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Published: Monday, Sept. 19 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

UCF just lost to an airport (Florida Int'l) so let's hope they don't beat us.

Utesville, CA

I guess no one told Jake Heaps that the new QB U is up the hill and not in Provo anymore.

Lincoln City, OR

I just wish that Heaps would be quiet and that Mendenhall would put a muzzle on him.... He needs to earn the right to speak for the team. So far, in his less than successful entry into Division I college football he has proven that he is far too much talk and woefully short on action.... I suppose that there is talent there somewhere (at least people tell us that he has it) but he hasn't shown it. I think that the two guys under him would both have done at least as well and probably better than he has through the first three games this year.

It's almost as though he is wanting to be a color commentator as opposed to a player. He needs to focus on playing and stop talking....

As for the coaches, Mendenhall really needs to do some soul searching on Doman... He probably has the potential to be very good... But he aint there and won't be for awhile. BYU can't afford to have an Apprentice O C work his way to Journeyman status for the next three years while the Program suffers.
Demote him and bring in a skilled and Tenured O C.

Idaho Falls, ID

'"This is my responsibility to lead this team to victory, to perform in the big moments when our backs are against the wall," Heaps said. "That's something you can look (for) from me, is more consistency as far as throwing the football and taking care of this football team. I need to do that in order for this team to improve."'

Jake, your play on the field belie the words coming out of your mouth. The best thing you can do for you and the team is lead by your actions, not by your mouth (see Kellen Moore of BSU). If you want to lead, show some grit, toughness, determination, and heart. So far we haven't seen any of that.

Also, let's please stop this nonsense about "failure to execute." All that means is that we aren't nearly as good as we thought we were.

newhall, CA

can you say BYU 1 win 3 losses? As anemic as the offense is there is no bouncing back. It's time to look at other QBs and change offensive coordinators before their performance becomes offensive for those of us who watch.

Provo, UT

Washington... you dodged a bullet.

Centerville, UT

I lost trust in Heaps when he made absolutely no effort to tackle the Old Miss defender who intercepted one of his passes a few weeks ago. The interceptor ran within 10 yards of Heaps, who simply was walking off the field. That return resulted in a 97 yard touchdown.

Heaps seems to care only about his quotes in the paper, staying safe and uninjured, and his personal performance. He doesn't seem to be about "team".

And thats about all I have got to say about that.

Orem, Utah

I thought the defense was just as disappointing, not because of the points given up (most of that's the offense's fault), but because Bronco for some reason (3 games in a row, in fact) seems to think that a vanilla defense that puts no CONSTANT pressure on inexperienced or injured QBs can win games.

Bad Bronco!

Blitz more, from the outside, even! The few blitzes BYU did against Utah were inside, where congestion nullified them.

He needs to provide that aggressive defense great college teams are known for. Seems he's done that in the past. What happened?

Effort alone only goes so far.

And, why hasn't Kavienga's name/number not gotten called much in three games? I thought he was supposed to be the end-all LB.

Leo the common sense guy

Absolutely unacceptable for a BYU offense to EVER score only one touchdown in a game nevermind 3 games in a row. I demand the AD Holmoe do something about it. We REFUSE to put up with this. I demand to see them run up the score on the next 3 opponents to make up for it. This is not a joke.

Mcallen, TX

What would it hurt to try James Lark? He may be the needed play maker. and at this point , it couldn't hurt to try.

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Hear, Hear! Let's try Lark!

Go Cougars! Please . . .

Sandy, UT

They need to change something. BYU's one-dimensional offense will not fare well against UCF's pass defense. If BYU doesn't figure out their running game this week, UCF will walk away with a victory this friday.

Also, couldn't help but notice how quickly Jake Heaps' popularity plummeted and so many fans turned on him. Apparently one poor showing is all it takes and they call for your head in Provo.

Bountiful, UT

Hey Leo: You demanding anything is silly. I am as frustrated as anyone, but you sound very odd. It stinks where the team is right now, but I'm not ready to give up the ship. Utes played a great game and kicked our tails. But last time I checked the world was still rotating, no major political unpheavals have occured and no one die. Relax. I'm anxious for the rest of the season and hope for improvement. If the seaon ends up with only 2 wins or something like that then I'd be looking for changes. But let's wait and see and have some confidence in the coaches and players to turn this mess around. I give props to Utah-they were much better than what I expected.

