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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 21 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Lyman, WY

Its about time. He was the original great QB. I don't remember him, but I grew up on stories of how BYU was winning the Fiesta Bowl over Ok. State, until he was injured, then things turned. Congratulations to you and your family Mr. Sheide.

Orem, UT

I beg to differ a little on Sheide being the forgotten quarterback. I think the most forgotten quarterback in BYU history is Virgil Carter. That guy was a stud in college and he didn't play for Lavell's down field passing team. Bill Walsh started the west coast offense at the Cincinatti Bengals with Virgil in mind as the quarterback to lead it. Pretty impressive credentials. Carter led BYU to its first ever conference title and broke 6 NCAA records doing it. Sadly many people don't even know who he is cause he did not play in the Lavell era.

Idaho Falls, ID

I was just a kid in Jr High at the time but I do remember him as the guy who turned BYU football around. He deserves this. Way to go Bensen and DN for promoting him.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jay Miller caught 22 passes in one game against New Mexico -- Thrown by Gary Sheide

Chubbuck, Idaho

These legendary QB's sure make Jake Heaps irrelevant. I'm still waiting for a QB like TY Detmer who hung 70 points on the Utes 20 years ago. Those were the days. I'm going to grab a glass of lemonade and go watch old Cougar Classics to dumb the feeling of the debale I witnessed last Saturday.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Watched him play. I, and people I know, have alwasy known he was one of the greats.

Thank you BYU for the belated aknowledgement!

West Hills, CA

I thought exactly the same thing about Virgil Carter. I checked, though, and found he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977. But I agree, he also is a forgotten BYU quarterback. You and I must be older than the rest of the readers.

Topeno, Finland

Gary Sheide,
YES, I not only saw him play, I saw him practise in sunshine, rain and snow. As a member of the SPort Medicine team I saw him get treated... must have taped his ankles a few times.
It is a shame that BYU so often shows it's unprofessional attitude by not realizing that the quarterback factory started with GARY SHEIDE.
Gary was one of the nicest guys in the team. A real leader to the group.
He threw like Joe Namath and his performance was a joy to watch.
GREAT that he is finally remembered for rightly he deserves it.
Greetings from this side of the globe.

South Jordan, UT

What a great story.

I wrote a letter to the editor once, asking why Sheide was not mentioned among the greats as he should have been. I never submitted the letter, because I didn't have time to check facts and make it solid. I regret that...even though it wouldn't have changed anything, it would have given a little bit more deserved press to Sheide.

This story seems to include an exercise in patience and humility. It hurts to think about Gary Sheide not being included in the painting, and not being included in the half-time celebration of BYU quarterbacks. What a remarkable football career Sheide had.

I did not start watching football until 1977 as a 12 year old, with quarterbacks Gifford Neilson and Marc Wilson. I still learned plenty about Sheide.

Great article, Doug Robinson. And I am glad to learn the first chapter in Benson's book about BYU Quarterbacks, was about Gary Sheide.

Harwich, MA

Sheide and McMahon were the only two interesting quarterbacks that ever played at the Y. This is long overdue.

Lee Corso
American Fork, UT

Finally!!! What a class act and a great player who paved the way for the other great BYU QB's. Congrats Gary!!!

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

I'm not even a BYU fan and I often wondered why Sheide was never inducted into your Hall of Fame. Afterall, Sheide was the one that started the great QB's of BYU!

Congrats Sheide, hope they knocked some dust off of you?!

Ogden, UT

I remember Gary. I was in my senior year at the Y and he was phenomenal.

It's great and it's about time!

As for chubbuckidahocougfan, it never ceases to amaze me how no matter the subject (Sheide in this case), someone has to make a disparaging remark about someone or something else. Shame on you.

Is the glass always half empty, huh? chubbuckidahocougfan?

Oakley, ID

Sheide was an awesome quarterback!

American Fork, UT

IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!! I was at the game that honored the great BYU quarterbacks and the first thing out of my mouth was "where is Sheide"? I watched him play, worked with his brother Greg, and loved the pass offense they were switching to. He really was a great player. IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

U was a student at Utah at the time. Sheide was the first cougie I developed a spate (sports-hate) for, what with his sloped-shouldered resemblance to Joe Willie and his picking apart my Utes. That alone should have qualified him.

Salem, UT

Think we will ever see a picture like the one in the article of Heaps after a game?

Syracuse, NY

Sheide was not only great but he was better than most of the other great quarterbacks who played at BYU. Why BYU has snubbed him for so long is indeed a mystery. He is AT LEAST as deserving as the others and more deserving than most. (remember, he won the WAC back when Arizona State and Arizona were in the conference)

As an aside, I remember an article he wrote for the Ensign (or perhaps the New Era) about his conversion to the LDS Church while he was at BYU: "Is is really Raining" (or something like that). It was very insightful and helpful. I have never forgotten it.

Santaquin, UT

We will never see Heaps looking like that. His O-line is too good for that.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

What, people the one we need to forget is here right now the over sold, underachieved, over blown, prematurely anointed, completely hyped Heaps.

Shiede actually did reach record levels and has mile stones for the BYU, oh yeah Heaps will go down in the BYU history books as the QB 1 who lost by the largest margin to the schools nemesis Utah. Nice, neat and complete Heaps.

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