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Published: Thursday, Sept. 22 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

I bleed blue through and through. I suffered miserably on Saturday when we were destroyed by Utah. I experience the highest highs when we win; hate to read the sports section on Sunday when we lose. Whereas I used to have a miserable week after a loss I've matured over the years and am now semi-functional and have a cheerful disposition by mid week.

That being said...

If BYU gets an offer to join the BigXII and the powers that be at the Y turn it down...I may kiss BYU athletics goodbye forever.

Words cannot express how angry and disappointed I will be. I want to see BYU compete at the highest level. The athletes deserve it. And by gosh the fans do too.

Don't blow this!

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Any interest the Big 12 had in adding the school from Provo went up in smoke when the blue team got embarrassed on their home field in a big way Saturday.

It seems the Big 12 is now looking elsewhere for expansion. Can you blame them?

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

If BYU is to join the Big XX, they need 6 concessions to be made.

1) No Sunday play

2) Freedom of same day re-broadcast of all BYU games on BYU-TV

3) Freedom to broadcast any or all games not televised by the contracted TV networks.

4) Equal (or near equal) revenue sharing for bowl earnings and TV contracts awarded to the conference (Texas can keep the LHN revenue, and so can OU when their network is up and running).

5) Signed legal agreements of stability in the Big12- with hefty >$20 million buyout penalties. Stability must be for at least 10 years.

6) Those with networks cannot broadcast high school football games without the unanimous consent from the rest of the league

I think these are all reasonable requirements, but without them, the Big 12 is fools gold for anyone- except maybe SMU.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

IT appeares to me that most of the fires are being fueled by the media and sports reporters who think they know more than those hired to do their job at the Universitys. Then they get fans and athetlic authoritys believieng their so called expertise and stir the pot until we have all the confusion that prevails at this time.I will continue to support BYU whatever decision it makes.Lehicoug--- If you bleed blue through and through it sounds like you may have sprung a few leaks.

Beverly Hills, CA

TCU is a proven program that has been to the BCS. The Big East is a lost cause and travel will be easier for TCU.

As I have stated before BYU fan, a Texas school or schools are Big 12 bound and all the powers that be will make sure of it. You really think Baylor was a top choice last time around? Mo, Governor Richards of Texas made sure Baylor got in.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Perhaps the suits with crimson red chairs view the SECULAR activity and insatiable money centered appetites that govern college football as the true patch of briers and thistles whereas the land of milk and honey resides upon a completely different message altogether?

Washington, UT

For the past few years I've maintained that in the end, BYU will drop out of NCAA competition, just like BYU-Idaho did. NCAA sports will become too messy, too money hungry, too TV controlled, and far uglier than BYU wants to be party too. This so-called "super conference" idiocy is evidence to me that BYU is moving to shut it all down and be an institution of higher learning, not a farm school for the NFL. And NCAA sports is getting to the point, I can hardly stand to read about it, or watch it anymore. There are a gazillion timeouts in football and basketball, and it ruins the game. The money is not worth it, what's the point anyway?

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

TCU provides nothing in revenue for the Big 12. They don't bring in any additional TV markets.

This is truly nothing but speculation by the media.

It literally changes every 15 minutes.

I have total faith in the leaders of BYU.

They will make the right decision.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Is BYU really in love with having its own TV network broadcast football games? I thought that they went to that because they wanted fans to be able to see games instead of missing them on the Mtn tv network.

The Big12 has a tv deal with espn and abc. May not be able to broadcast games on BYUTV, but who cares?

I've heard BYU doesn't want any bad blood between them and the religious institutions in the WCC, by leaving the conference immediately after joining it. Patience is a good thing to have, should have stayed 1 more year in the MWC with TCU and Boise, then left for the big 12.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

This article shows that Harmon would give his left arm (maybe even his right arm) for BYU to go to the big12.

sacramento, ca

I've already stopped donating to BYU because of things I'm unhappy about. If they get that invite and then turn it down. I PROMISE TO NEVER FOLLOW THEM AGAIN. Not maybe or might. I mean NEVER.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Lifelong Republican:

TCU really doesn't HAVE to bring in new TV sets. The $1.1 billion contract is already signed. Adding a bigger TV market like the Y or Air Force won't increase the value of the Big TeX's contract. ESPN already said so. Therefore, the Big TeX just needs to add 1-3 teams.

Personally, I think they should add up to 3 of the following 4 BCS-caliber teams: Boise St, TCU, Houston, and West Virginia.

Salt Lake City, UT

When BYU was re-buffed by the PAC...they went out of their way on saying how the best thing was to be Independent. I think they should stay true to their word....be it good or bad.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

The BYU athletic mission statement is as follows:

"Our mission is to conduct the Athletics program in a manner that will develop student-athletes of excellence in academics, athletics, faith, and character, and to contribute to the mission of the LDS Church through the visibility of our positive example and our accomplishments."

Not one aspect of that statement can be achieved more fully as a member of the BIG 12 than as an independent.

In fact, Big 12 membership may limit BYU's ability to achieve its mission statement.

The decisions made by the BOT on conference affiliation will have little to do with the threat of BYU "fans" to withhold their support for the program if the decision is to pass on a BIG 12 invitation.

mr. j
Cottonwood Hts., Ut

For BYU be worrying about the what the WCC will think seems crazy to me. That should have been taken care of when they joined. If BYU didn't make it clear to WCC officials when they joined that they would have to leave the conference to join a BCS league if ever offered than they have the foresight of a bat.

Orem, Utah

BYU, West Virginia, and Louisville are the Big XII's best options for expanding to 12. Promoting any of the mid-majors people keep talking about doesn't make sense. That just waters the league's BCS status.

As for TCU, why would Texas and Texas Tech agree to add another team from the state of Texas into their league? That's backyard competition for recruits. I don't see that happening.

Don't be surprised if the Big XII sets things up for stability for the next 4 to 5 years with only 10 teams (BYU becoming the 10th). Some of their schools' leaders have stated this week that they don't like a CC game getting in the way of getting a team into the NC game. I agree with that way of thinking.

Beverly Hills, CA

No one is going to put up with BYU's demands, especially Sunday play and bend over backwards to accommodate them when other schools such as TCU (the C is for Christian) don't mind. While I think it is great people observe the Sabbath, these Universities are public institutions, most of them, and don't want to or need to accommodate BYU. Even TCU won't care.

It is pretty amusing to watch the comments of those who were beating their chest about how great independence was and are now foaming at the mouth for a big boy conference invite. Your true feeling really show and the whole proud to be independent was just masking your heartache over being left behind. Just admit it, you want in.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Well, that didn't take long. All of the sudden BYU fans hate independence and are threatening not buy tickets or donate to the school. They don't like the WAC schedule against the likes of Idaho State. They don't like getting dominated by schools with a real football focus like Utah.

Let's face it. The best position for BYU is a weaker mid-major conference where it can beat up on small-school teams -- like the WAC in the '80s -- keeping fans happy. The team in Provo should try and get into the WAC or back into the MWC where it'll be comfortable.

Federal Way, WA

Despite the recent results against Texas, I dont know if BYU can compete regularly in the BIG 12.

Once again, Utah might win by default.

North Salt Lake, UT

Tom Holmoe is a smart guy, I don't think he or the admin would turn down an invite to the Big 12. If they did I think it would make a lot of fans very upset. In fact I think they would lose a lot of fans.

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