South Jordan, UT

I appreciate Bronco's comment about evaluating the "scheme, the plays, and the running backs..."

In my limited perspective, I think it would be near impossible for any RB to produce with the woeful effort by the OC line.

Maybe it would help if Bronco indicated to the team that everybody's position is up for grabs from the QB to the "special" teams.

So much has been written about how tired the defense has looked in the 2nd halves. While it is understood that they have been on the field a disproportionate amount of time (due to the impotent offense), doesn't it stand to reason to sub out players to get fresh legs in the games? Haven't we heard that this is a deep team?

Lincoln City, OR


What team are you watching??? One bad showing??? Please... He's had one decent showing in a year and a half and that was against a very weak team in the NM Bowl last year... Heaps is not what he has advertised himself to be.... By a long shot.

Saint George, Ut

More talk form the fearless leader, blah, blah, blah. The secret to leading the BYU offense is by example. Scramble, jump on lose balls, run, and sacrifice your body to make big plays. It also appeared to me that Riley Nelson is skittish. Can't help but remember Bosco playing with a torn ACL... now that shows some guts that BYU is lacking from their current leader. The NFL won't be looking for a QB that is not hurt and can't produce wins, so relax and play some football.

Rexburg, ID

Anyone remember the article that ran sometime this summer attempting to suggest that Heaps was the next Jimmer? Sigh. The media hype around BYU's independence and Heaps was amazing looking back. Can you blame fans for the turn of countenance? I really wish we'd respond to reality rather than "looking to" accomplish x, y, or z. Heaps has already shown us he can't deliver, whether its all him, or due to the lack of offensive support any quality quarterback needs. I'll continue to be a BYU fan, but am in no way excited for the future this season. I'm also starting to see that Bronco is not the wizard we thought he was a year and a half ago, coming off all those amazing seasons. He is a good coach, no doubt. But offensively BYU has got problems that he seems incapable of solving, both last year (till the 9th game) and now. Placing Doman in as the offensive coordinator now smacks of some kind of failure, where a friendship replaced real qualification or honest scrutiny.

Frost Free, Utah

One poor showing? Heaps has not had a good showing this season! I have posted enough on how inept this boy is due to his lack of D1 preparation, so I won't repeat it here. Actually, it is encouraging to finally see so many other blogs referencing his immaturity. That said, he cannot shoulder the blame alone. The coaches, especially Doman, with his "I've known he was going to be my starter since I saw him in 9th grade" declaration, planted the seeds delusion years ago and have fertilized them all too well ever since. Saturday was merely the inevitable unfolding, lack of preparation crossing paths with fate and exposing the boy he is.
Since it is a church school perhaps a lesson from President Hinckley might help: mission "farewells", as it were, have been replaced by more humble speaking assignments for departing young men because they have, in essence, not done anything yet. As I have said in the past, this boy my be a fine quarterbacking man someday, but he has a lot of work to do to just become a man first...

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Having once derided Bronco, I am sticking with my support of him. Out of all this he has proven his worth regardless of the losses. What needs to happen I think is that Bronco needs to take a look around him and weigh the value of his coordinators and take it from there. As for Heaps, you could of gotten your point across by just saying:

"We can't dwell on this Utah game, they have a great team and I wish them well in the Pac-12, but we need to get on to the next game and get better."

So please just toughen up, play hard and stop whining.

Sandy, UT

What I don't understand is why Lark is not getting a chance. He's older, more mature, and may be able to handle these pressure situations a little better. I think the complements have gotten to Jake's head and he's now afraid of messing up or getting hurt and therefore isn't aggressive. It's like the guy who doesn't want to get his brand new tuxedo dirty so never wears it out.

In any case, if you watch the replay of that game we got totally outcoached. Kyle's scheming destroyed our oline. Norm's scheming ran and passed all over us. I think it may be time to start thinking about the top. I know Bronco has done well but how many of those wins have come over winning teams. They are pathetic.

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