Refreshing. It is what it is.

The Cougs just aren't BCS good last year, this year, or frankly any year. Just as they have improved from a top 40ish recruiting to a top 30ish team, they have improved from a 30ish ranked team to a 20ish ranked team.

In essence, the Cougs generally over-perform. But the benefits of clean-livin' brotherhood are, in American football, generally overcome by NFL livin' college teams: roids, buying top recruits, and obscene budgets.

LaVell Edwards knew this long ago. He said he saw no reason to get out of the WAC, and he was genius.

Either we play modest schedulesresulting in 1-2 loses and an upper bowl (and probably loss), or we gamble on tougher schedulesresulting in 4-5 loses and a lower middle bowl (and probable victory).

As for me, I think we are getting to big for our britcheswhich have been getting kicked. It is what it is. Go Cougs!

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: seattlecoug

Agreed. Eason, luv ya dawg, but you get beat too much. I think Sampson as starting field corner and Hadley at starting boundary corner would be the best combination possible. I think he can still contribute in a rotation, but maybe he isn't the best choice for starting.

the longview
North Salt Lake, UT

Jake Heaps is a piece of work in progress

Jim Marshall
Clearfield, UT

The sad part is that Mr.Heaps is out of chances to prove himself this year. In a few weeks the Idaho States and New Mexico States will be marched into to Provo likes calves into a slaughter house. Heaps will throw for 350 yards and 3-4 TD's and proclaim that everything is fixed.

No Jake. The only thing fixed here is the schedule.

Taylorsville, Ut

I would love to see Lark get his shot. When ever I have seen him play he appears to be a great quaterback that just needs a shot.

Give him a shot.

Richmond, VA

Gosh, Mr. Heaps, we're into the 5th game of the season coming up against a very mad, frustrated, and yet very dangerous opponent this week and you just now realized that you still have a lot of things that need to be fixed in the offense? Hmmm, I think it's obvious your preparations has been very inadequate and it's showing, very badly at times I'm sad to admit.

I hope you'll show up this Friday and be ready because those mean nasty Aggies are thirsty for blood. Not a good time to face them after another let down last night against Colorado St.

Go Cougs!

Payson, UT

The title of the article should have continued, "...and it only took 20 years."

Overconfidence has been his downfall. Will there be a resurgence?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"It was really hit and miss, to be blunt," Heaps said, when asked to assess his performance. "There were critical plays, third downs and stuff, where we needed to make some throws and keep the chains moving. Those are things that we'll fix "

WE??? We??? Who is We??? Heaps, you need to start taking OWNERSHIP.

QUESTION: Why hasn't Lark taken just one snap in a game so far??
ANOTHER QUESTION: Does anyone disagree that Riley Nelson would complete a higher percentage of passes than Heaps, and also bring a lot more to the table in the QB position??

With the current status quo, BYU will be lucky to pull of wins against USU, TCU, Hawaii, or Oregon State.

I suggest "We" sit Heaps on the bench immediately. He's not ready.

Sandy, UT

A work in Progression?
Or a work of Digression?

Jake needs a fundamentally sound QB Coach. Brandon was an option QB. He's not
even teaching Jake the basics.

-Jake telegraphs his passes, and rarely throws to a 2nd or 3rd receiver.
-Jake plays scared. He's jumpy, he rushes his passes out of fear of being hit.
-If he runs, he slides out of the play way too early.
-He's missing wide open receivers.

Detmer, Young, McMahon, Wilson, Sheide, Sark, Bosco etc. were football players, first and foremost. They did not play "Soft", Jake does.

Brandon needs to make his own "Progress" as an Offensive Coordinator. It's time to hand off Coaching the QB's to someone who can focus entirely on fundamentals. Just Basics!

There is a stubborness at BYU with the Coaches. Bronco is in his 7th year of coaching. In 5 of those years he has started out the season at 1-2. This is not how winning programs roll. It's unacceptable and growing old.

This "Perpetual Learning Curve" dogma is getting very old as well, Spring and Fall camp are the times to improve. No Bronco, things are not OK.

Be Teachable and make "Progress". Fans are restless!

Cedar Hills, UT

Work in progress is fine because this kid will be the real deal. You have to remember he is a sophmore, Look back to to USC QB, Barkley he did not have a great year his sophmore year and now is projected to be a NFL guy. Heaps will be fine and be will still have a good to great year this year and all you jumpers can claim you were with him all the way.lol

Orem, Utah

Heaps is a work in progress? He has yet to show progress this season. He needs to sit for a quarter or two and watch and learn. He is not yet the great QB he thinks he is. I don't see the rest of the team having confidence that he is their leader.

Go Cougars!

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