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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 20 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"(The coaches) tell us every time we have the ball in our hands that we're holding the Band of Brotherhood in our arms," DiLuigi said.

Wow. How many different ways can you milk that "Band of Brothers" cow? That's just plain ridiculous.

Byu, how about trying "Hold on to the darn football because it's so darn obvious that's what you're supposed to do!"

Salt Lake City, UT

After hearing about how bad that Utah O line was, I think they gave Wynn pretty good protection, at least alot better than the heralded BYU O-line gave Heaps.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

If it weren't for those turnovers, the game would have been a lopsided victory for BYU. Jake Heaps is just like Max Hall at this point; he's got talent and is a really good QB, but when things start going wrong and he feels too pressured, he does more harm than good to the team.

Make Nelson a starter? Hmmmm, probably not. Lark? Maybe. Keep Heaps as starter? As long as he performs. Keep him on a short leash, then put Lark in if Heaps doesn't improve. Don't give Heaps tenure-- he may be good, but he hasn't earned it yet.

Layton, UT

With the exception of the bad snap, no one can blame the BYU lines for the team's failure at the Utah game. The skill players couldn't hold onto the ball, and Heaps lack of heart.

Three unforced fumbles and four forced fumbles has nothing to do with the ability of the lines to do their jobs. Admittedly, in the fourth quarter, BYU's defense quit, but that was probably due to loss of faith in the offence, and mental and physical exhaustion.

MN Ute


That's what happens when each of the first three drives end in fumbles, especially since two of them were in the Utes red zone. I'll be the first to admit, except for the turnovers, the BYU offense was walking down the field in the first half. Problem is, like you said, to keep watching red zone turnovers and to continuously have to go out and grind with the Ute offense is mentally hard on the BYU D. So I don't think that much blame should go to the Y defense at all, as they only let in one td in the first half, or even the O-line that much. Mainly, it should go onto Heaps, who overthrew wide open receivers at points and essentially choked, and the skills players, who fumbled far too many times in general, let alone in the red zone.

Salt Lake City, UT

Defense should NEVER quit. It's about who you are and having pride and heart. Regardless of how poorly your offense plays, the D has to stand up. With the U's offensive line in question, you would have thought that Bronco would have brought more pressure on Wynn. USC showed that he doesn't do well with pressure and yet he had all night to wait for his receivers to get open. Apparently Bronco did not watch the game film of the USC game or he wasn't able to see the obvious from it.

Roy, UT

There is a kind of humility that lets you take nothing for granted, that keeps you alert, focused, and striving to do your best, and better, each play, that brings a gratitude for opportunity and desire to represent well those who are supporting and cheering you on. Its losing concern for self and giving yourself up for the team effort. When proper technique is not being used to secure the ball, that has to be an indicator to the attitude of the players. BYU footballers can't just expect that by showing up, they will win, they have to earn it.

Dallas, TX

Doman needs to get up in the press box and do his job. Norm Chow, arguably the finest OC in college football, chooses to sit up in the box. How in the world do Doman and Bronco think they know and can do it better than Norm?

If I were Bronco, if I learned that Norm drank lime juice during games, I'd have Doman drinking lime juice.

Doing it your own special way and thinking somehow you know better smacks of a troubling arrogance.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

Riverton Kewg -

"If it weren't for those turnovers, the game would have been a lopsided victory for BYU"

"If" is the BYU fan's favorite word. "If" there weren't so many turnovers, "if" our team would have played to potnetial, "if" the refs wouldn't have made that call....

The fact remains that THERE WERE those turnovers. Many, many turnovers.


Window Rock, AZ

I think the Ute coaching staff saw an opportunity of how the ball was handled. I saw on TV how the ball was carelessly handled at both the Miss. and Texas games; an opportunity to knock the ballout of the runners hands.

Salt Lake City, UT

In other news, a farmer who lost all his cows just shut the door to his barn.

