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Published: Friday, Sept. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

LDS Liberal, you are just playing semantic games. "Liberal" today doesn't mean what it used to mean. Today's "liberals" are statist, anti- free speech, pro- moral relativism, and favor government-imposed social justice and redistribution of wealth. Mr. Bloom is not cut of this confining cloth, and neither are the LDS of today or yesterday, for that matter.


Great comments, great article, and a couple thoughts:

1. LDS Liberal made a great point. The teachings and figures of the early church resonate with Bloom because he is a very liberal and independent thinker. Today's church is very different in many ways from the early church. It is much more conservative and has largely moved away from many of the early unique ideas. I think it is almost impossible not to recognize that this change has been driven by the almost overwhelming need of today's leadership for acceptance and PR.

2. I think LDS often repeat lines that they have heard since a child without really thinking deeply about them. Two came out in comments here -

Doubters would not believe even if they saw an angel and the spirit is stronger than a personal visitation.

I think both are wrong, make no sense, and are simply repeated without thought like so many other things we LDS tend to say.

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