Eagle Mountain, UT

No way to put a good spin on this for BYU. BYU stunk in this game. Without turnovers the game would have been much different. I think BYU would have been up by 14-21 points at half but they did commit the turnovers. It got into BYU's heads and they couldn't shake it. That is what happens to young teams sometimes. Young teams are also more likely to bounce back faster.
Let's hope BYU is able to play a solid game and they can correct their offensive woes this Friday.
it would be really bad if they rolled over like Utah did last year against Notre Dame a week after the Epic beat down at the hands of TCU on their home field.

Salt Lake City, UT

estreetshuffle, last year "the block" was the result of a Ute watching film and seeing weakness on the right side of BYU's kick protection. Attention to detail beats the band.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

TJ and Riverton Cougar

It's funny to see so many "ifs" by BYU fans. Do you realize that even in a 54-10 blowout that Ute fans could still say the same thing? What IF they call the helmet to helmet on Uale? Does Utah get a Touchdown on that drive? What IF Utah's kicker doesn't miss a field goal and an extra point? What IF Utah keeps trying on offense in the 4th quarter? Do they score 70 or 80 points?
There are too many ifs on both sides for someone to honestly assume that for this reason or that my team would've won in a game they lost 54-10.
Not trying to be a jerk, just sayin.

Cobara Kai
North Salt Lake, UT

I have talked to so many BYU friends of mine and they all say the same thing, Utah didnt demolish BYU. BYU was right there with them for 2 quarters. Now I read Bronco saying the same thing:
"I don't think it was large at all, actually. In fact, I thought it was about dead-even, to be honest with you," the Cougars' coach said. "The game through, I would say, 2 1/2 quarters, was indicative of the talent and the parity of (that talent).
I dont know when a football game was 2 quarters but hand it to Y fans to always find some way to win when they get a beat down.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

If you Utah fans honestly think that BYU was playing at their best, then you are FOOLS. I don't have a problem with what Utah's team did, but to say that because of last Saturday Utah is CLEARLY the best team is not accurate. Unfortunately now we'll never know how the teams truly compare because the BYU team gave up at the half and put about 5% effort in the game (notice that even after all the turnovers, the score was very close in the first half).

If Utah and BYU were to play again at the end of the season, I say BYU wins this time around.

Don't call us out on the "ifs". They aren't that bad. After all, "if" the BCS didn't exist, Utah could have been national champions in 2008; "if" Bradford wasn't injured, BYU would have lost to Oklahoma, etc. They provide people with the opportunity to assess how things should be ideally, because things don't always go the way they should. Too bad BYU played the way they did. My "ifs" aren't excuses.

Ute Fan In Utah
West Jordan, UT

@Riverton Cougar

Good teams take advantage of opportunities, good teams know their opponents weaknesses, good teams don't turn the football over in the red zone, good teams play a full four quarters every game, good teams make adjustments at halftime. Make "ifs"(excuses) all you want, the better team made less mistakes, took advantage of their opponents mistakes, and found a way to win.


Utah would win 7 or 8 times out 10. There is more talent at Utah. BYU is closer to the talent at Utah State. Coaches talking about how talented they are doesn't work. Every coach thinks tey have talent at the beginning of the year. I beleve talent incompasses all areas physical, mental and emotional. BYU might have as good physical talent as Utah, but pale in comparison in mental and emotional talent. When someone talks about the ability to become a great football team, they are admitting that they aren't right now. It has been years since BYU beat a great team. Oklahoma is the best win in about 20 years and they lost 5 games that year.

Syracuse, UT

@ Duckhunter Hunter

Well IF it hadn't been for USC, the u would be playing for the National Championship in a couple of months. And if it hadn't been for the "no respect from the national media", they would have be crowned National Champs two times in the past few years.

Oh well, what could have been for the mighty utes. Still looking for respect from the National Media and still looking for their 1st Heisman winner, Outland trophy winner, Doak Walker award winner, etc, etc, etc, etc....well you get the point. (well, maybe not)

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Good to hear that we are working on ball security. Wish we had done that in August and in the spring drills. I know we were not working on how to snap the ball or how to throw down field, but I am not sure what we did? Of course, since football is their number 5 responsibility, it could have been a lot of things.

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